Tata Martino to decide on LAVEZZI or LAMELA


Hey everyone,

Tata Martino will have to decide on a replacement for Nicolas Gaitan who is not only suspended for the next game but is also injured.  He is apparently choosing between Erik Lamela and Ezequiel Lavezzi.   To me it’s hard to decide between these two amazing players.  Lamela has been playing very well for us but we all know how good Lavezzi is and everything he can do for us.  What do you guys think? Who would you pick?




  1. I believe lavezzi has the edge here with his more direct play…not forgetting his relentless nature albeit I foresee no issues here putting any of the two in the nxt fixture…tata should play who’s more comfortable on the left side…that person I believe is the more ideal choice

  2. I also prefer Lavezzi, at least for the 70 – 75 minutes or so. His work rate is very high and he would be an asset against a team like USA.

  3. Lavezzi with Messi cooperation was always great weapon against our opponents.
    Mostly the speed of them both and runs ripping apart defence of rival.

  4. Lavezzi is the better selection. Lamela is a better option coming off the bench than Lavezzi against the USMNT. Just like against Venezuela, Lamela will use his skill as a sub to torment the tire USMNT back-line. The team has to be smart on who starts and who stays on the bench. Aguero haven’t look himself in this tournament which makes is effectiveness off the bench a bit concerning. This is why you need Lamela skill and explosiveness coming off the bench. Having both Aguero and Lavezzi coming on as subs in the second half is way too one dimensional for my liking. Lavezzi is a matured safe selection against the USA, he will do the basic stuff rather than trying to overdo himself on the pitch.

  5. I Prefer Lamela,Please see England squad in last game in Euro,they change 50% of players with young one,but in Argentina TaTa still use old players,after Copa many these players must be omitted

    • I am sorry but i have to ask you that, are you joking?! Where do you get those complain from? England result was pathetic 0-0 even their full squad is pathetic aswell. Plus half of our squad can play next WC easily. England not half of a team what Argentina is IMO

  6. There are pros and cons to both.

    Lavezzi pros:

    -Tireless running
    -Much more international experience than Lamela
    -Defensive contribution is very high
    -Very good at crossing the ball
    -Lavezzi is right-footed so more convenient for cutting in from the left and shooting
    -Lavezzi has played a lot more on the left throughout his career than Lamela who plays mostly on the right for his club

    Lavezzi cons:

    -Finishing is pretty weak
    -Not a PK taker

    Lamela pros

    -Younger and probably in better shape than Lavezzi
    -Better dribbler than Lavezzi
    -Better finisher than Lavezzi
    -Excellent through balls
    -Defensive contribution as good as Lavezzi

    Lamela cons:

    -Lack of experience on the international level
    -Left footed, better suited for the right wing, IMHO and incidentally that’s where he spends most of the time playing for Spurs

  7. with Dimaria and Gaitan out, Lamela for the rest of this tournament is a key player right now for. So Martino needs to use him wisely because he is very versatile, technic, and strong.

  8. We can not underestimate USA at the same time they are not all that. I think so far Martino is doing an excellent job with game approach and tactic . I personally like how they combine possession, counterattack and ball recovering. Another good aspect in this team it’s that many players can score, Messi looks in shape and very sharp so far. hopefully they can continue with this energy and determination all the way.
    About lavezzi vs Lamela, I would rather start with lavezzi for playing more big games for Argentina than lamella and keep lamela as sub because he is more versatile, depending of the game that being played I could put for lavezzi as a midfield or striker because he is very strong, he can keep the ball and release at time and he can score.

  9. I have two opinions
    1st…start lamela and lavezi comes sometimes 70min….Lamela plays modern games and needs to play more minutes to create more alternatives beside messi,, unfortunate this reason is not favoring penalties shoot outs, lavezi looks timid in those scenarios
    2nd. Start Lavezi, and then 70 min sub with Lamela,,, Reason ,Lavezi too much run will already make opponents tired by 70 min and this will probably saves messi’s energy…cases against this point : Its been predictable style when messi and lavezi play together when playing for more time

  10. I think that lavezi has that big game experiance but lamela has that element of surprise in his style that you do not know what is he going to do so much talent. Maybe use both in 2 tempos

  11. And I would go with Lamela over Lavezzi. Doesn’t Lamela offer everything that Lavezzi does plus he can actually score some goals? I’ve never seen Lavezzi very good at shooting.

  12. This game is going to be close to home, in fact It IS HOME.
    I have a lot of people going against me, cousins, close friends, co-workers…..A looooong list.


    • I have the same with my wife. She is a diehard US fan and considers me a traitor. I also hope to have a smile on my face when the game is done, but I’ll have to hide it so she doesn’t get too mad.

  13. Honestly, both played well and I’m so happy to see Lamela slowly becoming the player we all wished him to be, either one is ok with me, slight edge for the kid though.

    Unlike the last 2 Copas and 2 WCS, Argentina this time around has no problem scoring in all thier 4games, unlike THE STRUGGLE to score Just one in the mentioned tournaments.
    Messi would have sold one of his kids to score one in last year’s Copa, has 4 already, El Pipita ….need I say more.
    I just want Kun to get on with it because we deserve to see the player Man City sees week in and week out.

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