Mario KEMPES very critical of HIGUAIN, AGUERO, praises ICARDI


Argentina World Cup winner and hero Mario KEMPES took to ESPN FC Radio to talk about the forwards on the Argentina National Team.

Mario KEMPES took the radio to state that he thinks Mauro ICARDI should be part of the Argentina National Team and he was very critical of both Gonzalo HIGUAIN and Sergio AGUERO. Here’s what he had to say:

“What he does (off the pitch) I don’t care at all. I think ICARDI deserved to be part of the Argentina national team a long time ago. HIGUAIN is doing very well, but just with Juventus. He’s not scoring goals with Argentina. And ‘Kun’ AGUERO, who is not playing very well now, is a similar case.”

“There is no more players in that position, because DYBALA comes from the second line (behind the strikers). On the field ICARDI always does a good job, what he does off it, I don’t care at all. What I do care is what he does for my team on the pitch.”

“Even though Inter is not playing well right now, ICARDI keeps scoring goals and the team made him captain.”

“I think players of the National Team are not entitled to make an opinion about who is making the team and who is not. At least in my days it was like that. Today they seem to be the ones deciding about the roster.”

Regarding Argentina’s World Cup qualification, KEMPES commented saying:

“There is some concern. But with a lot of games still to play, there is hope. I think the qualification is not easy, not because the other teams are better, but because Argentina is not playing well. There are players on a very low level and that shows in the performance of the team.”

“Argentina is a powerhouse in football. (Their current predicament) is a shame. Everybody says (Argentine Football Association) is ruined but at the same time all the football executives are trying to occupy the main seat there. It is unfortunate.”


  1. Kempes is right. These two have never turn up for the nation team when we really need them. I can’t think of a single moment where Higuain or Aguero scored when we needed them. They need to be benched.

    Bring in some new blood full of hunger and vigour.

  2. Draxler making maria resuming his usual self. This is how tough competition w’d benefit the team. Him and the upfronts needs competitions and be benched so that they can work their a** hard.

  3. Wait for Mr. Status Quo, business as usual kid, to say Kempes has no idea what he is talking about 😀

    On a serious note, Kempes is right of course, Bauza pay attention!

  4. In this point I want to ask about another Gomez – Jose Luis from Lanus. He is our most talented fullback since Sorin no doubt. I think he is even a bit more promising. So why he is nowhere near to NT. In this year will be 24. If he was German he would played for NT yet at his 19/20. Where he is? Instead such talented players we have mediocree fullbacks are centerbacks adapted for fullbacks.

    • I think it’s time to say it bluntly.
      There’s simply no fullback culture at all in Argentina.
      There are only there to make in the count on the field (10 field players + the GK) and their use are only as defenders. Obviously, this is a very outdated conception which is costing us dearly.

      • I agree completely “There’s simply no fullback culture at all in Argentina”.

        All the more we should take
        care about such rare fullback with natural prone to attack like Gomez.

      • It was always like this, but at least the old coaches used to play 3-5-2. Now they just adds another guy in defense to make a back four and thats it. IMO the no fullback culture also creates another problem in the midfield. If you look at Argentine midfield produces in recent times you would notice that there are very few two way midfielders (CM). Either they are defensive midfielders or they are wide attackers and attacking midfielders. No tempo setting controlling midfielder.

        From youth setups they see that the fullbacks are not very good at attacking plays, so midfielders tend to go wide and other midfielders start covering them all matches. Whoever is technically more gifted or have some decent pace and first touch goes to play permanently on those position and the others remain back to become pseudo defenders/defensive midfielders. Thats why we don’t produce any central midfielders and I doubt we will produce in near future.

        • I have been saying that for years that the NT should play with its strength not its weakness. Using central defenders for fullbacks is Argentina’s biggest weakness. We don’t have wide player. Di Maria is going down, with fullbacks who don’t the middle line the NT relies only on Messi. Why Mascherano who is loosing speed is not playing as central defender and Paredes plays in the middle?
          Zabaleta——– Paredes—-Beglia———–Gaitan

  5. Once again about Alejandro Gomez via Golazo Argentino from WhoScored. Most Key Passes in Serie A and most accurate crosses from open play. 8 goals, 4 assists, 6 time MOTM:

    Banega is one of those that should be dropped. He had enough chances. Not enough bustling. Good for Hong-Kong or Bolivia. Papu Gomez worth of trial. No guarantees but with this stats he just deserves. For me more than Perotti.

    • Sorry for copy the theme but more people should talk about Alejandro Gomez. Worth attention while players like Di Maria and Banega are likely no more useful.

      • So apart youngsters like Lanzini we may talk about few really interesting mature attacking players in simile age that have never played for NT: Gomez, Perotti (only under Maradona?), Vazquez, Trejo, Piatti…

    • Gonzalo,
      Thanks for the link. I read the article. But in that article Gomez has been quoted as saying, ““For me, playing for Italy would be a dream. Argentina never gave me a chance. I’m not thinking about playing for them anymore.” Do you find any chances of him getting a call up to the NT?

        • If I remember correctly, Maxi Morales was that short mid fielder who played along with Aguero in under 20. I remember him for his height! He was too short! But at that time, he was expected to make it to the senior NT as he was one of the best players in that under 20 WC along with Aguero. Since then I havent heard of him.

          • He was second best player of that tournament after Aguero. And he did quite well in Atalanta times long time. Recently left for Mexico league

    • Papu Gomez has way more intensity and drive than Banega. This is a mouthwatering proposition:



  6. Wow…how rare! A sane Argentine football legend. Here I thought all of those are crackheads!

    Every word he said is true…harsh, but true. From Icardi, to player politics and AFA…everything. And it is also true that none of these will change in near future.

    • We completely agree Istiaque en Pablo. We are now 12 games in the WC qualification and suffer each time Messi is not playing. Icardi and Dybala are a must. Kempes is absolutely right. He has been a commentator and analyst for a very long time and knows what he is talking about.

      Many of our players over the past decade are past their prime. Di Maria and Aguero are now on the bench. Mascherano is no longer a guaranteed starter at Barca. We have 6 games left to qualify. With the right squad and tactics we should not have a problem, but with Bauza at the helm…

      I wish Valdano and Kempes would work together as NT coach and assistant.

      • I am not hopeful about Bauza at all. I think we are on the verge of doing the exact same think that Italy did in 2010. And god forbid if I’m right, we might crash out from the world cup very quickly.

        Our goalkeeper hasn’t played since 2014, we don’t have any fullbacks at all, our midfielders are not really midfielders and are out of form, strikers are bottlers and out of form. And if you are a young Argentine playing in Europe’s top clubs week in week out you are overlooked because of some ridiculous syndicate created by senior players. It’s very difficult to be hopeful at the moment.

  7. “I think the qualification is not easy, not because the other teams are better, but because Argentina is not playing well. There are players on a very low level and that shows in the performance of the team.”

    Clearly those players are Higuain, Aguero, Di Maria, Mascherano, Rojo and Romero.

  8. “I think players of the National Team are not entitled to make an opinion about who is making the team and who is not. At least in my days it was like that. Today they seem to be the ones deciding about the roster.”

    Bald masche & his cronies are holding back the team.

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