Ángel Di María assists twice, Argentina win 3-0 vs. Bolivia


Ángel Di María had two assists as Argentina got the 3-0 win vs. Bolivia.

Argentina made it two wins out of two with a win at altitude in La Paz with Enzo Fernández, Nicolás Tagliafico and Nicolás González scoring. Ángel Di María played a low pass into the penalty area which found Enzo Fernández as he scored from close range to give Argentina the 1-0 lead.

Bolivia would get a red card when Cristian Romero was tackled in the first half.

Di María made it two assists off a free kick. He would cross it into the penalty area and Nicolás Tagliafico would head the ball to make it 2-0 for the World Cup champions.

Exequiel Palacios was substituted on for Rodrigo De Paul in the second half. Argentina would get one more goal in the match.

Nicolás González would make it 3-0 for Argentina as the ball fell to him inside the penalty area and he would score with a near post effort.

Lionel Scaloni brought on Lautaro Martínez, Leandro Paredes and Alejandro Garnacho. With no Lionel Messi in the match, Argentina have now made it six points to start off the World Cup qualifiers.


  1. Di Maria, what else can I say….played his part well and ran the whole game.
    6 Points in the bag and a win in La Paz without La Pulga. Excellent result to say the least.

    • It feels a bit weird that Angelito already said he’d retire after CA 2024. Physically, he havent shows much decline compare to Messi.

      Scaloni team makes opponents dont have home adventage. Beat Brazil at Maracana, Uruguay at their home, Bolivia at La paz, Italy at Wembley (European city)

      • LOTS of miles on Messi’s Legs, LOTS……he basically went from last season into this one, WC, friendlies and Inter Miami included with very little rest.

        I bet they’re very happy here, The Boss is coming to town on Saturday to play ATL United…..i bet many had their hands on their hearts after paying a ton of money lol

      • Angelito playin’ at incredible level specially due to his age…let’s see if the another COPA won….Hopefully so ! as after offcourse purely depends as how he feels…, but fully agreed on that he is not showing no signs Of whatever as one who would not know his exact age will not belive at all as how many years old he actually is, but as said no signs Of whatever in THE ALTTITUDE OF LA PAZ ! WIW, INCREDIBLE INDEED ! And i’n sure LEO just feeling tired because bascly had no rest at all, which just show how much he loves to play and how important ARG is obviously for hin as the same goes for the entire team and the coaching with Scaloni & Co are just beyond imagination compared respectly to the orevious one’s, though Menotti, Bilardo Pekerman & Tocalli, Sabella deservedly earn their shoutouts on their each individual way’s etc….and even Colo Basile for that one Copa won with Batigoal & CO ! But, now current coaching Of ARG are TREBLE CHAMP’s. and not showing any signs Of slowing diwn either as really happy and proud to be still around watching this current ARG team as completly an priviledge !

        Can!t wait for the 3rd round Of SA WCQ’s as this just getting more addicted than ever as my dose if ARG been quite high since 78’, lol !

        Don’t really know how much can i still put up my dose if ARG, lol !

        28 year’s of suffering has jumped ti such an extreme level since COPA LA MARACANA, though unluckily it did not Jump at 2006 & 2014 not to mention those 2 Copas against Chile and biody Brehme at 1990 !

        TaKe care Rattle and keep on enjoying Angeliti and La Pulga & rest of Current ARG TEAM as long as possible !

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