Marcelo BIELSA leaves Lazio


Marcelo BIELSA has left as coach of Lazio.

Two days after joining Lazio, Marcelo BIELSA has left his position as head coach of the club. According to reports in the media, BIELSA had asked for players to be brought into the club but upon signing with them, he had discovered that Lazio had not even made contact with the other clubs regarding the players.


  1. There is 50/50 chance on Bielsa to be back again only some of the corrupt AFA people get change. Ofcourse many of us not wanting him to be back but looking at the situation he is best out there. And i think he passed and spend his fare share with club football at this age (my opinion). Plus he has something to prove like all the current players does and so will be new AFA. So it’s a path of redemption for Argentina football now. If you compare bad and good about Bielsa. Let’s see bad first.
    *He is stubborn as hell
    *He is crazy and ego maniac
    *Bad experience with NT before

    *He has ton of experience. No wonder they call him library of football knowledge
    *He plays attacking football
    *He break down every single details of the game and use it
    *To get the best out of our STARS we need guy like him
    *He won’t be a puppet of AFA
    (WAY IN IF MISS ANY POINT IN bad/good)
    Yes he failed and i still think 2002 was unlucky for us. There is so many examples of World football that failure made big success. I know there won’t be any answer if anyone ask me that he failed before and why now. I can say like others you won’t find anyone right now that can guarantee us a trophy. So if we wanna play blind game than why not someone we know and actually will bring out true Argentine football what belong to us. I am NOT FANBOY of his but at the moment he is best option if he willing to take the job. I will share some video and that’s why i like him most for NT because our Argentine players forgot what real football is. They became European playing all the European league and sinking into fame and money. Only this guy can bring out best out of every player

  2. I don’t know about the rest of you but I honestly cant wait to watch ARGENTINA play in the Olympics.

    2weeks exactly to date since that great disappointment and I’m already ready for another fight.

    • I don’t think i will watch. I just monitoring AFA situation and our next coach. This guys need to make move fast because we have 2 hard WCQ coming next

  3. Looks like Bielsa is not considered for Argentina NT…
    But was nice to read many posts and opinions on ‘the professor’

  4. I would like to watch him again in the dugout of NT. He may not succeeded in his last two club football but let analyse his overall performance with A. Bilbao and OM. In both clubs the 1st half of the season his teams performed in a exceptional level. He did it with limited resources. Before him A. Bilbao was a mid table team but he transformed the team as to beat. Same as OM. But what happened in the end of the season? teams performances are declining. Why? because of his high voltage all out possession based style. In which the team like these two clubs were not well balanced and enriched bench. As a result at the end of the season, his team became tired and could not deliver result.

    My gut feeling is like that, he can deliver result now on for NT like Argentina caliber. Because we have world class players with each and every position with much more alternatives. With his philosophy of high pressing game, there is little chances of tiredness of players because we have to play only 6-7 matches to win a cup. On the other hand, he can give us the beauty of Argentine football.

    • Gonzalo.
      River are pursuing Ivan Rossi when they already have Arzura. Either they are not confident with Arzura or Rossi must be so good.
      They also want Santi Rosales.
      What is happening with Brian Fernandes? When is his suspension over? He was rated so highly when Racing bought him.
      Speaking of highly rated, what has happened to Gaspar Iniguez?
      Cavallero of Estudiantes was rated highly when at Argentines. How is his progress now?

      • Exactly, what for Rossi in River when they have already Arzura (simile type of player) and Gallardo can’t do good use of former Tigre leader. It’s wasteful.
        I really don’t like Gallardo and his prone to buy and use veterans.

        Brian Fernandez was suspended a year and a half if I remember rightly. Yes, he impressed me too.

        You read in my thoughts. I just thought about Gaspar Iniguez, Where he is? Udinese, Carpi? He represented Argentina junior teams and shouldn’t be overlooked.

        Cavallaro also was a part in Argentina U-20 2013 (the same team as Kranevitter, Vietto, Cartabia, Ruiz, Lanzini, Gianetti, Magallan, Lucas Romero, Centurion…). He was best offensive Estudiantes player near the end of last season. His goal against Godoy… And look at his goal in last night friendly against Universidad de CHile.

  5. i do not know why people blame Tata. while i am not a fan of him but he managed to reach two successive finals. the man did his job well and we should thank him for his effort.
    people should understand that this is football and in the world of football , teams are expose to loss. brazil stayed for almost 20 years with no single major trophy and then after 1994 , they managed to win not less than 5 major trophies.
    winning trophies depends on 3 important factors. coaching , players and of course destiny. Bielsa is one of the best coaches ever to grace the football world and you stil find people blame him for early exit in 2002. at that time france – beside argentina – was a favourite to win the title but they were also knocked out in the group stage. is that because Roger lemerre was a stupid manager ? no of course , but this is football. these unexpected crazy events are what make football so great.
    Argentina withi Bielsa have played the best attractive offensive football at that time. they were beasts and every team in the world was fearing to play against them.
    Bielsa may failed once but he is a worthy of another chance and this is my opinio

  6. France’z Greizmann and Portugal’z Renato Sanchez are shining for their respective countries and adding a new new dimension… whereas Argentina’z Dybala was at home watching the Argentine matches on TV… what a stupidity from a already dumb coach… we lost making history…
    Adding salt to the bruise… all these mess at AFA.
    Forget 2018… and hope someday sometime.

  7. Really bad time for Argentina and Messi… already many are laughing at us in neutral countries…
    Now the hashtag support from Barcelona has made the whe world laugh and get mad at us… whew…
    Whats happening?
    Actually Lionel Messi doesn’t deserve this…

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      • Very true… v used to have the unread messages ‘numbers’ earlier…
        shikes nobody listens to us… not AFA… not Mundoalbiceleste.

        • Chalz, I don’t appreciate the comments about nobody listening to you guys.

          We are working very hard behind the scenes to do as many things as possible also while keeping up with all the news.

          As we keep saying, changes are going to keep coming.

          Thank you.

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        • Hi Roy, thanks. Still I have to scan all the way down to find such comments. The new theme looks good to me but the hierarchy of comments made it hard to follow.

    • 😂😂😂😂
      Made my day. Like i said and few others said too,regarding the matter we are suck at choosing NT coach and alot not available and don’t think Bielsa isn’t bad at all. Highly respected coach and players will think twice before they do something stupid(that cartoon says all). Plus all of the talented attacking fire power we have (young) he can utilise it i believe.

      Vote for Veron/Zanetti
      Vote for Bielsa

  9. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

    There isn’t much time between now and the next qualifiers and I hope they hire him or any other competent manager if there are any out there SOON.

  10. For me, you can’t measure the greatness of a coach based only on what he won. I’ll give you an example.

    Alejandro Sabella. We reached a World Cup final with him but he didn’t win it. But it’s not just that. Sabella brought major stability which was much needed to the team. The team was an absolute disaster when he took charge. But within a year, we were pretty much world beaters. He brought organization, a game plan and a way of playing which was a breath of fresh air after two managers who were clueless. And on top of that, we actually reached a final of the World Cup after 24 years.

    In the end, Sabella will be remembered by many as someone who reached a World Cup final. Fair enough. But for me, he’ll be remembered as someone who brought some sort of structure to a team in dire need of it. Imagine if Tata took over after Batista instead of Sabella. Obviously we will never know what happened but I highly doubt Argentina would have reached a World Cup final.

    Bielsa has left his own legacy in the world of football. Through coaches. Bielsa was the first coach Pep went to go see after he got his coaching license and spent an entire day with him in Argentina learning. Without Bielsa, Chile doesn’t win 2 Copa America’s. Without Bielsa, Argentina doesn’t win a goal medal and introduce a player like Mascherano to the National Team at such an early age.

    Pizzi (who I’ve never rated and will never rate as a coach) just won a Copa America. But I’d take Bielsa a thousand times before even considering taking Pizzi as a coach.

    We all have our own opinions and that’s great. But I think we sometimes get lost in thinking only about trophies and not planning for the future.

    • Well said Roy.
      I once heard someone said,”Bielsa is a library of football knowledge”. Bielsa working and coaching is famous,unique than others in world football. He is a great tactician. Many would argue why didn’t any big clubs hire him? Simply is that he is stubborn and very fierce individual. If you guys follow football than obviously you know about him. But i hardly consider he will be our next coach. AFA still in mess and long process to get out from the mess. First need to sort out AFA.(Does anyone knows anything happening recently because i am off the radar for now. Please update any news about AFA)
      However my vote is YES for Bielsa simply because i miss that Argentine small passes big move and attacking football. I did hope alot but win nothing even wanted to win by ugly play but win nothing! So i wanna ENJOY now no more hope or expection(lie)

    • Bielsa’s trophy drought is not the only negative thing about him. Besides, who’s suggesting Pizzi here? Pizzi owns his recent Copa title more to Martino than his own merit. Had Martino more guts and brain to stick to offensive football and doesn’t limit his own team with wrong line-up and poor subs Argentina could easily finish off Chile in the regular time. Not only in this final, but the last year’s final as well. This post is just about mixing everything up to give Bielsa extra credit again. Now Mascherano is a product of Bielsa too? Chile’s last Copa wins is Bielsa’s recipe as well? Without Bielsa Argentina doesn’t win a gold medal? The one that Batista has won belongs to Bielsa again?

      • You completely missed my point.

        Since people were talking about how Bielsa never won a senior trophy, I was mentioning how Pizzi did but I would still take Bielsa over him. For me, trophies aren’t everything to a coach. Did you not read my first paragraph?

        I’m not suggesting Bielsa to the NT. He would not be my first pick nor second or maybe even third. He had his chance and he’s too stubborn for me.

        All I’m saying is some coaches can get recognized for not winning a trophy either. Hence my Sabella statements.

        • “Since people were talking about how Bielsa never won a senior trophy, I was mentioning how Pizzi did but I would still take Bielsa over him”


        • And as I said Bielsa’s trophy drought is not the only thing which people against hiring him hold against him, but it’s a collective issue . You just went on and singled out “that one aspect” and ditched all the other issues in order to relate it to Sabella and other coaches’ lack of trophies (or winning trophies) and then make conclusions that having Bielsa back is not as bad as some people say (again because of that one single excuse!). This is where you are missing the points. Bielsa’s issue is way more than his lack of trophies and I’m sure you are well aware of it.

          And the way you went on and gave him even more credit for someone’e else success, I just could do the same and credit Pekerman for many more due to his untouchable success with the U20 teams. Except that we don’t see any massive wave of Pekerman’s fanboys coming here and praising him like some sort of God. It’s only “that guy” which keeps getting credits no matter what. Your piece just served that purpose once again.

          • Pekerman’s youth teams served the foundation for the National Team in the early 2000’s up until he left (and with Tocalli there, even more). I’m not taking anything away from Pekerman and I’m actually a massive fan of his (thoug he has a lot of problems, just like Bielsa).

            I already said Bielsa is stubborn and would not be my choice. Bielsa is very difficult to work with and extremely stubborn. He refuses to change his ways even if he knows he will lose. That’s one of the many reasons I wouldn’t want him coaching Argentina.

            My point about Bielsa having a hand in Chile’s success is because he laid the blueprint for them. Once he left, Borghi took over (failed miserably). After that came Sampaoli who built on what Bielsa was working on. And then Pizzi inherited that team (not doing a good job despite winning the Copa). Before Bielsa, Chile had no plan, no organizing, nothing.

            You’ve been here long enoguh to see the Pekerman “fan boys” out in full swing before. Only reason not many (or anyone) are mentioning him now is because he’s at Colombia and the topic at hand is Bielsa (since he’s “free”).

            At the end of the day, I highly doubt Bielsa takes the job and would go as far as saying it would be a massive shock if he did.

            You said “then make conclusions that having Bielsa back is not as bad as some people say”. I never said that.

  11. Chile success isn’t all goes to Sampaoli or this current guy. I think it won’t be unfair to say Bielsa hold a great fair of share what Chilean doing today. He is great tactician but he is bit stubborn i agree. Plus 2002WC was literally unfortunate for us i believe. I want Zanetti or Veron to get AFA Presidency first. Later whoever will come i think will be better anyway. Plus you guys who has tweeter account or fb or you guys writing any newspaper make sure your voice goes to FIFA or Veron or Zanetti to support them for a candidate of higher role in AFA. Otherwise after one year MUNDO won’t even exist as Argentina football in crisis

  12. I don’t think it is a bad option considering all dumb move we made to hire a coach. I believe in second chance atleast for him (No Diego or Batista). If he learned something from last time and let go his ego and crazyness than i think he will do great. BUT knowing him i would say that he is tough and very hard person to hire now for AFA at the moment.

  13. At this point beggers cant be choosers. Bielsa might be good for us considering the richness in offensive players we have due to his attack or die mindset. my opinion is we lost all these finals due to overly defensive midfields, isolating our forwards, relying on dribbling and errors instead of creating chances as a team, over and over and over. I personally preffer a defense first and counter game like Sabella or Simeone, but all modes are valid with the right coach and the right players. I say bring it!

    • So did we lose three finals because our midfield was overly defensive or get to three finals because our midfield was overly defensive ?! Both are true but the missing exponent was dimaria. With our defensive midfield, with two holding midfield players, biglia and mascherano, dimaria pace as attacking mid led the counter but in the 3 finals angel was absent or not 100%. (He shouldn’t have started in the ’16 Final.)

      • we got to w/c 14 playing defensive but we got to the 2 copa finals playing attacking but bone head tata for both finals changed the plan and went defensive for both finals.
        attacking all tournament an looking great but then defensive for both finals and looked crap-well done tata

      • 2 defensive midfielders is fine, but playing Banega along with both Biglia and Masch is retarded. Banega as much as he can contribute to the enganche role, is at heart a DM and at best a CM. Both Biglia and Masch are central DM players. This resulted in zero width, a flat midfield where all 3 roamed inline of each other near the center circle, no movement, slooooow since Banega and Biglia are not speedy and most importantly, Banega simply did not crash into the box offensively leaving huge empty space and Higuain alone with no one to play back to, Banega did this both because he doesnt have the temperament (he prefers to start attacks not end them) and because he has no stamina / is lazy to cover 50 or more yards every play. it put all the attacking pressure on DiMaria (who sucked due to being an ego maniac and hurt), Higuain who got zero service inside the box and Messi who had to try and dribble 6 chileans every play.

        we where balanced and multidimensional when we had real wingers (Lamela, Lavezzi and Gaitan) a deep DM (mach) and a more mobile DM/CM (agusto). this way the ball found our forwards in 1v1 deep positions and not triple marked.

        I think Tata did a respectable job, but he is a big flop with how hr fielded a defensive team vs Chile. I feel the same way about Sabella in the final, too cautious, especially when he subbed Lavezzi.

    • leandro: you have hit the nail on the head with “beggars cant be choosers” this is the reality Argentina are in, I don’t want bielsa back but the options are not good, the is zero chance of sim or pocc and all of the rest are bigger gambles. their is no money and its hardly a good selling point to try to get in a new manager.

      I can see it all ready in the jobs wanted adds

      “n/t job with no 1 nation in the world, pay is poor if at all, job is stressful, long hours and extremely high expiations, failure is not an option or you will face the mundo Albiceleste team and they are most unforgiving at the best of times”

  14. Gaston Del Castillo (Independiente), younger brother of Aguero, is near to new Serie A team – Crotone. I saw the kid. He has something to offer.

  15. Why some people still want to manipulate and distort the truth when talking: Bielsa won nothing with NT.

    Won nothing?

    He won qualifiers with great style. We were No.1 of FIFA ranking in a moment (if I remember rightly). He won Olimpic Games with great style. He almost won Copa with great style. His team on Copa was not as Martino bored and full of stars. That was extremaly young unexperienced team that played all tournament with lovely style. It’s no mean feat to make team like that with such players.
    Bielsa improve his mistakes from WC 2002.

    Now look how poor was Argentina team just less than one year later after Bielsa rest. They lost final of Confederation Cup against Brazil 1:4 with Riquelme and Aimar.

  16. i wouldn’t mind bielsa at all.. he is a good upgrade over tata…. he isn’t afraid to bring young blood and kick them old legs out of the team…

  17. My vote would be for bielsa to return…he’s such an intelligent tactian who made 3-5-2 famous at that time( which ws later plagiarized by many successful coaches in the world )…

    lets not forget that he even won the world’s best coach award in 2001/2002 while coaching argentina…

    Anyone one of u guys who actually watched the sweden game( last 2002 wc group stage game) would knw hw unlucky were we…can NEVER forgive claudio lopez for the string of clear cut chances that he missed

  18. Oh no not him again. Hes had his chance x2 for the n.t and if we look at his club record in the last few years.
    he is not the manager to take the n.t forward.

      • Found a two-day old tweet by a certain Roy Nemer of MundoAlbiceleste:

        “Marcelo Bielsa signs with Lazio. That’s that. Love him and wish him all the best (just wish it was a different club).”

        Eric Cantona: “I can not stand Marseille much, but I like Bielsa. I think he has charisma, a character. He has a personality, he knows the football”

    • Sir Alex Ferguson: “I admire the work of Marcelo Bielsa”

      Pep Guardiola: “Bielsa could manage any team in the world”. The team he takes he makes better. And that obviously includes Barça.”

      Johan Cruyff in 2010 “Marcelo Bielsa’s Chile played the most attractive football in this World Cup.”

      Laurent Blanc in 2014: “Bielsa has done a great job with Athletic Bilbao. It is a very good coach, he is a strong character. He had the results with Bilbao that he has now with Marseille. ”

      Overrated, eh? You obviously know better…

        • Javier “El Tractor” Zanetti: ““I learnt the fundamental values of football from Bielsa. Marcelo always knew how to improve his players, to bring out the best in you, judging him from his trophies is wrong”.

          Sabella also only won one trophy as far as I know, you seem to like hime quite a bit though, no?

        • A Team does not win just by getting a good need a good team combination..

          If we go back and get Bilardo or Menotti to coach current argentine team, there is no guarantee, they would bring the world cup…

          • There is a guarantee with Bielsa EnganChe: Argentina won’t win shit. And hiring him makes Argentines an even bigger fool; that they never learn from the past.

      • Yep. All these quotes to prove he is really something special, yet in fact no top club wants to hire this guy.

        • Chainsaw, from you avatar I’m guessing you are a big fan of Roberto Ayala, right? So if Cruyff’s, Guardiola’s, Ferguson’s, Blanc’s, Cantona’s and Zanetti’s opinions count for nothing, how about Roberto “El Raton” Ayala’s point of view?

          Interviewer: “Most players that have been trained by Bielsa consider him the best coach, why is that?”

          Ayala: ” Why? Precisely because Marcelo brings the best out of you, both physically and psychologically, he touches the fibers that others have failed to reach before, with few words”.

          For the time being though, you can remain calm, so far there is no indication that Bielsa is actually going to take over 🙂

          • EnganChe, literally everything that you bring in defence of Bielsa is in words and quotes. And it is not only your thing. Basically the whole herd of Bielsa fanboys are like this. And that’s where Bielsa’s greatness reach its momentum: in words and quotes. Personally I rather trust my own eyes and make judgements base on what I’ve seen from what this guy has achieved on the football field. I don’t base my oponion on bunch of he said/she said quotes, and I suggest you to do the same. Bielsa’s record speak for itself. We don’t need to make fairytales. After all we are talking about football here, not books and stories.

        • Chainsaw, that was not just he said/she said nonsense, those are either players coached by Bielsa or his opponents that faced him on a regular basis, most are accomplished in the world of football. While your suggestions to trust your owns eyes and judgement is a no-brainer, football experts’ opinion (i.e. former players’ and coaches’ that have been in contact with Bielsa one way or another) is very relevant. Otherwise, Ayala and Zanetti are fools for saying what they said.

          Look, I don’t expect you to like Bielsa and everybody is obviously entitled to their opinion, etc but you make it seem like Bielsa possibly taking over the national team is the worst tragedy that could ever happen to Argentina. Maradona, on the other hand, was a disaster.

          Moreover, you seem to suggest that whoever disagrees with you on this is a complete moron. If that’s the case, that would include your beloved Ayala, among many other distinguished players and managers.

          • Yeah, I am sorry if I think someone who suggest Bielsa to take the Argentina job AGAIN, after he’s already been at the helm for 6 years and won nothing, and beside that left us with an embarrassing exist in the group stage of the WC is not thinking very straight. All the comments that I read from Bielsa fanboys are emotional nonsense, and bunch of quotes from some famous players and coaches, like it means anything! Even funnier thing is reading some of his Argentine fanboys comments which believe they are the ones who understand football, and those who don’t want Bielsa only care about the results! They are the ones who are acting all almighty and above those who disagree with their fanblyism nonsense. Me? I simply don’t consider the NT job my own territory that want to shove my own favorite at the helm, specially when my favorite has already screwed up and won nada in his previous spell. Bielsa is not only a stubborn coach and obsessed guy with his own way, his fiery character shows he is not the man to be trusted AGAIN for such a delicate job!

        • Chainsaw, Bielsa has his flaws, all people and coaches do. You know what the real problem is, your attitude. If all of a sudden a large group of Mundo posters asked for Maradona to come back, I would probably think to myself they went mad but would refrain from publicly insulting people for expressing their opinion, no matter how outrageous it may seem.

          As for famous players, Ayala and Zanetti are both Argentine legends, neither of whom by the way won a World Cup and yet one’s face somehow adorns your avatar. Both were coached by Bielsa so would you consider for a second that they might actually know what they are talking about?

          Record is not everything, look at Ranieri, his was mediocre but he eventually accomplished seemingly impossible, given a chance.

          Anyway, I’m done with this, I know, Bielsa sucks, anyone who dares to think otherwise is an idiot, etc. As I said before, so far he is not at the helm, so you should not lose any sleep over it.

          • My attitude is fine, thank you. It just gets a bit riled up when people try to overrate a whale to the level of God. Sorry if I can’t stop the jibes when shits like this happen.

    • At least he won the 2004 Olympic before he leave NT last time, if I am not wrong. So giving him a chance got nothing much to complain about. Though I am not a fan of Bielsa, I can’t complain much. His only weakness is over offensive.

      For me I would prefer Bielsa over Sampoli.

  19. We are spoilt for choices even for a coach which is God’s Blessing on Argentina… wow… should i name them?… nah… you already know them… but simply something is wrong that we always loose or not world beaters…
    A renewed Pekerman and Tocalli to return is the news i want to hear…
    A repented Bielsa to return is the news i want to hear…
    But 2018 is a far away dream… with such a mess around i personally feel Argentina should forget about it… just play the game… so someday sometime… Argentina will win by the Grace of God and that day we will get to rejoice.

  20. Yesterday Pogba played as second DM (nominally) along Matuidi. So why not to play Lanzini box to box midfielder as partner for Ascacibar. I saw him playing like that in Wes Ham. Lenzini defensively is enough good. It’s rather about his height (Martinez is very tall). I mean as less devensive variant at least:

    …Correa……..Lo Celso…….J.Correa

    or more defensive:

    …Correa……..Lo Celso…..Lanzini

    • I think if it’s 4-2-3-1 (with a double pivot) in addition to a more conservative defensive midfielder, there needs to be a more dynamic box-to-box presence on the field (a la Rakitic, Vidal, Marchisio, Nainggolan, Yaya Toure, etc). I think Lanzini has the characteristics to play that role.

  21. Wait a sec, didn’t he do the same thing in France recently?

    Anyway, I hope we get the GOOD side of him if he chooses to manage The Albiceleste.

    • I would imagine it depends on your contract. If he is free to leave under the terms and they didn’t meet their commitment, then yes. Not enough info.

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