Lautaro Martínez speaks ahead of Champions League final


Lautaro Martínez was the Inter representative who spoke ahead of their Champions League final match vs. Manchester City.

Martínez will want to become the only Argentine World Cup winner and Champions League winner of the season as they play Manchester City on Saturday. The final in Istanbul will be between the two Argentine strikers and while Julián Álvarez might not start for City, Lautaro will almost certainly start for Inter.

Speaking at a press conference on Friday before the final, here is what Lautaro Martínez had to say:

“I think these are the two major finals a footballer can play. The only thing that changes is the shirt because the feelings you get are the same and unique. Truly unique feelings because you know that you’ve made it to the very end thanks to all the work you have done, thanks to how hard you have worked throughout the years, thanks to team work.

“What really matters is this if you want to achieve your goals. This is the very last step and we must be ready to take it and play the game which clearly will be very important game for Inter, the people and the club.”

“We know that Manchester City are a very tough team to take on given that individual and collective qualities. We are ready to work hard and counter act what they will do to give us an advantage.

“We have been preparing well over the last few days, we have two training sessions ahead to prepare and fine tune the final details, then the match will be here. And we will implement what we have been working on.”

He also mentioned about if he had spoken with Julián Álvarez or not:

“I haven’t been in contact with Julián Álvarez, I got married recently and I invited him but he was unable to attend. That was the last contact I had with him.”


  1. I am supporting City because of Pep Guardiola and Alvarez. However I agree it will be difficult for him to start ahead of Haaland. Most EPL pundits thought Haaland would flop but he proved everyone wrong. Both strikers are very important for City.
    I don’t see the need of creating beef between Haaland and Alvarez. My boy Alvarez stepped up when it mattered most especially in world cup. I understand Martinez was abit unlucky but i am favouring Pep.

    In City every position is competitive and every City player understand that except Joao Cancelo 😂😂. I don’t want Alvarez be impatient like Joao Cancelo, let him remain at City and enumerate Sergio Aguero. I trust Pep Guardiola is the best coach for him. After all Alvarez has had fair amount of playing minutes especially in the EPL. Almost same appearances as Foden 31/32 but more than Grealish who only made 28 appearances in EPL.
    Let’s stop being biased throwing whole thing out of proportion.

  2. If Alvarez starts for City, I am with City else with Inter. But City seems too formidable. They simply bulldozed Real out of the park in the second leg. Inter has not been consistent in Serie A and also they did not face top quality opponents in UCL. They lost to Bayern and they did not defeat Barcelona with some strong margin. However, we have seen what a spirited and silent coach can do to a mediocre team. That’s the quintessential uncertainty and beauty of this game.

    • Whether he starts or not I want City to win for the sake of Pep Guardiola. Furthermore we will be forever grateful to him, because during his reign that’s when we saw the best ever version of Lionel Messi.

  3. If Man city takes early lead and being wasteful afterward, a second half equalizer can bring the game into ET or even penalties. City has never win this tourney before, when opponent step up their game they’d probably think “can we do it this time?”. There’s a reason why they continuously choke in last 10 years, even when they’ve started to win the EPL since 2012.

    • You do realize last season the only thing City lacked was the target man. Haaland and Alvarez have massively improved City’s forward line. Furthermore they have Midfield magicians like Gundogan, Debryne, Bernardo Silva. I don’t see City losing this final, otherwise it will be the biggest shock of the century. My prediction is 3-1 City.

  4. Go Inter. Toro 🙏 score 2 early. Any guesses if it’s going to be Lukaku or Dzeko? Dzeko better defensively but lukaku form better…I’m going to guess Dzeko to start and lukaku sub against tired legs

    • Lukaku has been utilized by Inzaghi in same way as Di Maria is being utilized by Scaloni in NT. He’s a player that could be explosive and takes on multiple players for at least one half of the game. I think Inter should shutdown City attack in first half and unleash Lukaku in second half against tired legs.

    • I am backing my boy Alvarez whether he starts or not.
      @rattlehead please never compare Lukaku with Angel Dimaria 😂😂. That city midfield never tires. If Pep sticks to the same plan Inter Milan will have a hard time. Otherwise should City lose this final it will be the biggest shock of the century.

      • Shock of century? Not even come close to shock of a decade. This is a team thats being favored to win in last 8 years and still has zero just like PSG.

  5. I want Lautaro to bury City. Everytime Inter won the champions league they denied the other team a treble and Man City are gunning for a treble this year.

  6. I know Martinez wants THIS bad especially since he wasn’t his best in the WC due to injury and chances that Alvarez starting are slim no none.

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