Lionel Messi wears Argentina 1994 World Cup kit and jacket by Adidas


Lionel Messi was photographed wearing Argentina’s 1994 World Cup kit and jacket by Adidas.

Messi had previously been photographed wearing the kit back in July but in an Instagram post by Adidas, the company showed the best player in the world wearing the kit and the jacket which will be released soon. It is the kit which was famously worn by the Argentina national team at the 1994 World Cup with Diego Maradona’s iconic celebration.

The kits and jacket will be launched prior to the 2024 Copa America with an expected release date of December.


  1. Enzo has no one to blame, he opted huge $$$ over a team that could have help him to develops further.

    Ocampos would be just another Julio Cruz , Palermo and Palacio for the national team. Meaningless call up.

    • Ocampos is not a CF though unlike the players you mentioned, he has stamina, work rate, pace, height, physicality and what is known as garra in Argentina, his best version is a decent player. Long term if Soule and Garnacho continue to develop though, they will force themselves into the larger 23-30 team and the likes of Ocampos will drop off.

      • What we’re lacking isnt another winger type of forward but a clinical finisher. Icardi is actually the best out there but we all know he aint getting a call up anytime soon and Lautaro and Julian Has not scoring for us for sometime. Hopefully they’ll break their duck against Uruguay. Lautaro last goal was before the WC and Julian last time scored against Croatia.

        Ocampos didnt even look good when he played against lowly ranked Indonesia. Dybala is available but we all know he’s injury prone which is why he’s never in starting place.

  2. These seem to be the most inform players currently in no specific ranking order:

    1. Lautaro
    2. Soule
    3. Palacios
    4. Nico Gonzalez
    5. Enzo
    6. Ocampos
    7. Guido
    8. Julian
    9. Dybala
    10. Pezzella
    11. Otamendi
    12. Di Maria
    13. Martinez Quarta
    14. Barrenechea

    • Julian has been subpar the last few games, especially after the arrival of Grealish from injury. He isn’t touching the balls like he was and he is only getting very few opportunities to score, most of them outside the box. Without seeing enough of the ball he is not able to impact like he is used to. Hopefully he will get back to his start of the season form which was outstanding.

      Enzo is struggling at Chelsea, especially in the final third of the pitch. His scoring and shooting has dropped a level down. His shots are weak and soft and barely test the goalies. He only gets very few opportunities to shoot and he either shoots wide or high or straight to the keeper. His team-mates ignore his great positioning because he has wasted a lot of goal scoring opportunities. He has played half a season last year and 12 matches this year and has scored zero goals in EPL and has zero assist this year so far. And with other Chelsea midfielders upping their game, he is will play even less minutes. He needs to replicate his nationa team form and improve his stats.

      • Overall Julian has been playing at a high level for some time now. Enzo had a good game vs City…

        Pezzella was solid in the derby vs Sevilla as was Ocampos on the opposite end.

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