Nicolás Otamendi speaks on World Cup final, Emiliano Martínez save, Lionel Messi


Nicolás Otamendi spoke about the World Cup final, Emiliano Martínez making the big save and Lionel Messi.

Otamendi has won everything there is to win with the Argentina national team. The biggest trophy being the World Cup. The 35 year old spoke in an interview with Star+ about the World Cup final. Here is what he had to say:

“After having been winning 2-0 and drawing 2-2, it was difficult to keep the result. Pep Guardiola called me after the World Cup to congratulate me and asked me “how did you manage to have the mentality to be winning 2-0, get a draw and be able to keep the result?”

The Argentine also spoke about his header in the World Cup final where the ball would fall to Kolo Muani and he was one on one with Emiliano Martínez:

“That one was really hard because I was caught clearing and I never thought they would control it and put it back. I came back calmly and when I saw the ball was opening up, then I realized that I was not going to make it and I didn’t but I tried to clear it with my toe.

“Then the left foot of the beast saved it and I think our hearts were paralyzed. Then the ball fell to me and we did the counterattack that fell to Lautaro. Those are seconds that in a final, you can’t sleep because they take their toll on you.”

He also commented on the penalty shootout and winning the World Cup:

“It happened, it had to happen. We Argentines live to suffer and it had to happen that way. It was an incredible final in which we were able to be crowned. We were in the lead on penalties, we had it very clear.

“I was looking up, praying to all the possible saints. I had the feeling that it was ours. There are times when you feel it’s 50-50 but at that moment when we all got together and Scaloni started to name the kickers, our minds were set on the fact that we couldn’t let it slip away.

“We had just come from the penalty shootout against Holland and we had that spirit, that clarity that everything was going to be all right.”

Argentina against the Netherlands was an emotional match and Lionel Messi produced a memorable celebration:

“We didn’t know that Leo was going to do that, I think it just came out in the moment but they talked a lot.”

About the match against Mexico at the World Cup:

“That’s when we broke the deadlock. For me, it was one of the most important matches of the World Cup because we have to win to avoid having to depend on other results. From then on, we said it was one match at a time. The Mexico and Netherlands matches were the toughest ones.”


  1. Do we know if Copa roster is 26 man? If not Scaloni should really not bring 4 goalkeepers and open up a spot for Soule and maybe Garnacho, leave out some older players and start to bring in new blood. Unfortunately, I think that Scaloni will bring a lot of the old guard back for Copa for one last Hurrah.

  2. My respect to all you have done Otamendi. You have consistently been one of the best Argentine defenders across the past decade.

    But at this point what I would rather hear from you is how your sloppiness almost cost us the world cup final, and that it’s time for you to retire from international football in grace.

  3. Emi Martinez with a great double save against Haaland! Emery completely outwitted Guardiola today! All those people wanting Haaland to win the BallonDor finally realise that Kevin Debrunne was rightly winner of the silver medal.

    Garnacho ran riots against Chelsea and manhandled Cucuriha on the right flank. What a game from him, wrecked havoc on Chelsea’s defense the whole match! Enzo, had a okay match. Got into goal scoring positions multiple times and almost scored one at the end, but couldn’t judge the ball properly! What a day of top class EPL futbal!

  4. Garnacho had good game. With assist. But he missed very good chances to score.. let see what scaloni thinks of him for Copa America.

  5. Slowly we have to accept that Enzo is a flop in Chelsea, lost everywhere what is not regista/DM position (like in WC) his passes dont create danger, the shooting is really bad, finishing is joke, Enzo is a good controller/distributor, thats all.

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