LUCAS BIGLIA potentially out for 3 months


Lucas BIGLIA’s injury could likely be a long term one.

The Lazio captain has undergone medical tests for his injury suffered on Sunday and it appears he could be out for three months, according to Football-Italia. It is believed that he has torn his left calf. Should that be the case, not only would BIGLIA miss October’s World Cup Qualifying matches (which was already a certainty) but as well as the November fixtures against Brazil and Colombia.


      • Wingers who can’t score is burden to the team if u play 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1.Di Maria was never a scorer and recently lost rythm when it comes to creative play which has been acknowledged by Bauza,who said that Di Maria can’t finish the good play that he starts.

        However I believe Di Maria is a tremendous player,an natural assist machine…but he needs to up his game and he needs competition.It was competition from Bale that forced him to put best performances of his life under Anchelotti.He need same management here in Argentina.

  1. ———————-Romero———————-

    Zabaleta——Otamendi—–Funes Mori——-Rojo


    Gaitan/Di Maria——Banega——–Di Maria/Gaitan


    I think the most probable line-up against Peru. Not very exciting to be honest.

  2. “Tests have revealed Augusto Fernandez suffered a complete tear of the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee,” read a statement on Atletico’s official website, it now appears his 2016-17 campaign might be over as well, although his latest injury is to his right knee.

  3. Mercado -Otamendi -Mori- Mas
    Pereyra – Masche
    Lanzini. Lamela

    Sub-zab..rojo..musachio..Rulli…di maria..hig..Gaitan…Yacob…Kranevitter. .Pratto…Icardi. .paredes..

  4. Now there are rumours rather about Ascacibar and Marcos Acuna (racing) as replacement. The second has great start of season.

  5. Independiente – Tigre

    Defensa – River

    two hot games of last Primera weekend. That’s the “the intensity level of play in Argentina” that @Jack! was talking about.
    Defensa is team more than any other in league builded around youngsters. Barboza (captain at 21 age)and Elias Gomez once again very impressive. The second is most interesting LB along with Tagliafico.

    There’s a lot of players in Primera that I would to see in NT over some famous names from Europe but Alario never was one of them for me (not over Icardi atleast). But if someone want to know something about the games of Primera please not go to Whoscored. The site is joke. Alario (weak game) – 7,1, Barboza (very good game) also 7,1.

  6. Even though I am sorry to hear of biglia injury, I am really excited not to see biglia-mache midfield. Even though I saw kran play with sevilla, and imo wasn’t anything special, I would rather see someone younger.. I really hope icardi gets a call soon, Def has deserved it..

    Sad to see Messi will not be on the pitch but this what I believe will be line up:

    Mercado ota mori rojo

    Banega mache krane

    Dybala aguero di maria

  7. I’ve been MIA for the past week because of all the negativity and attacks and and and………. all of a sudden, Icardi can walk on water and cure cancer, Mische is not NT worthy, Bauza is a bigger idiot than Tata……………!!??

    • Exactly and 100% accurate descriptions:
      Icardi is the answer to our impotent goal scorers.
      Bauza is worse than Tata in: player selection, tactics, and leadership.
      Matcherano time is up….can’t defend against speedy young strikers plus he’s warming the bench for barca……he can’t be a starter for decades.

  8. Mascherano is THE centerpiece in our defensive midfield, “out of form” or not. The triangle of el jefecito, otamendi and funes mori in the center of defense has already been cemented by bauza. No needs to believe the hype amigos! Mascherano is find. Banega and kranevitter can Both play alone side masche with no problems. This might open up Pastore to play in the middle.
    Dimaria, pastore and dybala with aguero at the #9 would be nice up top with banega and mascherano holding

  9. No surprises here. More players that played the WC and two Copa’s will get injured. Top players play way too many matches for their clubs. Tournaments with national sides prevent them from resting properly in the summer. Argentina has now played three summer tournaments back to back and reached the final in all of them. Now it is taken its toll. There will be more dips in form and more injuries.

    It’s a good thing we are not competing in the Confed Cup next summer.

    For Chile it will be 4 tournaments in a row (WC 2014, Copa 2015, Copa 2016 and Confed 2017) and 6 if they qualify for WC 2018 (+ Copa 2019). Chile will be hit by injuries big time.

    • Perhaps the author of the article has forgotten that Dybala doesn’t have Pogba this season to bring the ball forward, so he has to drop deep to create plays. Juve are still adapting to Pjanic. Higuain has nothing to do with Dybala’s slump in form. This is the same type of shit journos write about Messi when he doesn’t score in 3 straight matches even after creating assists.

    • That’s rubbish article. Total bullshit.

      How Higuain is responsible for Dybala is not scoring? How Higuain is responsible as Dybala staying deep in the midfield and not moving in scoring position frequently? Higuain only started 2 matches for Juvntus whereas Dybala failed to score in 5 matches till now. The most disappointing match Dybala played so far against Inter and Higuain not even started that match. Messi scored plenty when Higuain is around. He was top scorer in 2014 WCQs. Higuain links way better with Messi than any other fellow strikers.

      Now coming to the topic, reason behind Dybala is not scoring is not Higuain, it’s Pogba. With Pogba around Dybala used to get the freedom to move in goal scoring position frequently. But now Juventus midfield is not providing any creative movement, they are completely one dimensional. Dybala has to drop deeper and deeper to collect the ball start move after linking with Khedira (who plays ahead of Dybala and miss chances for fun). Pjanic is good but definitely not a creative one and no way able to link with Dybala. That’s definitely impacting Dybala’s game. Also allegri is an overrated, arrogant coach. Any decent coach will realize what is Dybala’s playing position, it’s behind a Center forward. Let Juventus play in 4-4-1-1 formation and allow Dybala to play around 35 yards behind Higuain, you guys will see the magic. BTW.. Higuain is doing really well for Juventus with the limited chance he got. He already won 5 points for them.

  10. This could be Bauza’s chance to try something different although knowing his cautious approach he would probably pair Mascherano with Kranevitter and be done with it.

    I predict Masche, Krane and Banega midfield against Peru if nobody else gets injured.

  11. Mascherano’s replacement in midfield should be Claudio Yacob and not Kranvitter or Ascacibar…

    Claudio has more experience and starter for the club..

    • I remember there was a time when Yacob was one of most popular players here that never was playing for senior NT. Just some episode under Batista.

      • if i remember correctly, during sabella era also, people in mundo used to talk about yacob very frequently as if he would be selected any time but was not (he might have been selected by sabella once or twice, or never got selected)! when he moved to westbrom, steve clark, the then albion coach, had never seen him before! the goal keeper of westbrom had not even heard of him! but he became the man of the match in his first match against liverpool! in his first or second season with westbrom, he could become the player with the second most number of tackles in epl! steve clark even suggested that if argentina wants a genuine no. 5, then they can take yacob. but argentina never wanted yacob!

    • I remember reading somewhere that Yacob was second to N’golo Kante in terms of successful interceptions and tackles in the Premier League 2015-2016, or at least of one the best in that regard. He could be a decent option, although West Bromwich Albion is far from a glorious club. He could be something like Bauza’s version of Braña or Guiñazú

      • Yacob is a good player and very like for like with Masch, but I’d prefer Kranevitter because he’s a better overall passer than yacob and he’s got more potential. Still if Yacob gets called up I wouldn’t complain.

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