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    The Implementing Cisco Wireless Network Fundamentals (WIFUND) exam (200-355) can be a 90-minute, 60-70 item assessment that is certainly from the CCNA Wireless certification. This exam tests a candidate’s expertise in Rf (RF) and 802.11 technology essentials in addition to installing, configuring, monitoring, and basic troubleshooting tasks required to support Small Medium Business and Enterprise wireless networks. Candidates can plan this exam through the Implementing Cisco Wireless Network Fundamentals (WIFUND) course.

    Cisco 200-355 exam tests a candidate’s knowledge of Radio Frequency (RF) and 802.11 technology essentials along with installing, configuring, monitoring and basic troubleshooting tasks necessary to support Small Medium Business and Enterprise wireless networks.

    This exam is really a 90-minute test with 60-70 questions which can be linked to the Cisco CCNA® Wireless certification. This exam tests a candidate’s understanding of installing, configuring, operating, and troubleshooting small to medium-size WLANs.

    Cisco 200-355 Exam Details:-

    Exam Name- Implementing Cisco Wireless Networking Fundamentals

    Exam Number- 200-355 WIFUND

    Exam Price- $300 USD

    Duration- 90 minutes

    Variety of Questions- 60-70

    Passing Score- Variable (750-850 / 1000 Approx.)

    Recommended Training-

    ? Implementing Cisco Wireless Network Fundamentals (WIFUND)

    ? Implementing Cisco Wireless Network Fundamentals (WIFUND) E-Learning

    ? Defining Cisco Wireless LAN Essentials (WLE) E-Learning

    Exam Registration- PEARSON VUE

    Sample Questions- Cisco 200-355 Sample Questions

    Cisco 200-355 Exam Syllabus Topics:-

    The following topics are general guidelines to the content that’s apt to be included about the exam.

    [1]. RF Fundamentals (13%)

    1 Describe the propagation of radio waves

    2 Interpret RF signal measurements

    3 Explain the principles of RF mathematics

    4 Describe Wi-Fi antenna characteristics

    [2] 802.11 Technology Fundamentals (13%)

    1 Describe basic Wi-Fi governance

    2 Describe usable channel and power combination

    3 Describe 802.11 fundamentals

    [3] Implementing a radio Network (16%)

    1 Describe the different Cisco wireless architectures

    2 Describe physical infrastructure connections

    3 Describe AP and WLC management access connections

    [4] Operating an invisible Network (20%)

    1 Execute initial setup procedures Cisco wireless infrastructures

    2 Describe the Cisco implementation of the CAPWAP discovery and join process

    3 Distinguish different lightweight AP modes

    4 Describe and configure the components of your wireless LAN access for client connectivity using GUI only

    5 Identify wireless network and client management and configuration platform options

    6 Maintain wireless network

    [5] Configuration of Client Connectivity (16%)

    1 Identify authentication mechanisms

    2 Configuring WLAN authentication mechanisms for the controller

    3 Configure client connectivity in numerous os’s

    4 Describe roaming

    5 Describe wireless guest networking

    [6] Performing Client Connectivity Troubleshooting (13%)

    1 Validating WLAN configuration settings in the infrastructure side

    2 Validating AP infrastructure settings

    3 Validate client settings

    4 Employ appropriate controller tools to aid troubleshooting

    5 Identify appropriate third-party tools to aid troubleshooting

    [7] Site Survey Process (9%)

    1 Describe site survey methodologies in addition to their purpose

    2 Describe passive and active site surveys

    3 Identify proper putting on site survey tools

    4 Describe the requirements of client real-time and non-real-time applications

    Learning Resource

    Self-Study E-Learning

    Implementing Cisco Wireless Network Fundamentals (WIFUND) v1.1CLN Store Content

    Instructor Led Training

    Implementing Cisco Wireless Network Fundamentals (WIFUND) v1.0

    Cisco Press

    A number of Cisco Press titles could possibly be readily available for this exam. These titles can be acquired from Cisco Press.

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