Angel DI MARIA and PASTORE could make bench


As Argentina are preparing for their Copa America semi-final match on Tuesday, Tata MARTINO might be able to count on two additional players.

Reports in the media are that Angel DI MARIA will likely be fit enough to make the bench for Argentina. DI MARIA, who got injured against Panama, appears to have made a speedy recovery and could even see some minutes in the semi-finals.

The other player who could see the bench is Javier PASTORE. Some reports are stating that PASTORE could be fit enough to get some minutes in Argentina’s semi-final match.


    • I think if we can seal the victory early in the USA match, we should let Di Maria to play some minutes to warm up his legs for the final.

      If we run out of ideas or even losing (touch wood), we can try to play Di Maria too.

    • @Pappu: You’re a TROLL.First you wrote this;

      ”Argentina should be careful in defence at the time of opponent counter attack.. USA will create a big problem for messi and co.they r not a team like Bolivia Panama or Venezuela. They will give a tough fight for Martino’s men..they r physically more active than’ll be tough to beat klingsmen boys in semifinal.”

      This is the fun part;

      ”they r physically more active than Argentina”

      Panama is way more physical than the USA, Bradley physical? Beckerman physical?

      Isn’t it funny how you left out Chile off your list of teams Argentina already beaten in the tournament? 1. USA does not have a striker as good as Rondon from Venezuela. 2 Panama defeat USA at last year CONCACAF Gold Cup. 3 Argentina is playing as a team now, it’s not just about Di Maria or Messi.

      You were also trolling here before we played Venezuela. Go back to Bleacher Report with your drivel.

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