Lionel Scaloni speaks on Lautaro Martínez, Alejandro Garnacho and the Argentina team


Lionel Scaloni spoke about Lautaro Martínez, Alejandro Garnacho and the team at a press conference on Monday.

Scaloni held a press conference where he had commented on Lionel Messi’s fitness and was also asked about Lautaro Martínez and his lack of goals recently with the Argentina national team. Here is what he had to say:

“He is the second highest goal scorer behind Leo. We are not worried. Lautaro is one of us and we love him. I didn’t even talk to him about it. We are not worried, I don’t know if he is, I imagine he is not. The other day he played a spectacular match and there is not much more to say.”

The coach was also asked about Alejandro Garnacho:

“Yes, he is called up as are the other team mates and he has the same chances as the others. We plan the matches based on how we think they can be played. Sometimes one player or another player come in but they all want to contribute. We see him well, happy and giving his best.”

And when asked about the team:

“All of them are fit to play, even if some of them have some discomfort. After that, we have to see how many minutes they are able to play. And I am talking about everyone in general, not about anyone in particular.”


  1. When Messi and Maradona were that young they were not regulars in the national team too. Garnacho needs to be patient. He would have his moments. He should focus on continuous improvement in his club. At MUN, he has been inconsistent, perhaps because the coach seems a bit more complex and unfriendly. IMHO.

    • I agree that Garnacho is not fully ready to easily walk into the starting lineup. However, past few matches he has improved his game by leaps and bounds at United. He struggled at the start of the season but has been a impact sub lately, and has shown better common sense than Rashford whose futballing IQ is diminishing at a great rate . Garnacho changed the game against Brentford. United were headed to another defeat at home, until he arrived and the left flank looked completely different. Before he came in that match all the ball were being wasted , after he was subbed in United kept on threating from his wing and they scored 2 within 10mins. He was like mini Messi that match, every time he touched the ball he managed to make something happen. I won’t be a bit surprised if he is back to starting xi at United next match.

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