Barca Signs Argentine Youth From Valencia


Barcelona has signed 19 years old Mariano KOYNK from Valencia (the transfer apparently took place in back in May). The youth team captain will be part of Gerrard LOPEZ’s set up at Barca and is hoping to be part of the senior squad in the future.

KOYNK who plays at as a center-back, has as Ukrainian ethnicity background via his parent who emigrated to Argentina when he was a young kid but has been living in Spain since he was at the age of five.

When asked during an interview with Sport whether he considers himself as Spanish, Ukrainian or Argentine; the kid who confess to idolize both Nicolas OTAMENDI and Roberto AYALA, said “Argentine, no doubt!”.


  1. 19 or 20 this month friendly against Bolivia with domestic and Mexico league players. This is what we were hoping for: more friendlies.

    Ole list:

    Arqueros: Esteban Andrada (Lanús) y Guido Herrera (Talleres).

    Defensores: Jonatan Maidana (River), Javier Pinola (River), Víctor Salazar (San Lorenzo), Gonzalo Rodríguez (San Lorenzo), Fabricio Bustos (Independiente), Alan Franco (Independiente), Nicolás Tagliafico (Independiente), Gino Peruzzi (Boca), Alex Barboza (River).

    Volantes: Enzo Pérez (River), Nacho Fernández (River), Marcos Acuña (Racing), Iván Marcone (Lanús), Pablo Pérez (Boca), Fernando Belluschi (San Lorenzo), Juan Bautista Cascini (Estudiantes).

    Delanteros: Lucas Alario (River), Lautaro Acosta (Lanús), Darío Benedetto (Boca), Emiliano Rigoni (Independiente).

    • A bit surprised there’s 20 years old CM of Estudiantes Cascini and not Ascacibar. Also there’s no Pity Martinez, Driussi, Centurion or Pavon. There’s no Dubarbier, Silva, Gaston Gimenez or Cabalucci. But I like the list for some original choices.

    • Bustos, Salazar and Gino Peruzzi over Di Placido. The four along with injured Jose Luis Gomez are 5 best RB in league. But Di Placido was best in stats.

      3 RB? Is it not too many? or one of them will play as LB.

  2. Acuna near Sporting

    As I expected few weeks ago Emanuel Cecchini CM of Banfield near Europe. On the verge to join Inter.

    Pizarro near Sevilla.

  3. Rumours: There could be a friendly with local players against Paraguay or Ecuador. To be confirmed have to wait till Friday, Sampa wants to play the friendly before WCQ. Sampaoli wants full power from AFA also about the local club players & clubs. Clubs who doesn’t follow the rules will be punished. I guess fair enough because alot clubs don’t care about NT at all. Pizzaro might play for Banega against Uruguay. He might get called with local players too for friendly. I don’t like it to be honest,i prefer Pizzaro in Biglia place more than Banega. But Smapa knows better than me obviously and it is only a rumour. Romero was training with Tocoli apparently today. I guess he is the first one to understand that comfy days are over.
    Great to see Sampa working on background. Yes the past hurts alot but future looking bright to be honest 🙂

    • Is it the juniot Tocalli?
      Any news on Hugo Tocalli’s involvement with the youth system?
      We need to revive it before its too late… hope Sampa is working on these lines too

    • Pizzaro for Banega would be great. I’ve been complaining about Banega being a starter since Tata times. He doesn’t offer much to the team. Yez he is a great paser but too static like Riquelme. Midfielders are required to cover a lot of ground. Pizzaro, Parades and Nacho offer better mobility and more versatility than Banega

  4. This Great German hype got me feeling like this is now Mundo Mannschaft. Well I acknowledge and applaud Germany’s victory but I’m not scared of them because of their depth. And I think the curse will continue next year. No team has won a WC after winning the Confed Cup the previous year. (That’s just me, I know the Germans broke the previous norm with the last WC by winning in S. America) But I ain’t saying it’s certain thst it’s gonna happen but I see that way for other reasons. Everyone will now raise their game against the Germans. I think they’re beatable.

    Anyway I just want to highlight a things you guys are overlooking:

    – The German team had a lot of unknowns,young players who the other teams knew little about. Therefore they had a the element of surprise that other teams underestimated them.

    -I read lamentations of how we couldn’t score against the same Chile side. My argument here still remains the same,we were not incisive enough in our tactics and lost because we had poor coach at the time period. Why didn’t Messi, Aguero or Lavezzi get chances in 120 minutes? Is that bad luck or bad tactics?
    Look at the Germans even though they were outplayed for most of the match,they could have score at least 2 more as they were still creating chances. That’s because the Krauts were more incisive in their approach. Despite Chile dominating, the Germans had more better chances to score in that match. Something I hope will became a new norm with Argentina with Sampaoli in charge. Does anyone here remember how we never missed Messi in WCQs in the Sabella era? I can recall the team dominating and winning easily without Messi. That’s what was missing in Argentina’s tactical play.

    – Weak defense. The Germans are now one if best offensive NTs. However their defense is there for taking even if Hummels and Boateng are playing. Chile could have scored if they were more incisive. They lacks bite upfront. Their COPA victories came as a result of the out working Argentina not domination. When Chile applied their Sampaoli approach,the German defence was at sixes and sevens.

    -IMHO,Germany is on top of the world today but did they face real strong oppositon at the CONFED CUP? I don’t think so. Next year the opposition will be stiffer and we’ll see. In 2005, World Champs Brazil dominated the CONFED Cup when they had a scary team. With Ronaldinho, Rinaldo, Kaka and Adriano etc, a very strong team. At point, it seemed like they were going to defend the cup like a walk in the park. But in the WC nothing is given. They bumped into the French team. Henry’s goal ended their campaign. So I’ll not fear the Germans because of the overachievement of their B team. Their A team will not have it as easy next year. Brazilians, French, Spaniards and Italians will not fear nor show respect to Germany. All these team are capable of knocking the Krauts out. Although they were one of the favorites last time, they had an easy path to the WC final and faced a jaded Argentina.

  5. But to be honest it’s Germany’s ‘B’ team and showed what they are capable off.
    We honestly need miracle to win World Cup as there are many teams ahead of us at the moment.

    – Germany always the best team in the world when it comes of world cup.
    – France – Just unlucky as they failed to win Euro but 2 years they will only grow.
    – Brazil – Even though they picked up very fast but still it’s experieced team and in better shape at the moment.
    – Portugal – Ugly but effective.
    – Belgium – On their day they are capable of beating any team in the world.
    – Italy – You can never ignore when it comes of Italy. A really tough team to beat.
    – England – New generations of england players actually started playing as a team.

    But miracle happens.. so still I have hope.

    • -and what about us? A new coach, new team and new approach. Unknown quantity. I say we’re in a position of Brazil in 2001. I know many of you were too young to know how Brazil struggled miserably in the WCQs. But then they appointed the right coach at the right time (Scolari) and played to their strengths and won. No one saw it coming as Argentina and France were red hot favorites. I know many on mundo do tend to overlook the coaching factor but that’s key to victory in modern era of football. With Sampaoli in charge, the dynamics have here for our future opponents too. Show me a team that won a World Cup with a weak coach in the recent years? Just in 2 matches, Sampaoli has shown that his tactical acumen is way higher than Tata and Bauza. Time was always the excuse when things went bad instead for those 2. Im sure there are more improvements to come with time. And he is capable of even out coaching Jochen Low. Testimony to this was season when his inferior Sevilla team outplayed mighty Real Madrid on both ocassions, winning at home and losing away.
      Winning the World Cup is about preparations in camp, how the team plots its schemes in regards to every different opposition and a bit of luck. So whatever happened 12 months prior to the tournament, apart from experience, will not come into play at WC.

      • I am denying what you mentioned. It’s all about 7 matches those decides everything. Pre-tournament forms are nothing, our guys and France proved in 2002. But again Spain and Germany were favorite to win WC 2010 and 2014 respectively and evantually they won.
        All I wanted to say these teams are in better shape than us at the moment

        • “Pre-tournament forms are nothing, our guys and France proved in 2002.”

          You’re contradicting yourself here. That’s what I was trying point out to You that it doesn’t matter who is in form now. Thats how Brazil won after transforming the team in a period of one year. It didn’t need a miracle just effective fitness and tactics preparations before the tournament. Thst won it for them. Argentina and France were the form teams but failed. Partly due to poor preparations. Therefore in 12 months time teams will be in different shapes. I see Argentina improving vastly in next 12 months time.

          • England, Belgium, Portugal and Italy ahead of Argentina? You can’t be serious MustB. None of these four teams are ahead of Argentina and that goes for France who recently lost to Sweden. No way Argentina would lose to Sweden under fair normal playing conditions outside the confined of CONNEBOL tough fixtures. England need to beat Iceland first,Italy need to make it out of the group stage first, Belgium we already outplayed them in 2014 with a defensive team, and finally, Portugal doesn’t have the depth via first team or the bench to compete with Argnentina. Two tricky and tough opponents for Argentina is Germany and Brazil, tricky as in, you can outplay either of these teams off the park and they might still end up winning (i.e the 2006 World Cup).

          • No No…

            I wanted to say “I am NOT denying what you mentioned.”
            I am totally agreed with what you said…

  6. Am I the only one who was least bothered about yesterday’s match? It was a match between the 2 teams I hate the most. But still I am relatively happy as Chile failed to win. Chile has over taken everyone in my hatred list (including Brazil and Germany) especially over the last 2 years what Chile had done starting from arrogant Vidal’s ugly dive in Copa 2016 then the way Vargas mocked us and finally, the dirty game played by Chile to suspend Messi. I really wish FIFA take away the points from Chile they gifted and those ba**rd bite the dust.

  7. I remember somebody mentioning friendlies before the qualifiers! or did I hear wrong?

    No Chilean celebration or Ronaldita doing HER stupid jump and ‘look at me’ crap…….good week ;-).

    Having them lose the 3 points against Bolivia will be the icing on the cake.

    • That somebody was Seeing that Enzo Perez moved back to Argentina, this might have something to do with Sampaoli..

  8. Germany has been doing for the last ten years with their youth football what Argentina use to do in the 1980’s, 1990’s and early 2000’s, developing their home grown youth players into consistent youth playing German teams. Germany investing in their local clubs and football infrastructure have paid off for them. One advantage Germany have over other international country is that their young players are able to stay at home and develop instead of flying off to England or Spain where most of the time a player development is second best to the club demands at the given moment. All the Bundesliga teams are loaded with German born players, it’s the opposite of what happen in England where foreign players dominate the league because of BIG MONEY. England won the U20 world cup and none of those players will be starters in the EPL this coming season whereas majority (like 90%) of the players representing Germany at this year Euro U21 Championship and the Confederation (the home base players) are starters in the BundesLiga.

    The European U21 Championships have been around since 1978, it wasn’t until 2009 that Germany manage to win their first U21 Championship (it took them 31 years to win this Championship), Friday making it a second time Germany have won the U21 European Championship in their history, becoming the 2017 champions. The 2009 U21 Championship is mostly where Germany current golden generation made a name for themselves on the European international stage, guys like Neuer, Howedes, Boateng, Khedira, Hummels, Ozil etc. Germany have also won the U20 world cup title only once and that was in 1981. So if you compare today to German youth teams to past German youth teams you can clearly see how they have evolved over the years.

    Since 1979-2007, Argentina have won six U20 world cup titles and two U23 Olympic Gold medal (one of the Olympic Gold medal was in 2008). Today I can officially say that Germany youth development system has surpass Argentina and Brazil youth development by a long shot. While Argentina is busy exporting their young players to make a buck, young kids in Germany, Spain and France are properly being develop in their own country under the same system.

    Most of the time I come here on Mundo, all I read is this young player in Portugal should be on the Argentina team or such and such player is playing great in Spain he should be on the Argentina national team. No one can come here and say, these 5-6 players that played in one of the last three Youth tournament for Argentina should be integrated in the national senior team today, no one can make this argument because Argentina haven’t had a solid professional youth playing team for ages! Argentina can’t solely depend on talent alone otherwise the country will fall far back behind the likes of Germany, Spain, France and even the overrated England. Argentina can’t solely rely on guys like Dybala, Icardi etc. to carry the national team post 2019 Copa America. I’m telling you, it’s not looking good for Argentina post Messi and co. generation, I have seen any encouraging news today that indicate Argentina will be a force to challenge the top European countries post 2019. Argentina will always have talented players, the country might even produce another Messi or Maradona, but I feel that won’t be enough to challenge for future world cups given the decline in the country youth national teams.

    Germany invented a school that teaches players to be the future Philip Lahm. Why didn’t/don’t Argentina put in familiar programs like this to develop their own players to be future Zanetti, Sorin, Zabaleta etc.? It’s always depending on talent alone, like everyone is just waiting for the next Zanetti to emerge from out of nowhere instead of putting in the hard work to develop future Zanetti’s.
    So what’s going to happen to Argentina when European countries decides to put a cap on how many Argentinean base players they can have in their domestic league or if they decide to do away with Argentinean players and other foreign players all together? This day will come and the AFA better get their act together.

    The West Indies had dominant cricket teams in the 1970’s, 1980’s and early 1990’s, but as soon as the English cricket county teams decided to stop importing West Indians players to England, it slowly had an effect on West Indies cricket, you could see the decline starting in the late 1990’s despite all the talent they had, even having the great Brian Lara and other talented cricketers wasn’t enough to bring back West Indies cricket to their former glory days. And as of today, despite all the talented cricketers, the West Indies will never be the same. The time when they were ruling world cricket they should have taken the time to develop the game in the Caribbean so that they would be able to compete in the future.

    I’m not buying the whole Germany C team gibberish I’ve been reading over the web. This is an alternate Germany team. If this is the C team, then tell me who are the other German players that will make up the B team? Kimmich, Hector, Mustafi, Draxler all played against France at the Euros last year while Ter Stegen was second to Neuer. This was a solid Germany team not a C team, and nobody would be surprise if couple of these players replace Hummels, Kheidera, Mario Gomez, Mueller and Ozil in the Germany starting XI at the world cup next year. Chile also outplayed the Germany ‘’A’’ team back in 2014 which they also lost 1-0. People are forgetting that Lahm, Klose, Scheiwn, Mertersacker, Poldolski have all retired so there goes half of the Germany ‘’A’’ team in the starting XI. Rudiger will be a starter for Germany because of his pace, most likely replacing one of Hummels or Boateng depending on which one is in better condition, but it will most likely be the slow moving Hummels. Werner will start CF for Germany replacing either Mario Gomez or the out of form Bayern Munich bench warmer Mueller. Goretzka will likely replace slow moving Kheidera, and Draxler will likely replace Ozil in the starting XI. At least 7-8 of these guys are going to the world cup at the end of the day. I’ll love to see the German ‘’B” team, and let me know if any of these guys have more than 8 national team caps. The media jumping on the Germany bandwagon acting as if they’re the only nation in world football with good players that can select an alternative starting XI.

  9. We couldn’t score even one in two finals against them. German C team done it. You need luck aswell and efficiency to win tournament. Sometime i think about it and i still can’t figure it out how did we not get one trophy out of THREE finals

        • Ter Stegen, Leno or Trapp, Hector, Kimmich, Rüdiger and an other young CB, Goretzka, Draxler and Werner 100%. So 9 will be minimum there, and more depend on injuries. 10-11 is realistic. And if they play 3-5-2 (they will) Hector and Kimmich the 2 starter of the wings, next to Hummels and Boateng one of these young CBs the third (Rüdiger, Süle or Ginter), i see Draxler in the starting 11 too, imo Goretzka better than the injury prone Khedira in ZM pos, and of course Timo Werner is the best german centre forward at the moment. The guy is a speedy gonzales. 4-5 starter. Plus Neuer, Hummels, Boateng, Kroos, Özil and Thomas Müller.

          • I don’t think Draxler will start ahead of Sane. In their lopsided 3-4-3 or [3-4-1-Muller-1] or a 3-4-2-Muller, they don’t even play a winger like that. And I don’t think Low will play a 4-3-3 this time, he just don’t have the fullbacks, like us.

            “…and Goretzka better than the injury prone Khedira.” – You see, Low is not stupid like Bauza, so doesn’t work like that. You make Khedira sound like a gago, he is not that. A player that plays 30+ a season is not that injury prone that you plan without him.

            And why would you take rudiger when there is Hummels, Boateng, Mustafi, Howedes, Tah and may be Ginter?

            Yes, I missed Kimmich and Hector. Those two will definitely be starting as wingbacks, since they too are struggling to find a RB and a LB that fits the 4-3-3 highline possession tactics like us.

            – so yes, kimmich and hector started this team, but if you exclude them how many will actually play for the actual German team in the world cup barring any injury to a established player?

          • Germany 2018 world cup lineup will likely be:





            ———————–Mario Gomez/Werner

            Loew seems to have played 3-4-3 in the Confederation Cup final./ Mueller form at the 2016 Euros and for Bayern Munich is not encouraging for him, if he is still a bench player under Carlo Ancelotti at Bayern then his place in the starting XI will probably go to Lars Stindl. Reus injury history makes it hard to really know where he will be by the time the 2018 world cup comes around. Hummels is way too slow to be selected over Rudiger, Kheidera will be challenge by Goretzka, Ozil and Draxler will tussle it out over the same position, although Draxler can play a more central role.

    • MMH: i know what you are saying and it really hurts and we did have the chances and its still unreal to have made and lost 3 finals-it really hurts.

      most big finals have very few chances and when they come one strike team has to take them.
      we are 3 finals 2 into extra time-240 mins of finals game play and no goals and yes we did have chances.

      • Pablo, exactly what i tried to say that we have world class strikers but still we couldn’t finish those opportunity. You get one chance or half chance in final and you have convert it to win a tournament.

  10. Germany did not force anything and just scored from Chile mistake. Chile was bad in the box. Sanchez lost the ball dozens of times.

    That being said, Germany will be top favorites for WC 2018. They just won euro under 21 against a great Spanish team and now their b team beats double copa winners. So much potential and depth.

  11. Actually, Chile don’t deserve to be down a goal, the Diaz mistake is the only reason Germany is even remotely still in this game. Germany didn’t exist in the first half. Unfortunately for Chile goals win games and they don’t seem to score many per game.

    • Argentina didn’t deserve to lose two Copa Americas to these @#$%^&*()P$%^&*()Chileans or Argentina losing to Germany in 2014 WC when they had the chances….unfortunetly DESERVE has nothing to do with it and we should know about that more than anybody in the footballing world!

  12. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

    I have never hated a team as much as I HATE Chile, I never had any love for the Brazilians, Germans and the British but these Chileans take the cake.

    I hope, wish and pray they get their asses handed to them today.

    Vidal says that his team is the best in the world because they have beaten ARGENTINA, Portugal and will beat the Germans …..his own words.

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