Argentina to play Colombia in the final of the Copa America


Argentina will play Colombia in the final of the Copa America.

The Argentina national team will play Colombia in the final of the Copa America on Sunday. Argentina made the final with a 2-0 win vs. Canada and Colombia with a 1-0 win vs. Uruguay.

Both teams played each other in the semi finals of the 2021 Copa America where the match went to penalty kicks and Emiliano Martínez saved three penalty kicks to bring Argentina to the final where they would win it.


  1. Did we ever imagine that if Jamaica had made it to the final, it would have been an easy match for us? Anyone reaching the final is as formidable as we are, if not more so, considering the challenges of the other two groups. We must play our natural game, but with a profound respect for our opponent. Our approach to Colombia needs to be distinct, with tailored plans for James and Luis beyond mere shadow marking. Molina or Montiel must rise to the occasion against Luis; Molina’s performance against Canada was lackluster, and he was booked shortly after being substituted in. We need to excel in counterattacks, as Colombia will be as aggressive as Uruguay. Our transitions were shaky against Canada in the group stage, and without improvement, Colombia will capitalize on our weaknesses. Scaloni must also recognize that Otamendi hasn’t been impressive as a sub. It will be fascinating to see who he fields alongside Emi, Cuti, Licha, Di Maria, and Leo.

  2. Sympathy to Bielsa, it becomes his character and habit that cannot be change. Hight pressing and intensity only results in exhausting the players. Superior in the beginning, slowly dowgrade with sad ending. Beside, Nunez is not a lethat striker. Weaponless.

    I think Arg have more confidence playing against Columbian. Learn from the Chile 2 finals. Messi and ADM have to awake. Vamos Albiceleste!

  3. I haven’t posted in a while, but man for us to beat Colombia we’ll need some luck. They are on fire and I’m still in shock how much heart and hustle they put in.

    Argentina is definitely the underdogs and I don’t think we can win if Messi walks the whole game.

    Either way, hope we win but I have a bad feeling about this one. I had way more confidence in last copa America and World Cup.

  4. I think we are big underdog in the final. This Columbia team can be a legitimate WC contender and they look stronger than 21’ Brazil and 22’ France in this tournament. Plus, their strengths (set pieces, Luis Diaz, counter attacks) are exactly our weaknesses.

    We will need some magics and lucks or some special game plans to win Sunday’s game.

    I will be happy if we can hold 0-0 and let Dibu save us.

    • Huh? Columbia has had tight games in this very tournament against top teams. Couldn’t beat Brazil. Had a very a tough game against Uruguay in which they were very undisciplined. James was taken out bc he was close to get a second yellow card. Munoz with the Red. (Great patience and substitutions by their coach though).

      They blew out Costa Rica and Panama. Not exactly world beaters. They have a great chance to win. But Argentina severe underdogs? Please.

      • Yes, kudos to Colombia’s coach as their team is not as 2 horse of kind of team ( James & Diaz) and they can play well together as team, but maybe prone to what Uruguay did against them, though in the end both were playing as obviously very hard and super physical with every trick used as possible, lol ! That is nothing new and part of the SA game and specially in COPA, when they like to chop each other for the SA rivalry as none European team will have a chance, lol ! But, as how hard and physical the game’s are in SA and in COPA or SA WCQ’s OR COPA LIBERTADORES, still their quality and technical abbility is amazing as obviously most them with street football background or maybe, FUTSAL, which anyway come’s from football played out in the back yard’s and alleys or basicly where ever it is posible etc…

        Agreed also as both having chance to win this final and also i don’t think none can be called as underdog really as clearly for several reasons etc…

        HOPEFULLY ARG WILL FIND THE WAY TO WIN AS OBVIOUSLY REALLY DON’t WANT COLOMBIA TO WIN ! Also would had prefered Uruguay as opponent, mostly due to their injurie’s and suspension’s, but that is also not so fair to say from me as i’m pretty sure the players want proive themselfs against best possible team from opponent and viceversus etc…though not sure if the Coaching will agree on this, as i may not if being a coach, lol !

    • Colombia will really going for it as they know ARG has not been to their best yet, so i see ARG’s chances in very deffensive minded game and try get some counter or score from an setpiece or TaKe the game to the penalties….

      Also some one may need to TaKe James and specially Diaz out of the game as early as possible with whatever way as i don’t care if they will get injured as soon as better for ARG, but Colombia’s game is not only based on this 2 players as they play very good as team ! Luckily at least Munoz is out and, maybe ARG should try exploit, that left side..?