Argentina to wear purple kit in their World Cup qualifying match vs. Peru


The Argentina national team will be wearing the purple kit for their World Cup qualifying match vs. Peru.

Argentina will not be wearing their sky blue and white kit but instead the purple kit. According to Gastón Edul, Lionel Scaloni’s team will wear the purple kit for the first time in the World Cup qualifiers.

The last time they wore it was in the 2-0 win vs. Poland at the World Cup.


  1. Sergio Romero is sick at penalties this season.
    5/5 winning shootouts, Libertadores last16, Libertadores quarter, Libertadores semi, Copa Argentina last16, Copa Argentina quarter final.
    10/19 saved penalties in shootouts plus 4/7 in normal matches, 14/26 54% saving accuracy. Boca will have huge chance with this PK saving monster to win Libertadores, their defensive minded, minimalist gameplan is good for a draw against every team in South America then Romero time will come.

  2. If Matias Soule choses Italy then Lionel scaloni will be personally liable. Due to Angel de maria injury, Messi uncertainty this was the great opportunity to select Matias Soule and played some minutes against Paraguay but Scaloni is always late in picking young and in form player as usual. If scaloni didn’t pick Valentino barco for boca copa liberatoros it’s otherwise it is shame. I hope scaloni select the team on the basis form…he could’ve substitute Garnacho for nico Gonzalez in the 2nd half against Paraguay but he didn’t…

    • In my opinion if Matias Soule choses Italy then good riddance! If he choses Italy then he never had the heart, the conviction or the patience to be an albicelese, so……….again, good riddance.

      p.s. I can almost guarntee you that he won’t chose Italy, even if he recently said that he’s keeping his options open because that’s what his agent told him to say, you simply can be definitive about anything when you’re 20yrs old and just starting to make a name for yourself.

    • As much as i want to, i just don’t love the purple kit. definitely my least favorite away since 2002 and most likely least favorite since beginning of time but i have to comb through images as i don’t know them by memory.

      • My brother @choripan
        In my humble opinion the best away are 1994, 2006, 2018 and I love 2019. The 2010s were terrible. I don’t remember if we had to wear them.
        But as for the 2022, It actually looks great. If u recall I was one of the naysayers of this jersey when it was announced 4-5 months before the cup. THE CUP…of CUPS!!!!
        As I was saying, this jersey is actually really unique and dope in terms of design and color. Purple is a unique purple, and the combo of colors with the flames is special. It has one flaw tho: if you get the authentic replica, the collar-neck design is awkward when worn. You have to purchase the “authentic player version” for 150 dollar to get the properly fit collar. Or you can find a good knock off spot. I know this because there are multiple other teams who have this design from adidas and all have this error… It’s not that big of a deal but noticeable.
        Fyi: I rarely never ever buy “authentic player version” for any club or team. they don’t hold up as well over time, is almost triple the price, the fit is alot tighter, But almost always looks more crisp and pro than the “authentic replica” version.
        You know I collect these kits and wear them often….so trust me, wait till you see this Tuesday, you may order one

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