Joan Laporta on a Lionel Messi Barcelona return: “I’ve spoken with Leo”


Joan Laporta is keen on bringing Lionel Messi back to Barcelona and has even spoken about his possible return.

Laporta has mentioned Lionel Messi several times since Barcelona won La Liga on Sunday. The latest came on Monday during an interview with TV3. When asked about Messi returning, here is what he had to say:

“I’ve spoken with Leo. It was very nice. We have recovered the relationship.

“Messi wants Barça, he feels this club is his home. Saudi Arabia? Barça is Barça. In Arabia, they are doing a good job, investing… but I insist, Barça is his home”.


    • PSG has done nothing but wasted Messi’s invaluable 2 years! All they want him to do is serve selfish Mbappe. How many times Leo has passed Mbappe the ball when he had the option of scoring himself and Mbappe never returns the favour! He is treated as a ordinary Centre-Mid there. Hopefully he signs a deal with Saudi that allows him to go back to Barca for 1+ year and retire in Saudi by playing in their league for one season and get the 600million cheque! Barca will also benefit a lot financially by Leo’s return!

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