Marcelo GALLARDO talks about coaching the Argentina national team


River Plate coach Marcelo GALLARDO spoke about coaching the Argentina national team.

Marcelo GALLARDO, who recently won the Copa Libertadores with River Plate, stated that he was never approached about coaching the Argentina national team. Speaking at a press conference, here’s what he had to say:

“I like where I am. I’m totally committed to River Plate.

“I never rejected the National Team because they never offered me the position. I’m tired of being told that I rejected the job, what coach would not like to direct the Argentina National Team?

“Today, I owe River Plate a lot and I have a very big commitment to them, but I needed to clarify this situation.”


  1. We should not select Gallardo as a NT coach because I do not see any speciality in his signing of Armani.Armani is average goalkeeper and I think so is Gallardo.Goalkeeper is most important position where you can not be weak but Gallardo is not that smart.Signing weak or average player for River Plate.

      • Batista should find place for Almada somwhere in starting line up: might be:


        …….No.9……………….De La Vega

        No.9 – just one of Alvarez/Romero/Gaich

      • I am surprised that he used Roffo instead of Pourtau and also not the pair Balerdi-perez in all these training matches. From the look of it I think he is gonna use Romero as no.9.
        And you are right Almada should be in starting 11, Iam excited to watch him.

        • Balerdi didn’t played because today he is travelling to Dortmund to sign his contract.

          As for No.9 I think every of Romero, Alvarez, Gaich is real talent so let’s see which will be best. I estimate Colidio not that high as the three above.

          Almada is must for starting eleven as maybe most creative one but here is many exciting players and real talents: Almada, Almendra, De La Vega, Alvarez, Gaich, Maroni, Balerdi, Romero, Ortega – that I think it’s only in coach hands to made of this bunch of gems winning team.