Numbers released for Argentina Olympic squad


The numbers have been released for the Argentina Olympic squad.

As expected, Geronimo RULLI gets the number 1 shirt as the starting goalkeeper. As for the rest of the squad, here they are:

1. Geronimo RULLI
2. Lautaro GIANNETTI
3. Alexis SOTO
4. Jose Luis GOMEZ
5. Lucas ROMERO
6. Victor CUESTA
7. Manuel LANZINI
8. Santiago ASCACIBAR
9. Jonathan CALLERI
10. Angel CORREA
11. Giovanni SIMEONE
12. Axel WERNER
13. Joaquin ARZURA
14. Giovanni LO CELSO
15. Lisandro MAGALLAN
16. Leandro VEGA
17. Mauricio MARTINEZ
18. Cristian ESPINOZA

Back-up players:
19. Cristian PAVON
20. Nicolas TRIPICHIO
21. Martin BENITEZ
22. Luis UNSAIN


  1. Lucas Romero with No.5? Strange. Ascacibar is No.5 par excellence. Lucas Romero is more No.8.

  2. Numbers don’t necessarily always correspond to their traditional roles but still I’ve would have thought that Lo Celso would have been a number 10 and Correa a number 7 for example

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