Lionel Messi’s schedule for Inter Miami and Argentina before the 2024 Copa America


Lionel Messi has four matches remaining in total for Inter Miami and the Argentina national team before the 2024 Copa America.

Messi has two matches left with Inter Miami and two matches for Argentina before the 2024 Copa America in the United States. Messi and Inter Miami host their two final matches before Messi leaves to train with Argentina.

Inter Miami will play Thiago Almada and Atlanta United on Wednesday, May 29 at Chase stadium. Their second match is against St. Louis on June 1, also in Miami.

He will be joining the Argentina national team for June 3 when the team begins training for their two matches before the Copa America. The first match is against Ecuador on June 9 in Chicago, Illinois at Soldier Field.

Argentina will play Guatemala on June 14 in Washington, DC at Commanders Field. Lionel Scaloni will be cutting his provisional list for the Copa America of 29 players down to 26 after the two matches.

The team will be training at Inter Miami’s Chase stadium for the two matches.

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  1. Can anyone here please tell me if Enzo’s shot vs Netherlands did not hit the post would it go in? What I mean is that, either hit the post or the goalkeeper would save it: were these the only two options for him? Thanks in advance for all the criticisms and insults.

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