Ángel Di María set to renew contract with Juventus


Ángel Di María is set to renew his contract with Juventus.

Di María looks to be staying in Italy for a little longer. According to Germán García Grova, the Argentine is very close to renewing his contract with the club.

The World Cup winner joined them last summer from PSG on a free. Juventus are presently in the semi finals of the Europa League where he has four goals in six matches and four goals in the league.


  1. Lautro need to move away from Seria A. Yes he looks great in Seria A but that is slow league. He need to go to LL or Premiere League. His game vs AC MILAN looked slow and he was one step behind. He was also slow in WC mentally hence Alvarez replaced him.

      • Probably. He seems to miss too many chances in big games. I hope he do not become another Huigain who score lots of goals playing in dominant team vs poor teams then goes missing in biggest state where margins are thin.

        • Unlike Higuain, if you take out Lautaro poor WC performance, he’s still has won Copa America and Finalissima. He was second top scorer in Copa behind only Messi and Diaz, he scored and assisted in Finalissima against Italy. He also had 7 goals + 3 assists in qualifier.

          It should be noted that before Sabella’s arrival Messi only has 16 goals after 60+ games for Argentina.

    • Slow league yeah, two of their teams in CL semifinal. As for ADM, at this point of his career, all he needs is regular playing time to stay in form when playing for Argentina.

      • Yes but look at their path to Semis. All Italian teams would have been out had they face any heavy weights.

    • I don’t agree about series a being slow or a weak league. They don’t have the marketing and money the other big leagues have at the moment. For instance, french league is a very poor league, but everyone is watching because of all the money that Monaco and PSG have. Series A will be back.
      Secondly, I agree that I think lauturo lost some confidence in the injury he had before the cup. He is still young also.
      I was confused as to why do maria was subbed yesterday when they needed a goal, yes Pogba assisted the tying goal at the end, but I thought that di maria should have stayed alongside Pogba. But I’m no coach.

    • Sorry but you speak nonsense. if one player is slow as you saying then he should stay where he is comfortable to perform. Not oposite. it is insane and madness to go in a “fast” league according your ideas. Speed is something you have it or not. you don t gain it in training or in process. Unless you believe it is better to take Cocaine and start running like maniac !!! Lautaro is going great in Inter and he should stay there. he can try England or Spain only if he suppose to go to a big club to win trophies. Else Inter is a historical and huge football club and it will be blessing to be part of them.

      • I agree with @cox4 ….he should stay with inter. I think Italian league is on its way back. And it’s not bad now anyways. Inter, ac, roma, Juventus, Napoli…. All contenders in champ and Europa every year for last 5.
        I also agree about cocaine. 😂

        • I think it’s crazy for someone who leads a team to a (99% chance that they will get there) Champions league final to quit that team! Lautaro is exactly where he should be. The only reason he might leave is for a bigger contract for a team that is just as good in the Champions this year. If Madrid, City or Bayern wanted him, then he should consider… but otherwise he is the best player at Inter and they are almost to the Champions league final.

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