Ángel Di María speaks on being Argentina captain, the win vs. Bolivia


Ángel Di María spoke about being the Argentina captain and the win vs. Bolivia.

Di María was the captain for Argentina during their 3-0 win vs. Bolivia as Lionel Messi was rested and did not take part in the game. The World Cup champion gave two assists in the win and spoke to TyC Sports about what it was like to be the captain. Here is what he had to say:

“The truth is that it was something very nice. Emotional. It was much more the other day when Leo put the captain’s armband because being given to you by the best player in the world is something unique.

“For the best player in the world to put the captain’s armband on you is something you cannot explain and I am very proud. We didn’t talk about it because we didn’t know if he was going to play or not, it depended on how he was. He tried until the last day but he was in discomfort and it was better not to risk it.”

He also commented on the win:

“We played a perfect game, we did not make any mistakes, they did not score a goal, we worked just like we had prepared and every time we scored, it was important.

“You feel it but it’s more psychological, nothing more. I am very happy, the team deserved a win like that and they didn’t score on Dibu (Emiliano Martinez), which was important.

“This has just started, these were two games and we knew it was important to get the six points for what is to come, which are difficult games. There was a lot of talk this week. But it is impossible for people from other countries not to love Argentina because it has the best in history and that is something unmatched.”


  1. D paul, nico should kick out from this team. They are causing many problem to Argentina game play.. It high time play palacios, garnacho,aslo otamendi finished always fumble infront of d box

    • Sorry, but i have to disagree as both played more than well in very extreme conditions and it is more than obvious that one get’s very tired in La Paz as such an high alttitude effects one with multiple ways as forexample body & mind… etc
      as it is allmost as when the game starts or at least after one half 45 min+ that same as when u are in the very ens Of extra time been played in somewhere else with not such an high alttitude ! And once whoevet player get’s tired not only with his body ad this obviously effects one’s mind too and misstakes start to happen more offen than before in the game…etc !

      Though, i saw much more misstakes from the home team Bolivia as they were or looked misstakes, that one does not normally make in the game at all, though again i dont know the exact reason for home teams misstakes, that normally does not happen that often…?

      Anyhow wharever reason i’n not intrested really about home team, though if they can qualify ti WC will be truly great for them !

      All i’n intrested is only ARG since 78’ til now….hopefully RDP and NICO will win another COPA and WC too as the younger players will obviously be part Of this team for sure !

  2. Chelsea fans are fuming why Enzo fails to score for them like he did today! It was a pure class goal from him. Nico also with a very good finish, he is getting better every match and Fiorentina will have hard time holding on to him if he maintains his fitness. Hard to believe he was playing in Serie B couple years ago! I would like to see a new younger LB as both Acuna and Tagliafico are of similar age and sub in Senesi for Otamendi, in the next international break!

    Bolivia other than committing fouls have nothing in their game and could be one of the only 3 teams missing out from S.America.

  3. 10 years ago we were talking about who would be our Xavi and Iniesta. Now we have our Enzo and Alexis, who are more dynamic than the Spanish duo IMO.

    • Don’t compare them with xavi Iniesta. They are legends and no midfield duo can achieve what they achieved like 2 euros, 1 world cup, 2 treble, 4 ucl, 4 club world cup, 1 sextuple. They are once in a lifetime duo

      • They where great. But half those trophys they got because of Messi resolving things for them. Enzo and Mac are still young and need to keep improving but are more than able to have similar careers.

      • Without Messi, there was no 4 UCLS , 10 La-ligas! And had Diego and AFA not fcuked up with 2010 AND 2018 World cups preparation, strategy and squad, who knows if they would have won that world cup!

      • Dear Anuoarno Keep in mind that both NAC & ENZO allready won WC and how old are they compated to when Xavi & Iniesta won 2 euros and WC…?

        With next Copa won by MAC & ENZO, well they are not far behind as they need one more WC to win to equal those 2 u mentioned (as obviously both were greats and amongst legends) on NT level and after that another Copa maybe still waiting for them…? Hopefully so !

        Let alone/ no point Of talkong about club foorball as they played with the GREATEST EVER MESSI HIMSELF just like Leandro wrote as we fans Of ARG are talking NT wise and not about club foorball, which money ruined so so long ago and has become completly flop with the so many players moving to Saudi’s as i truly predict things getting worse on club level due to money as that is the only reason why we have nowdays such little NT foorball left compared what it used to be !

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