Argentina vs. Bangladesh friendly match in June, new details


Argentina are expected to play Bangladesh in a friendly match in June as new details have surfaced.

The World Cup champions could soon be visiting Bangladesh for a friendly match. As we reported last month, the AFA are close to finalizing a deal to play the match and we now have potential dates.

It’s likely that the match will be played in June. According to DobleAmarilla, the match is set to take place between June 12 and June 20 at the National Bangabandhu stadium.


  1. This a great gesture of gratitude from the AFA to all the Bangladeshi fans that support Argentina. I agree that they should bring the cup there. The cup belongs to all the Bangladesh fans as much as it does to the people of Argentina. I hope all our members that live there are able to see the game in person.

  2. The Argentine National team should bring Taslima Nasreen and Salman Rushdie as their special national guests to teach the radical Islamic retards about free speech.
    The match should be called Free Speech Friendly.

    • There is a term in behavioral psychology called “projection”, colloquially meaning that you project your own personal thoughts accusing others having the same thought. Needless to say that it is part of the immature defense mechanism.

      How does it matter? Watch the recent BBC documentary on Modi that is banned in your geographical or philosophical country.

      • I do agree. Banning the BBC documentary on Modi is a blatant attack on free speech and expression. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

        • The ban has resulted in more people in “the philosophical country” watching the documentary than without the ban. That’s democracy for you. Contrast that with a repressive theocracy.

  3. Last time when Argentina visited BD, ticket price was minimum 100 USD. I was a student back then, could not afford it. So I stalked them at hotel gate 😀

    Messi was very considerate, he took the last seat in the bus and choose the window side. So we could watch him from 20 feet distance.

    Di Maria is really skinny looking in real life. Tall and skinny.

    11 years has passed since.

    Choosing BD national team to face Argentina is a scary proposition. The footballing difference is too huge. However it is a sensible decision , the match is a symbolic one.

    Argentina reopened her embassy this year after world cup. It has been closed since 1978.

    The match is a welcome party, also a gesture of goodwill from Argentina.They should bring the trophy and show it to the fans. It will be quite a scene.

      • Yeah, this time I will try to watch the game from the stands.

        I will try to get ticket as soon as they start selling, otherwise it will be hard. The capacity of our main football stadium is close to 40000. It is not enough 😀

        Last time there was no empty seat even if ticket price was high.

        It was Argentina vs Nigeria. There were few Nigerian fans in stadium, I think Nigerian players and fans were very surprised seeing such a big support for Argentina. Messi delivered in that match. He produced one his best solo runs in that match which produced di maria’s goal.

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