Champions League quarter final preview: Atletico Madrid host Dortmund


The Champions League quarter final matches continue on Wednesday with a match involving three Argentine players and a manager.

Diego Simeone’s Atletico Madrid host Borussia Dortmund in one of the matches on Wednesday. Rodrigo De Paul, Ángel Correa and Nahuel Molina are all fit to play for Atletico.

Paris Saint-Germain host FC Barcelona in the second match.


  1. When you compare two players do it under even terms. In which department is Foden better than Alvarez? Foden is playing a specific role under Pep while Alvarez is changing positions, playing out of his natural position which is a nine. So Foden is maybe better than Alvarez as a winger but he isn’t better as a pure striker.
    Moreover, Alvarez can play in diffirent positions means than can offer many different solutions because he offers flexibility something that Foden can’t.
    And finally, Foden has taken many opportunities under the position at which he feels comfortable with.

    If i had to choose between Alvarez and Foden in the position of a pure striker, i would have gone for Alvarez without any second thought!

  2. Some guys in here are insane they think julian alvarez is better than foden you must be crazy to think of that
    Reality is foden is better than alvarez, does it make alvarez bad player not alvarez is good plus he is different profile player then most city forward players.

    • Even in this Argentina fan site there is exaggeration of English players. And it won’t end. Coz yeah individually most of the fans would go for english players compared to Argentine players.
      Like this –
      Trent / Walker > Molina
      Luke shaw > tag
      Bellingham > enzo
      Foden > julian
      Kane > lautaro
      Rice > macallister.
      And it goes on. And @Godin 11 your opinion is also similar to this right. But the reality is those english shits are the same like the portugese shits. When putting on the national jersey i want to see julian murdering foden and enzo killing bellingham and there all ends. Its the ultimate battle. Winning there means rest of the domination of english players means nothing to me. Those arrogant English shits. But we want tough and hard working players.

      • Scaloni is a much better coach than overrated Gareth Southgate, our players’ desire to play for the shirt much higher than the English players’ desire and our team spirit, cohesion and resilience significantly higher, at least during the World Cup, than any other national team has shown in recent years. Individual talents in isolation can only take you so far, because a team is always more than a sum of all its parts, plus good coaching, plus team spirit.

      • Macallister is the best midfielder in the epl right now so he is better than rice .
        I will take Tagliafico over shaw any day
        Come molina is really good he is better defensively than trent in this case I will take molina over trent
        Come on walker is great full back probably fastest defender in the world plus he is world class. You can’t say Lautaro is better than harry kane if you say that then you are seriously baised Hey I’m have been Argentina supporter more than two decades what makes me happ that we are world champion and we always produce top talents plus Argentina always performances better than England in the major tournaments

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