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    When thinking of the value of diamonds it is not unusual to think that any diamond is worth an excellent amount of money. Even though this is generally true, there are lots of important characteristics which affect value of diamonds especially the 4C’s of cut, colour, clarity and carat. But let’s consider one that’s not mentioned many times, diamonds certificate.

    While the 4C’s may massive influence on the price of the diamond, a piece of paper will further increase its value. Why? Well regardless how perfect your diamond could possibly be, without certification fat loss to demonstrate the authenticity of your claims without needing to send it to a lab for certification.

    It is very important note that two similar diamonds will fetch significantly different prices depending on if they have a piece of paper you aren’t. This can be caused solely because potential customers have no way of verifying the grading of one’s stone. Therefore it is also helpful to possess a certificate in terms of selling your diamonds in the event you purchased them just as one investment.

    Additionally it is remember this that small testing laboratories which can be connected with local store will usually stop treated as accurate this can affiliation. The reason being these stores have a very motivation to assist sell diamonds under consideration which is aided by an increased valuation.

    Mainly because that not every laboratory can perform grading diamonds accurately there are some that are well known internationally and aren’t affiliated to any diamonds selling body.

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