Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni comments on the team’s win, Lionel Messi


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni commented on the team’s win and Lionel Messi.

Lionel Scaloni saw his team win 3-0 vs. Bolivia at the altitude of La Paz without the best player in the world. Scaloni spoke at a press conference after the win. Here’s what he had to say:

“We are happy. The formula are the players that played well. There is a group which plays football very well. Without them it would be impossible. It is their merit.

“The main talk was that we play football, that it could be played. With the added difficulty, that the ball goes faster, the lack of air… If we were able to move the ball to the man and not to the space, we would be able to score a goal.”

The Argentina national team coach also spoke about Lionel Messi not playing in the match:

“Leo was not ready to play. He tried to recover yesterday but he didn’t feel comfortable and we didn’t risk it. It wasn’t important because there are important things coming.”


  1. I think ENZO IS a natural player when he playing little bit up in the field. Using him in deep is like ruining his talent. Our coaches misused several players by using them in inappropriate places. One example is Matias Kranevietter. Once he got NT chance coaches played him in different positions. I think he Also good little bit up in the field than bottom of mid. What happened is tht he lost his foam.

    • Yes, 2010 world cup , we played Messi too deep in the mid-field too! Poch and his staff has realized Enzo’s attacking threat and have given him the green light to push up the field whenever he gets a chance! But Chelsea players are nothing but morons like toxic PSG, they never pass him the ball whenever he gets into a great position! Enzo is like a mini Messi, he needs the ball back after he makes his initial pass but again Poch has failed to drive that home the message to his players in Chelsea but Scaloni is not Poch and he is great at utilizing someone’s talent and skills. When whole world was against him picking MacAllister , he stuck with him and we all know the end result!

      • That’s the big problem. Those players are too selfish they don’t pass ball to Enzo Fernandez when he is better positioned to score. Chilwell and Sterling are the biggest culprit. Mudryk always driving aimlessly with no end product.

  2. I dont know why he being so negative and defensive? Garnacho, palacios, should be come early. D paul isnt national team material..cant give a simple pass.. Just play dirty game.. In Future we will struggle with this team without messi d maria

    • Defensive and negative? Argentina were pressing at 3600 meters and dominating. Argentina hasn’t beat Bolivia in La Paz by 3 goals in 100 years. Bolivia is a formidable opponent at that altitude.

      Quality decreased in the 2nd half cause they were tired. It’s natural. Easy to say when you’re sitting at home drinking a beer. The players have to actually run.

      De Paul has been massive for Argentina during the past 3 years. He was easily the 2nd best player in Copa America and did his job as a workhorse behind Messi during the World Cup. He’s a bit past his best but can still do a job for another tournament.

      Di Maria was running like a 20 year old. Not the first time he had a good match in La Paz. Apparently the altitude doesn’t affect him

    • Mac had a good quiet game. Flawless in ball retention. I’m more confident with him on the ball in tight spaces than anyone else. Also some real nice passes and does his defensive work.

      Was interesting to see Scaloni switch Enzo and Mac’s positions with Mac playing deeper and more centrally giving Enzo the left more advanced side. Perhaps cause Scaloni instructed the team to let fly from long range. Enzo took 2 long shots himself. One a very good one.

      De Paul has been in continuous decline since the Copa America when he was probably the best box-to-box midfielder in the world. He was a monster in that tournament. He makes fewer surging runs and his passing gets sloppier all the time. I don’t see him being a starter in 2026 when he’ll be 32 years old. We’ll need a a new right box-to-box midfielder to how up. He’s still good enough to play a big part in Copa America 2024.

    • I agree on that some subs could had been made, maybe…? But, the truth is what chejose said :

      September 12, 2023 At 5:58 pm
      They had no legs left…La Paz is a torture chamber

      As i fully agree with chejose and btw 0-3 in La Paz is very good result even if this Bolivia is not maybe their greatest ever….

      Anyhow ARG clearly better and could had eafily scored multiple goals more as they had really many shots on target !

      As what comes to second half and to the subs made earlier…?

      Well, i honestly think that Scaloni & Co knew who can play at such altitude as 3600 metres above sea level and cope with it too as it is more than understable, that maybe all could not + maybe some having some knocks and whatever badicly being on such alttitude for only 2 days + it can really effect on multiple ways….

      So even having knocks or not or being tired or not or what so ever…i’m pretty sure they used all the players who could cope and play with such an altitude….

      And it is more than logical, that anyone playin’ at such an altitude will eventually get tired as more Quicker than even themselfs will realize…

      And if it so as i just think…that, because 15 players never played there before and maybe all could not due to the such an high alttitude….

      Well, then the coaching just had to folliw how the gane will develop and hope for goal or 2 as i think they are satisfied with 3 and not conceding !

      So did the game develop in, that manner as said before, that ARG could had multiple goals, but it is extremly not only just difficult due to the thin air at such high alttitude only to be able to play in first place as obviously this can effect your body and mind too + it is extremly difficult to control the ball and therefore it is more than understandaple, that ARG could not convert every scoring opportunity, which indeed they had many, but still scored 3 and did not conceded as if they will be hiven second chance and more time to adapt to the high alttitude with physicalky and how the ball moves there with really thin air…etc

      Well, i’n sure based on the scioring chanches, that ARG would had easily won by 6 goals at least !

      Well deserved victory and as i said 3 goals scored in La Paz and not conceeding !

      Job very well and greatly done too !


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