Gio LO CELSO joins Tottenham Hotspur from Real Betis on loan


Giovani LO CELSO has joined Tottenham Hotspur from Real Betis on loan.

LO CELSO’s deal to Tottenham has officially been confirmed with the Argentine midfielder joining Mauricio POCHETTINO’s team on a season long loan deal with an option to buy. It has been rumored for the entire transfer window but Tottenham have finally got their player.

Best of luck to LO CELSO.


  1. Mrinal

    You said that Argentina never played organised football. I am following Argentina for a long time too and because i have become obsessed with our team quit long ago i learnt some things about its history. Therefore, i strongly disagree with what you said, actually Argentina was even innovating for the sake of world football and allow me to kindly express my thoughts:

    From the very first years Argentina was well known for its ultra offensive type of play which was combining physical strength, speed, tenacity, violent plays at times and lots of grit, the known “grinta”. As you correctly said, Argentina always possessed very talented and skillfull players so its playing was combining superb technique as well.

    Argentina was even one of the pioneers of total football. Have you heard about the great River plate of late 40s and early 50s, the well known “La Maquina”? I am sure my good friend Cox4 would enlight us much more than me on this! “La Maquina” were one of the first who actually played total football which the Dutch of 70s developed later on. “La Maquina” used to play 2-3-5 formation, with 5 forwards who were swifting positions with each other in the attack. Not to mention that those forwards were not only world class at their era, but became some of the best players ever, included in the hall of fame of players, players such as Juan Manuel Moreno, Labruna, Felix Lustau, Pedernera, Munoz, Di Stefano, later on Sivori the “Maradona of sixties” etc.

    Argentina under Menotti used to play very attractive attacking football as well, with speed, technique and grit and later on the “tiki tiki”, quick fluid possession football with quick one touch passing transmissions and quick one twos, and actually Bielsa was a master on this with his 3-3-3-1 formation. If you watch some good games under Bielsa and later on Pekerman, you will realise that ball transition was so good and quick that it was very hard for opponents to follow.

    However, i agree with you that Argentina may seem that its playing style as of late is not at all organised but this is logical if you think that we change coaches like shirts and there was not continuity at all. But according to what you said that Argentina was never playing organised football, i believe that was never the case.


      • I will definetely agree with you Gonzalo, as Sabella in my humble opinion was the last good manager we had. I remember the qualifiers after the game with Colombia and yes Argentina was very well organised, unleashing very fast and lethal counterattacks, we used to play with as limited quick passes possible, reaching actually to the opponents goal in no time, actually us and then Germany scored the most goals in our respective qualification campaign and before the start of the wc i was 90% sure, barring the Brazilian politics of course, that Argentina and Germany would be the finalists.

        However, during the wc, everyone was parking the bus against us, even the great Netherlands back then which thrust Spain with 5 goals at group stages fielded a 6-3-1 formation ugainst us in the semis, but unfortunately despite that we were better than the Germans in the final, we didn’t convert our chances and finally lost, leaving all of us still waiting when this fucking trophyless drought will finally end.

      • I even heard opinion of biggest expert of latino football in Poland that Argentina once were called “Germany of South America” since they represented much organised and calculated football as for SA. That was refered expecilly to times before 1978, also La Maquina and the times when Argentina could have snatch more international titles if not their difficult relations with FIFA and boycotting of WCs.

    • Well said mate Argentina should have won At least two world cup more and few caps But referee decision went against them No one can deny that..
      Either way I’m so happy to be Arg supporter.No country has proud traditions than albicelestes When it comes to football culture.

    • Vargas is hell of good player …
      I’m balance about when it comes the
      local young talent because the local media Overhype them bit too much sometimes. but i bet those will be hit… Nico Dominguez matias zaracho Martínez Quarta alexis mcallisterGaich thaigo almada And julian AlvarezEven thought people will doubt Alvarez but
      I saw something different from other
      Strikes… can play either sides or full 9I believe under Gallardo he will flourish .

  2. very happy for locelso with this move. best location in england for an argentine. also a champions league team but without media attention like Real or ManU where there is too much unnecessary pressure. Poch also good at developing talent. Looking forward to it.
    If Eriksen stays one more season and Gio ends up playing slightly behind him I think it will be best for us as in my opinion we need him to get better playing slightly deeper than attacking further up.