Champions League quarter final preview: Julián Álvarez against Real Madrid


The Champions League quarter finals begins on Tuesday with Julián Álvarez and Manchester City playing Real Madrid.

Julián Álvarez and the reigning Champions League winners will play Real Madrid on Tuesday in a repeat fixture of the last two seasons. Álvarez has five goals and two assists in five Champions League matches this season with City. Nico Paz could also take part in the match with Real Madrid.

Arsenal will play Bayern in the second Champions League match on Tuesday.


  1. Nobody is more disappointed having to sit on the bench and watch his team play from the stand than Alvarez himself. His facial expression clearly shows he is extremely unhappy with his poor run of form at this crucial stage if the season. He was by far the best City player in the first quarter of the season and then his form slowly dipped and in the last quarter of the season has hit almost rock bottom.

    Unlike many here who are happy to see Alvarez play for a BIG team and get some mins off the bench and an odd start, Julian holds himself to a higher standard and his body language is a proof of that. He is low in confidence and needs to score couple goals to get his lost confidence and form back. He is a better player than Foden who is in a form of his life but unlike Alavrez he takes chances and it pays off while Alvarez just passes around looking for teammates in better position. Yes he is following Pep’s instruction but he has to play selflish. If City fails to win anything this season, they will buy a new striker because Haaland has been poor in the later half and injured often. City paid peanuts for Alvarez and will keep him as a third backup happily!

  2. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal that Alvarez is warming benches and getting subbed late game.
    It could be worse. He could be playing for a club that doesn’t see champ league play and even worse a club in France.
    Alvarez still has a lot to gain and learn. And pep has alot to teach.

    • The idea that managers have a lot to teach is overblown. The player develops mostly from playing in proper position against good competition.

      Pep is having a huge NEGATIVE influence trying to refashion Julian into some utility player who can replace various players.

      Julian is a striker, he was the best striker in the WC for god’s sake.

      • Utility 100.
        Pep has played Julian in at least three different positions now. He’s getting experience that he wouldn’t get elsewhere.
        BUT, Don’t worry, he will either get starting time or will be sold soon,… same cycle of sports.

  3. I see somethings around here never change, a player scores 2 goals and he’s already on his way to be the best ever and on another hand if that same player struggles in 2 games, he’s the scum of earth.

    The highs too high and lows too low😵🤯

  4. Julian is a totally bench warmer in UCL… As I said, he has the same mentality as Almada. I’m no longer his fan as I watched him enjoys being a little happy puppy of Tapinland, Frauden and Grubbish.

    Not to mention that he was terrible in our last few friendlies and WCQ games.

    I hope City lose to Madrid.

  5. Its pep who is the culprit. Since that Liverpool match Julian lost his confidence. He dispossessed many times in that match vs Liverpool. Its mainly due to pep played him as a winger which made him uncomfortable. Its like putting de bruyne as a lone no 5 and ask him to play like rodri. But last match we saw he tried to get back that rhythm with less mistakes and neat play and playing centrally. And today its almost sure that he will be on the bench. But our main weakness is that we dont have a player like di maria who can play wide and can take on defenders and is great at passing.
    Nico is weak at finding neat passes and dribbles in the final third. Garnacho only has pace and may be good as a substitute. Dybala is injury prone and not as direct as di maria and is not a strating material. Then its carboni. He looks good in that short period. But not a winger type like di maria but looks effective in passing and dribbling. Soule looks good when gets that creative job but not a pure winger like di maria. Buananotte also is not a pure winger and lacks many skills in the final third. These kids improve. I mean we need a doku like winger with the passing ability of grealish. Di maria is that rare breed. Yeah there is time for these youngsters to improve.

    • Being skeptical about a player doesn’t make you less of a Argentina fan. As illustrios Julian’s career is (thanks to the GOAT) little bro keeps getting outshined by everyone in that city team.

      • The tactics of the coach and the great play of messi was pivotal for our win. But don’t forget the role played by julian. I think you should be thankful to julian for making the dream come true. To give all for that argentine shirt irrespective of the club form is the special player for me. Julian is always special. He is a warrior and may be not a star. He places the team above him and thats a great sign of a true player. Rest is upto him to improve individually. He is a gem like de paul.

        • Julian is good but there’s mountains to climb before establishing himself as a world class striker. That being said scapegoating Pep for his poor form ain’t going to boost his performance, magically. You should judge him accordingly.

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