The return of the Quick News feature!


As stated several days ago, we are working on getting some things up and running on Mundo.

A returning feature is that of the Quick News section. What you would find in Quick News is just that, fast news. We have a widget on the right side of the page above the “Kudos” section which will display the latest news published in that section. But we also have the “Quick News” page which you can visit by clicking here.

This is a section which we are restarting to use, so do keep an eye out on it!

Another section which I am actually working on as we speak is that of the “Players” section. For those unfamiliar with the “Players” page, you will be able to find information regarding past and present National Team players. Information regarding their U17, U20, Olympics and Senior careers, be it number of matches played or goals scored.

That is also another section which I have been working on the past few days to revamp as there have been many new players which have bursted onto the scene recently.
As stated in the past, we’re working hard on continuing to improve Mundo and we hope you make this your only go-to place regarding the National Team!