Rumor of Tata stepping down after Copa America


There’s a rumor going around that Tata MARTINO will no longer be the coach of the National Team after the Copa America.

According to Fox Sports in Argentina, win or lose, Tata MARTINO will step down as coach after the Copa America. Only Fox Sports is reporting this as I can’t find any other media outlet which is talking about.

Tata was promised the U20 job shortly after taking over but he never got it. Also, he has not gotten paid in months. There’s also a big fiasco going on between FIFA, AFA and the Argentina government and there is a possibility of the AFA getting disaffiliated with FIFA.

It’s all a big mess. I’m not saying Tata will or won’t quit, as it is just one media outlet reporting it but if he does, one cannot blame him. The entire situation is bad.


  1. Tata is replaceable and I’ll be happy to win and see him leave. I can only see Argentina getting stronger with a better tactician coach especially if we win tonight.

  2. This is what happen when you work without pay. Tata is probably getting a lot of big money offers from across Europe and Asia. I wouldn’t be surprise if Tata is the new Valencia F.C manager. The AFA is corrupt and run by a group of greedy mobsters. Messi doesn’t really say anything but when you hear him come out against the AFA this past week you know it’s really getting bad. Tata is finally settling down, now he will possible leave the NT and Argentina will start from scratch again, losing games just to implement the new coach tactics. After the Copa, Argentina will be in a very crucial stage for the 2018 WCQ. Argentina lack continuity and that’s why we will always find it hard to succeed at the world cup. Sabella got us to a final, he is out. Tata got us now to two straight finals and he is possible out too. What in the world is going on?

    • I will be very disappointed if that is true. I think Tata philosophy was just started to work and players understood the idea and i was loving the team improving in every game in copa step by step. Despite all hate towards him here and all the Dybala love i still think Tata’s section was way better than Maradona,Batista,Sabella. I hate to see Argentina changes coach like they changing clothes. Than new coach comes and give new ideas and players takes time to adjust and shiit like that. Otherday someone was saying German has young talent and that’s why they did this or that but i wanted to say their young players most of them are overrated and it’s not young players gave them trophy it was consistent what made them World Champion.

      • Jason, i agree. I can’t remember when is the last time we have a coach, who managed Argentina both in Copa America & World Cup. Sabella, Batista, Maradona, Basille, Pekerman….all resigned after finishing 1 big tournament!

        AFA is a joke of an organization.

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