Match Highlights: HIGUAIN double, Angel CORREA, OTAMENDI, more


Gonzalo HIGUAIN and Angel CORREA were the two Argentine goalscorers in Europe on Saturday.

Gonzalo HIGUAIN is living up to his price tag for Juventus as he scored twice in their 3-1 win against Sassuolo. Paulo DYBALA had an assist on the first goal while the second was a volley from inside the area.

Angel CORREA got off the mark for the season in Atletico’s 4-0 dismantling of Celta.

Nicolas OTAMENDI had a monster performance for Manchester City in their 2-1 win of the Manchester derby. Pablo ZABALETA came on for the last few minutes of the match. Manchester City coach Pep GUARDIOLA praised OTAMENDI after the match saying:

“People see Otamendi and think he’s just a character in the air heading but today he gave a lesson with the ball.”

Nicolas Otamendi Manchester City
Nicolas Otamendi’s statistics against Manchester United

After the match, OTAMENDI posted the following on Instagram:

“6 points, three from the match and three in my eyebrow” reads the captain by OTAMENDI.

Elsewhere, Javier MASCHERANO played the full 90 minutes and was at fault for two goals in Barcelona’s 2-1 loss against Alaves. Lionel MESSI came on as a substitute in the second half for the league champions. Cristian ESPINOZA came on as a substitute for the winners.

Erik LAMELA came on as a substitute and played 35 minutes for Tottenham in their 4-0 win against Stoke City.

Mateo MUASCCHIO played the full 90 minutes in Villarreal’s 2-0 win against Malaga.

Gonzalo HIGUAIN’s first goal:

Gonzalo HIGUAIN’s second goal:

Angel CORREA’s goal:


  1. lavezzi clear cut chance gicven to higuain wc 2014 HE WAS RUNNING OFF SIDE THERE WAS NO NEED TO BE OFF SIDE THE CROSS WAS PERFECT



    the worst of the lot was copa just gone no excuse for that miss other than he said to himself IM GOING TO MISS
    guys a punk





  3. Juventus player ratings on espn worth reading and notable and only note to take in is the one for dybala.” FW Paulo Dybala, 7 — Has to be labelled as one of the best investments ever made by the club. The Argentine was central to every attack, driving the team forward and providing the passes and assist to ensure maximum points. Could be a little more selfish.

    • The KID is the real deal and everybody whether they admit it or not, knows it. Him playing along side puffy cheeks should improve both their games but lets how that benefits ARGENTINA.

  4. None will offset Hig misses,forsure. Pratto is working his ass off zan any of our strikers had combined to date. Zey were all lazy, save Tevez tbh. Even Icardi won’t be zat useful considering the extra role Bauza is assigning the #9.

    How is Maschie our undisputable #5 is still beyond acceptable. This clearly shows how the youth is failing to produce prudent talents to compete with any of the old guys in midfield. I know he is a beast and will continue to be for the coming 1 or 2 yrs but overrelying on such overaged player who is playing a lot of matches for his age is not sane at all. Biglia was supposed yo take him over than being his partner in the pivotal duos.

  5. This is the problem with most football fans, one day you’re a hero the next day you’re villain. I mean, we all know Masche is world class, so why question is quality? These clubs play like 37 league game a season, do you think every time a player set foot on a pitch he is always going to give a 10/10 or 8/10 performance? These players are human beings not programmed robots. I always notice whenever Barcelona lose a game it’s always some one fault on the team and no credit is given to the winning team.

    The Venezuela game is the perfect example, Argentina got a point away from home and some people make it seems like the team lost after coming back from two goals down to pull even in the game.The players could have easily given up and hang their heads down but instead they showed character and fought back to earn a point. Argentina faced a much improved Venezuela, the post Copa Venezuela team is better than the pre Copa America team, so getting a point was a fair result given the circumstance of the game. Romero did nothing wrong on any of the goals yet people said he should be drop. None of the goals Venezuela score were savable.

    I keep on reading how Higuain is a choker, yea, how many chances did the midfield or wingers created for Higuain to score at the World Cup and Copa? A big ZERO. Higuain chance against Germany was because of an unforced error by Toni Kroos (if I’m not mistaken) and apart from that, the team didn’t create anything for Higuain to latch onto. The same against Chile, Higuain had to force a mistake on the Chile defender which led to Argentina best chance over 120 minutes. If Higuain was getting countless of chances in these finals and missing then you could make the case for why he is a choker, but this is not the case.

    Argentina need midfielders like Toni Kroos and Khedeira who are good in the final third of the pitch. Most of Argentina goals are always from some form of individual effort by either Messi, Higuain, Di Maria etc. The coach need to drop one of the extra defensive mid from the team, it’s either he start Masche or Biglia, but starting both adds nothing to the team going forward. Our youth teams are failing us, the 2016 Olympic team should have at least provided Argentina with two promising midfield players who could transition right into the senior team but this wasn’t the case. This was a tradition that always benefited the Argentina senior team going back to the 1996 Atlanta Olympic football tournament. Until Argentina fix the midfield the team will always depend on scraps to score goals in finals like the chance they had against Germany and Chile. Look at Chile now, I doubt they will qualify for the 2018 World Cup.

    • Couldn’t agree more on this one, people hate Higuain for missing a single chance in important matches yet the over look the fact that his teammates do not feed him enough. Here you are talking football here now. I’m one of the few people here looking forward to see Messi, Dybala and Higuain leading the attack. Yes Mundo say what you want. I’m looking at what is developing at Juventus right now not the past. Higuain and Dybala are going to be teammates if they become a successful partnership as I think they would, no real coach will look into history or fans’ emotions to try them out. So at one point we are bound to see Dybala and Higuain together for the NT. Di Maria and Aguero are still useful quality players. Just because they were not used to their strengths by a coach who lives in his bubble, I must ignore their football abilities’? Hell No. Life has taught me a few football lessons e.g. Palermo missed 3 penalties in one match but came to rescue Argentina’s 2010 campaign.

      Now to the midfield, before the COPA I mentioned we need mobile players like Lanzini over Banaga? You rubbished my comment by saying Banega plays for bigger clubs and Lanzini is nobody who plays for small West Ham. Then I made the Payet comparison. Anyway, that’s irrelevent now.
      I’m sure you by now see that Banega is a good player but him and Biglia are the reason why the midfield lacks balance because the lack mobility. Right now we don’t have the Khediras and the Krooses, but we have soldiers like Lanzini, Enzo, Perreyra, Agusto, even Di Maria who’s being wasted at LW/LF etc who may not be good passers like Banega but have the legs and lungs to press, cover spaces and add numbers in attack swiftly and may score 1 or 2 goals themselves. Banega and Biglia are definitely not in that category but we need them to defend leads against strong opponents. Against Uruguay before Dybala’s redcard, the play was fluid and there was no Banega. Biglia was there. Of course we saw it looked liked vs Venezuela. In this case the midfield personnel has to change drastically.

    • Fully agree. We keep asking for forwards individual brillance, when what *WINS* is solid teamwork and creating bulk chances at goal.

      The fact that the NT has very little time together, makes starting club team mates VERY smart, Spain and Germany winning teams had many club partnerships. Instant chemistry.

      I am exited to see Dybala and Higuain synch at Juve. a Dybala Pipita Messi attack is any countries fantasy. What we need most is a killer midfield!!

      We need minimum 3 well rounded, hard working, athletic and legitimate scoring threats in midfield to get the ball to our attack.. atleast!!! 5 times a half. Anything less is asking too much of the forwards, of Messi and of luck.

      A team that wins the ball, controls midfield and puts it dangerously in the box.. with the beast forwards we have.. has an excellent chnace of winning. Last 3 finals the seevice up front was non existant.

      Look at Barca, you shut down Messi.Ney.Suar and Busquets or Iniesta or Turam make you suffer.. we need the same from our midfield.

      • while I agree and also disagree, if we watch both copa’s we scored goals for fun with fantastic teams work but then got to the final’s and as we see in finals chances are always very limited for both sides but when you get that chance a player must take it.
        finals are always tight and I cant think of many these days that are end to end chances.

        hig had has 4 in 3 finals and failed to take any of them, it does not matter how those chances came about he failed to take them.

        as for the mid’s a lot of us have wanted changed since the end of w/c 14 (sadly they only seem to happen when injury strikes not managers being proactive n.b I cant talk for bauza as hes new in the job) but we still see the same mash, big, ban, d/m their, the same lot that are just not creating the chances we talk about, out of them mach to stay, big to the bench and the other 2 can go.

        we have plenty of young talent that should and needs to be integrated into the team as best as we can as time is fast slipping away.


      open goals are open goals clear cut chances are clear cut chances

      he has failed over and over so has kun for that matter im sick of the freak show,im sick of higuains rewind repeat bs

      oh i missed rub hair rub face ITS LIKE THE GUYS STUCK IN A TWILIGHT ZONE he will never change or learn

      his like a toddler that keeps going to touch the coal fire the mom smacks the tovddler he continues to touch the firepace then one day is burnt

      then still trys to touch the fire place

  6. The Barcelona of today – played like the argentina team against venezuela match…too many mistakes..I hope Bauza looks at what Luis Enrique does the next matches..

  7. Masche had one bad game for Barcelona and we are already writing him off? Come on folks, don’t you remember how he played against Uruguay?

    Otamendi on the other hand was a beast today even though against Venezuela he was a mixed bag…

  8. Masch is struggling and with the French defender doing well there is good chance he could be bench warmer this season.
    Similar thing might happen to lazy Aguero(in different circumstances) if he doesn’t work harder.

    • Lets face it, Masche is in the twilight of his career! He is very solid almost most of the time but when he misses, he misses BIG……..Krav was supposed to have been his replacement, how’s that coming?

      Weren’t we all praising him just few days ago???

      Knowing Kun, he’ll work his ass off for Pep and in turn he’ll use him up and toss him aside when he gets what he wants from him unless he finds a sexier replacement.

      • Kranevitter didn’t even make the bench for Sevilla today, not sure if he is injured but so far he has not been able to carve out a starting role for himself in Spain.

  9. Last night I dreamed that we won the World Cup in penalty shoot outs and Messi scored the final one. Messi’s run was in slow motion and we all knew he’s going to score. Every step he made towards the ball made us feel like Forest Gump getting rid of the crutches and setting us free to fly. As it finally happened, it was such a relief when we shouted out every frustration from all the years to make room for Joy.
    just wanted to share this with you.

    • Remember 2011 COPA, 2014 WC, COPA 2015 AND 2016…….what good are you if you dont score when your team DESPERATELY,on thier knees begging, pretty please with a whole basket of cherries on top, to score.

      Higuain couldn’t throw the ball in the ocean or hit the side of the barn to save his life so to speak in any those games….. I thought he was focused or at least that’s what he said prior to Copa.
      He should quit or ask not to be called by ARG if he had any self-respect, along with that C.sucker Kun.

      • Lol yeah it’s pretty upsetting what he’s failed to do… but looking at our true #9 he is the only real finisher as of now, with the exception of icardi who probably will not get called up… I’ve seen calleri, pratto, vietto, simeone, etc and none seem to be finding the net. Pratto did last game, but seemed a little lucky.

      • dfox: you are correct and we must not ever forget this serial chocker and he should not be called ever again.

        i actually like what pratto has been doing in working very hard for the team and actually scoring when we were under pressure and pratto has done more in 2 game in terms of all round effort then hig in the last few years.
        for me pratto can take the bench role of hig and hig should be gone for good.

        it says it all when hig turn down this call up because he wanted to stay at juv instead-that say’s a lot about his loyalties.

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