Argentina national team players begin to arrive to Beijing


Players of the Argentina national team have started to arrive to Beijing.

The Argentina national team coaching staff arrived to Beijing earlier in the week, with the first two players now joining them. Exequiel Palacios of Bayer Leverkusen and Facundo Buonanotte of Brighton are the first two players to join the national team.

Independiente goalkeeper, the 17 year old Mateo Morro is also with them as he will be the sparring goalkeeper. Most of the players will have arrived on Saturday with a first training session also expected on that day.

Argentina have an Asian tour with a first match against Australia on June 15 in Beijing and a second on June 19 against Indonesia in Jakarta.

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  1. Giving a chance to join Senior NT is a blessing for 17 year GK. It’s a big decision by scaloni and team. Team need to experience a future GK to next WC

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