Edgardo BAUZA in Barcelona for MESSI and MASCHERANO


Edgardo BAUZA has landed in Barcelona ahead of talks with the two captains.

New Argentina National Team coach Edgardo BAUZA is in Barcelona to speak to Lionel MESSI and Javier MASCHERANO. BAUZA commented upon landing in Barcelona. Here’s what he had to say:

“The sensations are good. I’m not here (in Barcelona) to convince MESSI of anything. But Leo can tell me about his frustrations. I can express to MESSI my ideas regarding Argentina so he can feel comfortable and see if he decides to change retirement decision. I am in Barcelona to have chat with MESSI and MASCHERANO. At some point in next 48 hours, we will meet up”


  1. come back messi.millions of bangladeshi fans are with you.In bangladesh more than 50% people love argentina’s football and messi.we bangladeshi, are eagerly waiting for U when U come back???

  2. I feel that Bauza will be the coach that will erase the curse of not winning trophies. Regarding the comeback of messi, i have the feeling that he will be back for the next qualifiers,..he is not quitter..he said that because he was frustrated..

    Hope i am right…

    Vamos Argentina

  3. bauza is certainly saying the right words no matter what the football subject but as they say actions speak higher them words so only time will tell were he really is.

  4. Well..First i am not convinced with Barsa winning the league this year..they are not able to get a backup striker..and their defense in shambles..they still have Mussachio available in the market to strenghten if they want..i am not sure Messi will play this year nor Barsa would allow messi to play even if Messi agrees…

    This would be more of Bauza saying to Messi..the National Team door is always open for you..

    • Not Moses but Joshua that led the people of Israel to The Promised Land…
      Sometimes ‘our’ choice will not lead us unto victory but the least could be the one…
      Hence lets all as ever hope… Bauza is the one to lead us on…

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