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    FT. LAUDERDALE, FL, May 13, 2011 —, the most comprehensive online resource for unbiased consumer information and education concerning hair loss treatmentsand hair loss conditions like Cancer hair loss, has released the second of a series of one-minute-long animated public service announcements titled "True Beauty: Cancer-related Hair Loss".

    According to Michael Garcia, Spokesman for, the latest video release "gently reminds those women suffering from Cancer-related hair loss that there is more to beauty than what we see; that the courage and fortitude with which these women face their treatments and ensuing hair loss is also beautiful and inspiring. Ours is a culture that values bravery."

    Produced by Bright Bulb Solutions, a boutique Los Angeles-based marketing firm, the animated presentation features original illustration, animation and music. The narration, recited by voice actor Wesley Horton, is meant to appeal directly to the individual preparing for Cancer treatment, says Garcia:

    "True beauty is found even in the pain of Cancer recovery where the hair loss that occurs during treatment can be as devastating as the cancer itself. And while your hair loss is temporary the elements of your beauty are enduring. True beauty is the love and caring of family and friends. True beauty is facing your struggle with fortitude. True beauty is the simple dawning of a new day.
    Cancer Animation Video is the courage to feel beautiful anyway. Knowing that true beauty is found in your heart and not on your head helps you to feel better which helps you to heal better."

    The video storyline chronicles the growing awareness of a female Cancer patient in recovery, as she ponders the love and caring of her family and treatment-givers, as well as the simple miracle of a new day.

    Hair loss due to Cancer treatments is, unfortunately, common. Chemotherapy drugs shock rapidly dividing cells such as those in hair follicles in the scalp, thereby causing the hair to completely fall out. This type of hair loss is usually temporary.

    According to Garcia, has partnered with Bright Bulb Solutions to produce and entire series of public service-style videos "with intelligent, compassionate and progressive themes of understanding" to those men and women struggling with both the physical and emotional effects of hair loss conditions ranging from Alopecia areata and male pattern baldness to Cancer hair lossand Trichotillomania.

    The True Beauty video series is available for free viewing and download on as well as readily available for no-cost syndication on YouTube and other major online video sharing networks, notes Garcia. "Any Cancer-treatment provider or hair loss provider specializing in treating Cancer-related hair loss who wishes to assist in our efforts to raise public awareness of the sensitive issues surrounding hair loss are being granted free license to embed the videos on their own websites and blogs.