Lionel MESSI scores, leads Europe in goals, assists


Lionel MESSI scored for FC Barcelona in their 3-1 win against Ray Vallecano.

The Argentina and FC Barcelona captain was named in his country’s squad selection for this month’s matches and in the first match after being selected, scored and assisted. Rayo Vallecano took the lead but the Catalan club were awarded a free kick before the end of the first half. Lionel MESSI send in a lovely cross into the area and Gerard PIQUE was at the end of it and scored to draw Barcelona level.

Ernesto VALVERDE’s team would be awarded a penalty kick and up stepped MESSI. The fifth best player in the world would score to give his club the lead. The assist was number 12 of the season and the goal number 26, meaning he leads Europe’s top five leagues in goals and assists.

Luis SUAREZ would go on to add a third goal.


  1. Quite disappointed by Lo Celso’s match, I think he’s a bit frustrated because it’s not his natural position but it should be the only way that Setien can use him with Canales and Carvalho who were both brilliant today. Btw, rumors said that RM and Spurs are quite interested in him. It’ll definitely be a tough time for him during summer time, Betis can’t afford the transfer fee, it’ll be either returning to Paris or going to those big clubs and fighting for a place.

    • Yes, totally. Ok, they are playing well at this moment like Di Maria, Higuain and Aguero but bringing back a 31-32y old players, they may be good for few months to 1 year and then their perf start degrading 1 year before the next world and we realize it’s too late to replace them because we didn’t give enough chance to other younger players before. We just experienced this during last year world cup. So no thanks, no more.

      I am a bit upset why Di Maria still being called. I can understand his decisions on Mercado and Ota because we don’t have reliable CBs yet and on this position, it’s still ok with the advanced age. On the left winger position, we should give more chance to young players especially Vargas and Pity.

  2. agreed..Banega should be there at least for copa.Scaloni use him as a substitute for Paredes.coz we dont have enough creative central midfielder like Paredes and Banega.Lo celso,Palacios are more likely Box to box type.Langini,correa,di maria attacking minded and others are difensive we need both(classy) Paredes and Banega.

  3. I watched 1st half-time West Ham match, Lanzini seems to gain some weight, don’t know if it’s about muscles or fat. Positioned as the left playmaker, a bit deep, he didn’t make much technical error but didn’t take much risk neither. Wasn’t sharp when he need to stop the opponents counter attack, always a bit slow defensively. Decent performance of Angel Correa, his performance used to be quite average when he need to play on the right, this time he was ok, worked hard for the team, tried to offer some solution also in counter-attack.

    I see him more as a creative half 8 in a 433(similar to Lo Celso, along with 1 DM and another box to box) but don’t think that he’ll be fit in a 442 when he need to play on either side. If the team plays in 442, I’d prefer Correa to Lo Celso or Lanzini on the right, Pity, Vargas or De Paul on the left.