Gonzalo HIGUAIN: “I’m more confident this year”


Gonzalo HIGUAIN and Erik LAMELA gave a press conference today following training.

Gonzalo HIGUAIN and Erik LAMELA took part in a press conference today. Here’s what they had to say:

Gonzalo HIGUAIN:
“My mind is focused on the Copa America. The Copa America’s going to be tough. But we intend on winning it. I’ll bring my best to achieve it.”

“When you come to the National Team, your head has to be in it 100%. We have a great team to win the Copa America. When one’s head is in a right place, everything else comes alone. This year I had the confidence which I didn’t have previously.”

“Every player who comes to the National Team has the pressure of not winning titles. We also have pressure at our clubs as well. The big number of matches in the season are felt. But wearing the Argentina shirt is a great motivator.”

“It’s a luxury playing with MESSI. And I’m still enjoying it. I hope the chemistry I have with him keeps going. We’ve reached 2 finals. We’ve done something right.”

“The Copa is another chance. Having reached two finals is being close. But we deserve to win it.”

Here’s what Erik LAMELA had to say:

“I’ll adapt to the position Martino wants me in. We want to have a good Copa America. The match against Honduras on Friday will serve as preperation for it.”

“I could play on the right but also played on the left and behind the number 9. The decision is up to Tata.”