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    A reputable brand will always have a story behind the success of their brand; they will also have why the company has been running.

    TISRO home and kitchen brand is not an exception because the brand is a goal driven brand started to make a significant change and difference in the world.

    TISRO is a brand owned by soul mates that have known each other since primary school days but the love story started ten years after graduation in 2013.

    Nothing really happened between the soul mates until 2011114 when Lin needed the help Liuyan GU. She offered the help and the rest became history.

    TISRO brand is owned by learned and trained graduates with professional knowledge and experience in sales management, data analysis, and other related fields.

    There are quite a number of other professional experiences that TISRO brand owner has got. Contributions towards achieving growth and hitting sales target, good organizational skill, good customer relationship and to mention a few are some of the experience that TISRO brand owner has got.

    You will never get something better except if a teacher and leader handles a brand. Liuyan is a teacher and humanitarian that have volunteered and contributed to the progress of projects in Canada.

    TISRO is a brand with a positive mindset, a unique mission statement different from the rest and a vision to transform the world.

    The creation of the name “TISRO” was inspired by a line in Siegfried Sassoon’s poem- “in me the TI-tiger S-sniffs the RO-rose”. These words, though fictional, reflects the tenderness shown by a creature as vicious and aggressive as a tiger when in contact with the eco-system. It also expresses how such sincere love can be shown by humans toward our highly valuable eco-system.

    "TISRO is a reputable international brand specializing in eco-friendly household and kitchen products. Their products are available in over countries in North America, Australia, Europe, and Asia, all over the world. Their mission is ECO WORLD, BETTER LIFE.

    TISRO is based on THREE Core Principles for Their Products:

    Guaranteed premium certificated eco-friendly materials

    10 year quality assurance and lifetime 24/7 customer service

    Exquisite gift packaging design"