Mauricio POCHETTINO: “I would like to coach Argentina”


Tottenham Hotspur coach Mauricio POCHETTINO has stated that he would like to coach the Argentina National Team.

Former Argentina international and coach of Tottenham would like to one day go back to Argentina and he has also stated the affection he has towards Marcelo BIELSA. Speaking in an interview, here’s what the Tottenham boss had to say:

Mauricio POCHETTINO on coaching:

“I would like to go back to Argentina one day. To coach Newell’s and the Argentina National Team. There’s a big difference between coaching there and in Europe, it’s very difficult gonig back, but it’ll happen.”

Mauricio POCHETTINO on Marcelo BIELSA:

“I like seeing Marcelo, laughing and being more open as he explains his philosophy. I have a special affection (towards him), I’ve known him since I was 13 and for me is one of the top coaches.”