Champions League quarter final preview: Atletico Madrid lead Dortmund


The Champions League continues on Friday with Atletico Madrid leading 2-1 on aggregate against Dortmund.

Atletico Madrid take a 2-1 lead going into Germany against Dortmund with Rodrigo De Paul having scored in the first match. Diego Simeone will have Rodrigo De Paul, Ángel Correa and Nahuel Molina for the match.

The other match on Tuesday is Lionel Messi’s former team FC Barcelona taking a 3-2 lead against Paris Saint-Germain, with the second match in Barcelona.


  1. There goes champions League team Argentina.
    I really dislike everything about griesman. I know he has records for A Madrid but he is overrated, and he is French.

    • Yes very true indeed as we all saw his zero commitment to the game against Dortmund as i allways felt the same about him, though like u said even a record breaker in ATM, but way too overrated and Yes he is french, though nothing compared ”Lylian’s” arrogance, but once a french allways a french !

      Hopefully Molina will get back to his old form as i’m a bit worried about his recent perfomances with ATM and he has had not the best of his seasons as previous seasons were better for him, though hopefully it is just an temporarily matter and when he put’s on again the ALBICELESTE shirt, that then he will gain back his confidence etc…

      Poor, poor ATM as they had the chances to win, but Morata’s miss in the beginning was i quess such an terrible one and Yes it is never easy to play at Westfalen, though ATM can only blame themselfs for not qualifying against ” Lylian’s ” PSG, which most propably will end up in the final, which i deffenetly do not want happen as we are again obviously talking about a frenchy’s and most annoying player on earth with Penaldo !

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