Lautaro MARTINEZ talks Argentina national team, Lionel MESSI, being left out of World Cup

Lautaro Martinez Lionel Messi Argentina
Lautaro Martinez and Lionel Messi with Argentina.

Lautaro MARTINEZ recently spoke about with Sportia about the Argentina national team.

The Inter hitman commented on the Argentina national team, Lionel MESSI and being left out of the World Cup team by Jorge SAMPAOLI. Here’s what he had to say:

“I try to give my best for Inter so that when the Argentina coach gives out his list, my name is there. I’m proud to wear this shirt and to be called-up. I work every day for that.

“You have to prepare, be attentive, to give the best possible and after that it’s the coach’s decision. I have always respected that and will continue to respect it.”

Lautaro MARTINEZ also spoke about playing alongside Lionel MESSI:

“I try to enjoy MESSI and to learn. We have him next to us and he will make all of us grow.”

About being left out of the World Cup team:

“With SAMPAOLI, there were things that I didn’t like. I was happy to be in the list of 35 and it was painful to be left out of the World Cup but I still supported as a fan.”


  1. Dybala immediately needs to leave juventus , he has been mentally affected. Looks like nothing is working out for him . All the rumours , Rift with Allegri and less time in pitches has affected him a lot. He failed to take charge of today’s match , this is all the result of the above things.
    I thinks he has won everything he needs at juventus . Should move next summer , considering he is only 25 , he is entering his peak years.

    • Immaturity, a brief period of incredible success and taking it for granted is what you have in Dybala. Does he have talent, yes, an immense amount. But he doesn’t have the other things that make him shine. Think of him as Pastore or Ricki Alvarez, not any more than them. We have lots of players that end up that way, another one is Erik Lamela, although injuries played a big part, he can’t even start on his own team regularly…

      • Much more than “brief period”. He’s been one of serie a best player for years. First year he’s dipped. Many player would dream to have had an impact like him.. Give him credit. The current juve system and shitty coach conflicts with his play style. He would thrive at City, Liverpool, Napoli, Real, etc

        • I know some people like him, but I see nothing special in this player. For the NT he does not shine ever, and even if Juve is not the right fit for him, he is too hard headed to ask for transfer. Another “number 10” that spends half his time as a substitute.
          I respect that you like his play, but to me he is more forgettable than anything else.

      • you said the truth my friend.
        i would not change a single word from what you wrote.

        unfortunately this is the sad truth about Dybala.
        just i hope something happened in near future and change this destiny it is going to be.