Rodrigo De Paul: “Yes, I cried and got emotional”


Rodrigo De Paul has stated that he has cried and he got emotional with Argentina winning the World Cup and the Copa America.

De Paul has been a pillar in the Argentina team since Lionel Scaloni took over as coach. De Paul spoke to Fox Sports Argentina after Argentina’s 2-0 win vs. Canada. Here is what he had to say:

“Yes, I cried and got emotional. I think it is an eternal legacy and I do not want to normalize it. Another final, we were champions of the world, of America, we won in Brazil for the first time in history, we made it through the qualifiers without losing a single game.

“It is not normal. It will come to an end and I want every moment to remain forever because the legacy is eternal and for me to be part of it is a great source of pride”.


  1. 10 years..8 tournaments..6 Finals.. Argentina is in Golden run…thanks to Messi and co. Messi makes the difference.
    We were missing only one thing to win a tournament, a world class GK . Emi solved that puzzle. Only 2 tournaments we did not reach final during this 10 both, Argentina lost to eventual winner. What a great journey…Superb Argentina 💙🇦🇷 💙

  2. My 5-4-1 defensive starting lineup to stop Luis Diaz from scoring a hattrick:

    Montiel Cuti Otamendi Martinez Tagliafico
    Molina Paredes Enzo Nico

    When James and Luis Diaz are tired

    Then we send in the following guys for PK shootout:
    Di Maria

  3. I have no doubt now that the final will be officiated differently from all the previous games which will benefit the more technical team, ARG.
    Colombia will try to push, foul, tackle, harass, pull all the stops vs Messi and DiMaria and they’ll be penalized as they should.
    CONMEBOL and it’s president don’t like to be embarrassed like they were last night with all what happened during and after the game. Security will be on alert and so will be the calls.

  4. Colombia celebrated the win as if they won COPA already, they reached that emotional high after holding off Uruguay on a very hard-fought game, lost a major player due to suspension, James is like Messi where he doesn’t run much or defend and I believe one of their other players has an injury.
    ARG/Messi will play at home in front of their new/old fans and on real grass. DiMaria and possibly Messi playing their last game, ARG gets one full day of rest and they’ve been there and done that already and it’s Col that needs to be worried not the other way around.

    • Same way Argentina celebrated after 2021 copa semifinal victory over Columbia and Brazil mocked us the same way. They are professionals and they will recover emotionally as well. We have to play far far better to beat them. Their intensity will be very high. 1st we have to soak there pressure for initial 30 minutes if we can manage that we will win the match. Its real grass with bigger dimensions so we maybe favorite here

  5. It is an evenly balanced final on cards. Neither team is the underdog. We have experience, a slowly improving Messi & Dibu. I believe we are the best in retrieving possession & tactical flexibility. Colombia has pace & James in red hot form. It will just boil down to who devises a better tactic on that day. Maybe Scaloni has an edge here because of larger canvas exposure. The key battle will be Luis Diaz vs our right back. Depaul will have extra duty. Interesting to note that James has got subbed in 2nd half of every game. So as game wanders to extra time, our bench strength can be the difference. Somehow i forsee penalties & a deja vu moment of Dibu again facing his Hermano Yerry Mina😊

  6. Colombian fans disrespect Uruguayan players. They attack the player’s family. Just like the Netherlands, it is a sign that Colombia will lose the match and my prediction will come true. Argentina wins every match. Messi and his teammates will win back all three lost finals.

      • Maybe, so…as he did raise his foot obviously, but that did not had any effect on Kane’s shot and also Kane first thought’s were not penalty, but yes it was given and maybe someone else would had not, though never know with every call as clearly VAR wanted him to have a look and have the final word on it…anyhow looked like in the end, that England deserved to win as being slightly better team as the result not realky matter’s to me at all as not FAN of both team’s, lol !

  7. Why people getting so negative here?! We r the world champion man & on the edge of wining our 4th title inn shaa Allah. There is really nothing to say much negative about the team & the coaching, right? Yes there is always room to improve, room to be sharper. There is nothing in the world without any weakness, without any fault. So pls calm down. Negativity always existed before, but the reality is we regained the glory in such this way!
    Yes there r some useless inclusion in the squad, we had some better opportunity, but relax this is our team right now, who left out this time there time will also come. Some r in off form, relax their time will also come. Messi’s form & health is a concern, but relax he can surely be a part of the 26 WC team at least as a super sub.
    Colombia is in final, so what?! So absurd! We r Argentina. We’ll definitely block their tempo & going to win by any means!
    At past we played so many eye pleasing football, but the realistic result were just zero! So just win matters at the end of the day! & we r regularly doing THIS now!
    So pls relax, calm down, be some positive & enjoy the time with the champion badges & definitely u won’t get this superb chance & feelings always. Tnx!

  8. The final will be very difficult. Colombia is a formidable opponent in counter-attacks and aerial combat. They are hungry to win and their spirits are high. I hope Scaloni will solve it. The whole team will have to be very focused, try not to waste opportunities and play with 200% of their abilities. I hope Scaloni will solve it by exploiting their weaknesses, trapping them and ending with a goal. As of now, my prediction that Argentina will win all the matches in this tournament still stands.

  9. I am in Elizabeth NJ, and if anyone knows – it is ‘Little Colombia.’ They are setting off fireworks and dancing in the streets. It’s as if they won the WC. I want to shut them down – i think we we’ve been saving it all for now because of the heat the heat and the poor quality pitches – we have to take off all the limiters and let our legends loose and demolish these guys. VAMOOSSS CARAJOOO

  10. Colombia is not destructive team like Uruguay or chile. They are actually very creative. For the same reason Scaloni needs to play for deactivated football.
    In last match for last few mins Scaloni tried
    Molina,Romero,Otamendi, licha
    I think this is a great defence line-up. To play high pressing football Paredes can be used.

  11. Exactly my point of worry. The last dance. The whole tournament Di Maria carried an emotional baggage and underperformed. He should never have linked such an important tournament to this retirement. A qualifier in September should have been his last dance. He is our go-to man for any final. I doubt if he would be the same against Colombia. Every tear that he would carry inside him would prevent him from being at his best.

  12. I remember being worried about playing France in the WC final and about playing Brazil in the last Copa final. I’m feeling the same way about Colombia. But Scaloni came up with great game plans that we executed well. I trust he will do the same now. Colombia is playing really well. But that doesn’t mean they’re unbeatable.

  13. Everbody, Brazil, Portugal, France, Ronaldo fans & their dogs are supporting Colombia in the final! However, I also wanted Colombia instead of Uruguay who were unlucky today because of their own poor finishing! Uruguay had a balanced team full of European club players and they are more physical than Colombians. I don’t see us losing against this energetic but comparatively weaker Colombian team.

    • Well, i would not call Colombia as weaker team as if Munoz would had not got himself 2 yellows= 1 red card, well Colombia would had won by even bigger margin as they blew up 2 really good chanches, i quess by Uribe if i’m not mistaken and even with 1 men down they never looked like loosing their threat as obviously they needed to TaKe more defenssive minded aproach by one man down, though Uruguay blew up their Chances, well Colombia looked more dangerous throug out the game and did not really looked like weaker team at all, however it is also quite obvious, that those fan’s as u mentioned will be on Colombia’s side, but who care’s of them or what should that matter as what matters in the end is how ARG will play and hopefully WIN THIS COPA !

      Though a very difficult match ahead, but as final even against fair to say better team in terms of FORM at least, still ARG DO HAS CHANCE TO WIN IT !

      But, won’t be easy also Columbians do have a big crowd too, though don’t know how many supportets of them will turn up as obviously, when the draw was made i would belive more ARG fans brought the tickets to a final, which will be also luckily played in MIAMI so,kind of home game for ARG in a foreign land