Argentina team to train at Inter Miami’s Chase Stadium before Copa America


The Argentina national team will train at Inter Miami’s Chase Stadium before the Copa America.

Argentina will play two matches in June prior to the Copa America and with both matches in the United States, Argentina will be based in Miami. According to Gastón Edul, they will be training at Lionel Messi’s club home, Chase Stadium.

Lionel Scaloni’s team will begin training on June 3 for their two matches. The first match will be against Ecuador on June 9 at Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois and they will play a second match on June 14 against Guatemala at Commanders Field in Washington, DC.

Scaloni has already announced the team for the two matches and the provisional team for the 2024 Copa America in the United States.


  1. Here are few facts
    1. I don’t think we can complain about Julian Alvarez’s poor form. He could have scored two. He should have definitely scored one.

    2. Lisandro Martinez cannot play two games in a row. We have to find another center back who can be healthy

    3. Alejandro Garnacho is surprisingly good at health for his age. He plays and runs a lot.

    4. Dybala has some serious injury issues. Hence the coaching staff does not see him long term. No doubt about his skill.

    • I agree with you 100%. Seeing Lisandro Martinez come off before the final whistle is worrying.

      I know that some people don’t like Garnacho, but he plays really well and as a winger. Besides Di Maria, who is better in that position for Argentina?

    • Ten Hag was already going to sub out Martinez even before that injury which is why Evans was warming up because he wasn’t fit enough to play full 90mins. He is usually very reliable and can play multiple consecutive 90mins matches when fully fit.

  2. I’m watching the FA cup final and I can totally tell why Scaloni has called The Butcher Martínez. He is playing really well. I would love for him and Romero to be our main CB’s

  3. I know I will get hate from Mundo followers but just gonna say it anyway – it was very ungrateful from Scaloni not to even pick Dybala. If he did not make that clearence or scored in the SO who knows what we would be discussing now…..

  4. So who will be 3 player out from 29. For me.
    Angel Correa, barco, LMQ/Balerdi.. we might see Correa going in place of carboni.

    • Since Scaloni & Co have decided to move on from Dybala and go with Garnacho over him, even though Garnacho is nowhere near in terms of finishing , passing and decision making in comparison to the former. But Garnacho brings what is the core of Scaloni’s strategy which is whole team defending the ball and with young legs and pace Garnacho will be a better sub off the bench.
      I won’t be surprise if A.Correa also gets overlooked. He had his fair share of chances but he has struggled to make any noticeable impact. Even when Dimaria was out injured for the quarters, Scaloni never bothered to play him instead he opted for a 3 CB formation against Netherlands and outsmarted VanGaal’s counter attacking tactics.

      • Stop with the lies. Angel Correa and Dybala have never been given their fair chances with the national team. A fair chance is at least getting 10 45-minutes games out of your 30 something caps not getting 10-15 minutes here and there.

        • How many times Scaloni has picked A.Correa in his squad? He has seen Correa in every training session and knew he isn’t up to the level which is why he never played in the world up even after Dimaria got injured.

  5. The first signing that Hansi Flick demanded from FC Barcelona

    Hansi Flick wants Exequiel Palacios at Barcelona

    Palacios, who has shone this season in the Bundesliga, has become a fundamental piece for Leverkusen. His performance has been crucial to the club’s historic victory in the German championship, and his versatility and dynamism have caught Flick’s attention. The 25-year-old Argentine has a contract with Leverkusen until 2028, but Barcelona are willing to start talks with an initial offer of at least €40 million.

    Despite Barcelona’s budget constraints, Flick is determined to build a competitive team. The incorporation of Palacios would not only add quality to the Blaugrana attack, but would also inject youth and freshness into the squad. The Barcelona board is working closely with Flick to complete this operation and other possible transfers that strengthen the team for the 2024/25 season.

    The possible signing of Palacios marks the beginning of a new era at Barcelona under the direction of Hansi Flick. Camp Nou fans hope that the arrival of the German coach and the incorporation of new talents like Palacios can return the club to its days of glory and success in national and international competitions.

    • Yes, that wouldn’t be a bad move at all for Palacios even though Barca’s midfield is stacked with good mids. Both Gavi and Pedri are as injury prone and so is Palacios but if he manages to stay fit when they are injured then he will get enough mins on the pitch. Barca also has Gundogaan but he seems to have past his best and without Pep and City he looks completely different player. I would love to watch Palacios and Guido taking charge of the Barca’s midfield. And even though broke Barca can’t afford Julian Alvarez who won’t cost less than 60-70 million , but Alvarez is what Barca needs upfront and Barca is the team that can truly get the best out of him.

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