Xavi HERNANDEZ: “Argentina did not have the luck”


Xavi HERNANDEZ has given his opinion on Lionel MESSI, Javier MASCHERANO and the Argentina National Team.

A World Cup and two time European Cup winner himself, Xavi HERNANDEZ knows a thing or two about winning tournaments. He also knows a thing or two about Lionel MESSI and Javier MASCHERANO after having shared a locker room with them for years. In an interview with TyC Sports, Xavi gave his thoughts on why he thinks Argentina have not won a trophy and even had some strong comments about how MESSI and MASCHERANO might not have enjoyed playing with Argentina. Here’s what he had to say:

“Argentina did not have the luck that is needed for a title to be achieved. They would have to be more united in order to achieve an important trophy.

“When I was in Barcelona, I got the feeling that (Lionel MESSI and Javier MASCHERANO) did not enjoy playing with their national team.”

Xavi on Argentina’s World Cup Qualifying struggles:

“The pressure of having a country qualify to a World Cup, to play well and to win is making Argentina play with urgency. It’s a national team with an incredible history and has a lot of weight and for that reason it complicates things. But if they qualify, they’re a candidate to win the World Cup.”

“I can’t imagine a World Cup without MESSI. The South American qualifiers are like a European tournament, I am sure they will qualify and they will be one of the candidates to win the trophy.

“MESSI has great teammates. MASCHERANO knows him very well and Ever BANEGA is a player that I love.”

“In Argentina, the players who go to the national team are not valued, the qualifiers are terrible, I do not understand the criticism towards them.”

Xavi also spoke about Spain’s success at the 2010 World Cup:

“Barcelona lent the idea of play to Spain. The players’ adaptation to the idea was fundamental.”


  1. I deffenatelly agree with Xavi. Argentina didn’t have the luck all these years since 1993 and like it or not, luck is needed in order a team to win a trophy.

    Gonzalo and Argun:

    Come on now guys, there is no need for hard feelings, both of you have your points and both of you are more than welcome to express your opinion, i personally read both of your comments and i really would like to continue to do so! All of us in here love the same team and we are all desperate to see our beloved team back to the top therefore we are all strongly bonded to each other like an ultra fan club and the biger this club becomes, the better! At least this is the way i see things.

    And about Messi, you know Messi is Messi one of the two greatest of all time, we are lucky to have him and we need him, every team would do so but at the same time as a true team we should not be an one man dependent team but a real team which will work as a unit and Messi being it’s big gun.

    Lets be united and shout out loud for Argentina and Gonzalo please continue to inform us about the primera and the new talents because as many in here i personally learnt many things from you my friend. It is always good learning things as everyone can learn from everyone.


  2. Did you guys see the ball from Paredes. What a pass. Yes it was GK blunder but it was beautiful pass. We need to utilise his talent once we qualify.

  3. Some players to keep an eye on in Europa League today: Mammana, Kranevitter, Paredes, Driussi and Rigoni for Zenit (Mammana supposedly playing as a left-back today) vs Rulli at Real Sociedad; Musacchio and Biglia for AC Milan; Mariano Barboza and Leo Suarez for Villareal; Papu Gomez for Atalanta;

  4. To be honest, I’ve started paying more attention to the local league because of Gonzalo and golazo argentino on twitter. But I’ll add this, not all the names that’s been mentioned are worthy of the NT. A lot of the ones that I’ve watched are very average. And the local league isn’t as tactical as it is in Europe per say. When I watched the games I see soo much spaces between the lines, it’s ridiculous. It makes it so much easier on the attackers.

    Also I feel like 75% of the real talents recently got transferred to Europe this summer.

    • Agree that it’s refreshing to hear about options from Primera. However there is a danger that some players may look more worthy than they are because of the overall level of competition in Primera. It’s true that there are players who even playing in Primera were world class (Riquelme, Veron, Tevez, etc) and there are other’s who may not be world class but who could fill a role that no one else looks capable of currently meeting. (GAGO, and to a lesser degree Enzo Perez). I provide only examples, and don’t mean to suggest there aren’t more. Whatever the number is it’s far less than a 23 man roster can support with the available talent playing in stronger leagues abroad.

      I continue to maintain that Argentina’s biggest problems are 1) psychological after losing 3 finals; and 2) the poor organization of AFA which was in shambles in the last 10 years and almost went bankrupt. Pekerman was the last good coach from the era of stability and once he left the men’s side was able to get by only on it’s current and then upcoming generation, but you saw a steady decline in the inferior teams and a fall from grace at the U-16, U-20, and U-23 levels. The outlier here is Sabella who actually did more with less than any of the serious coaches the NT had before him in since 1990. Passarella, Pekerman, Bielsa all had more talent and stability than Sabella. Maradona had more talent but squandered it. Tata inherited reasonable talent but chaos in the FA. Bauza wasn’t even close to Tata’s level.

    • Payaso,

      I agree that most of most talented players from Primera is transferred to Europe it’s normall. Maybe 75%, maybe a bit less. But still we may find there some missing links of NT. Not all our positions in NT are well covered by European players. For example leftback. We don’t have at the moment any convincing player on the position that plays in Europe. So we should try to find in local league. Fabrizio Angileri or Sebastian Dubarbier are interesting.

      “And the local league isn’t as tactical as it is in Europe per say”

      it’s obvious. Local league never will be on the tactical level of Europe. There’s often a lot of disorder and chaos on the pitch. But that specific for latino football. Don’t forget they are passionate, hot, hectic latinos not that disciplined. But, instead, they can offer something. That is bravery and combativeness, warriorihood. And that’s why Argentina clubs could compete against strongest European clubs in Intercontinetal Cup and many times won despite not to have so many stars. I mean “garra charrua” may describe it well. And Boca Juniors style. That’s why Sampaoli thinks about incorporation more Boca players as possible way to beat tough teams like Peru.

      And that is true what KidultHood said: qualifiers rivalry in South America is more hard than in Europe because of this tenacity that makes biggest stars from Europe often neutralized and inefficient.

  5. I thought about our LB position. Now it seems like leftbacks are unnecesarry and obliterated for us: we have not leftbacks or we don’t need the position destinated to 3-man defence + wingers tracking back. Sampaoli still is calling up regular rightbacks: Gomez, Bustos, rumours of Salazar, Buffarini, Peruzzi, Di Placido but we don’t have any Rojo, Jonathan Silva or any other. On last qualifiers it looked like we need rather 4-mans defence and attacking leftback though. Wonder of Mammana on LB/

  6. In Argentina things are not that simple. I’m sure this current Boca team is on par with River but now they are out of Copa Argentina after lost to Rosario Central last night. With Benedetto, Pavon, Perez, Gago and all of them.

  7. Everyone knows I may repeat the words about Messi again and again without fear being haunted by fanatic Messi fans. There’s no any hate to Messi. This is only my personal recipe to see Argentina playing better. Don’t you see that I was never afraid of Messi Quiet Censorship on Mundo – subconscious, silent anxiety not to say a word against Messi.

    I don’t understand your comments and your quatations of my (and KidultHood) words. Ok, that’s good thing you are referring finally to matter of personal words. But what for you brings here my statements? What you think you are proving? Any general idea behing that quotations??? Once again you are chaotic going out of your mind. Quotations of my comments about Messi and every other player -but what for? What do you want to prove?


    Maybe you want to prove I’m Messi hater. Everyone may read my comments and see that is strong criticism but not a prove to be Messi hater. You must realize – you are just over-sensitive Messi fan. Or fanatic. People like you are here kind of modern inquisition.

    But if you still want to call me Messi hater I have bad info for you: I’m not sure you noticed that there’s now more “Messi Haters” here because still more and more people concludes there must be something wrong with Messi role in NT while whole team makes poor results despite coaches changes.

    What about local players: I talk still about the same names: J.L. Gomez, Tagliafico (he deserved more minutes in NT but since play as CB in club I don’t see him more as our LB), Nacho, Benedetto, Bustos, Barboza, Gaston Gimenez, Di Placido, Salazar, Peruzzi, Fabrizio Angileri, Dubarbier. I never mentioned Pablo Perez as good candidate for NT before rumours about him to be called up emerged. After that I started to follow him closer – hence my report about his club performances. Finally I think he is interesting midfielder. But first stimulus was from Sampaoli as he called him up for Bolivia friendly.

    • great escape…. i have one doubt… who is your favorite player… gonzalo… dont say i dont have anyone… it will add another lie from you like what you did ….before…about messi… if you make any cmt about not only messi dimaria aguero banega and and mache…. even xavi admitted i like the quality of banega….. everyone is different to form a team to get best possition for them is coach decsion…. not only me ane we all dont have the rights to critisise the players… but we can make suggesiton…. banega have weeknesss xavi have weakness… messi has the weakness… aguero icardi higuain… everyone has a weakness… in italy higuain has consider best striker… to itally people in england auguro seen as world class….. recently hendry said he is only one world class player in premier league… they are great players… but in argentina had some poor coaches in the past… how to use them…. here many of them critisized the plyers… regardless coach decision…. sampoli solving the problem … give him time argentina played better last match.. regardless of the result… messi can act as messi or iniesta or xavi or even alba… but aguro is act only aguro… messi can do well false 9 auguro wont don well at a wingback…. and no 10 or no 9… he is 9.5 so we have to understand football before crtisise …

      amd make useful cmt…. love them all…. everybody are human they are also working hard to get that place… as fan how much love you gave to them they will give it to you… hope everything will go well for argentina and their players… give respect to them… everybody are good their own way… aguro missing chaces at city messi also missed some chances… and even your fav gomez missed penalty also…. so give support…. to them…. like xavi said…. if they hate to play for national team…. argentina will never win anything…

  8. (((Every team needs time to rearrange when his biggest star is out. First matches after the leader is out must be lowering, but with time team adapt to play without the leader. Messi was out for some time and first matches without him were not good. It’s normall. The team were just beginning to learn play without him. But they improved with the time.

    Best example is Barcelona case. When Messi get’s injury at the beginning they haven’t been able to play without him. But the longer is the injury the more chances finally they will going well when adapt. And then they were able to beat Real by 4:0 on Santago Bernabeu!!! Yes, that’s fact. Even with Messi Barcelona never beat Real on Santiago so high. Barcelona that was not supposed to be able win without Messi… So instead brings still pure stats you should try to comprehend broad view of some things. Pure stats in hand of unmature people are distortion of real football. You are just bringing still pure stats as machine, computer but ignoring still whole context and ‘imponderabilia’ that are work behind countable things.)))

    what you want to know about messi i am ready to answer….. one final time i am ready to answer all the question dont use match after we fail… and if he perform you choosed another one like higuain auguro dimaria mache biglia banega….. i am ready mr gonzalo and others ….. i am ready to answer…. what is messi weakness ….. in argentina he dont have a fan but around the world messi has better fan than in his home country….

  9. Messi just should stop with these stupid driblings that brings nothing. Brings fouls and freekicks at best id est nothing. Everytime when he is abusing dribling it goes to nothing, everytime when he is passing quick or by one touch it brings good thing.

    these cmt from you mr gonzalo after the match against venezuela…. did play football did you past the people while playing football …. you know how to dribble… if he wont try then whole match he will be isolated easily… he is tring to move the ball forward.. with his dribblings…. dont make stupid cmt about messi anymore… no one in the world have the rights to speak about messi…. even past players…. beacause he is the best ever to play football… if example gonzalo will get the chance to play in argentina 11 after the match you will be stop playing football….. beacause of the criticism from argentina media… and their useless people( not all i seen some good knowlegeble people here too)…

  10. (((it’s no secret I’m rarely agree with KidultHood but this time completely. Messi is worst material for captain and he is very often overusing driblings while great passer.

    This is best characteristic of situation:

    “When the team needs him he gets quiet on the pitch. Messi also tend to over dribble and hold onto the ball for way too long instead of making a quick deliberate pass. It’s wonderful seeing Messi dribbling pass everyone, but what’s the point of having an open player in a good position on the pitch then ignore to pass the ball to him?”

    “You’re the one who needs to think and open your eyes before responding to someone comment. Messi will do better for Argentina if he gives up the captaincy, but because of pride I don’t see him doing so”.

    People really must open eyes because they are so much concentrated on Messi’s benefits that they are not able to see that Messi needs play more quiet role to be winner with Argentina some day. When things goes wrong Messi is often dribbles blindly and so do his fans here. They want to see him WC winner thinking to achive that he must do himself as much as possible.

    No, mark my words. If Messi will won anything with Argentina that’s because he will concede a lot of his current duties and privileges and play more quiet role. Rather in 2022 WC when he will be too slow to dribble so much and would be concentrated on playmaking are be super sub. Now everything it’s turned on it’s head. Messi is captain when he has not any charisma, Messi is penalty kicker when everyone knows Dybala makes penalties much better…

    If you want to see Messi winner let him to be just one of 11 players. Mark my words, his current position of alpha and omega does not lead anywhere.

    Why today it’s impossible to see Argentina playing multiple pass action as that in 2006 WOrld Cup against Serbia. Because we are too much concentrated on forwards and Messi and the team is long time unbalanced. That of 2006 had Crespo only as forward and instead a lot of versatile midfielders that were able to actualize tactical instructions of coach. Today we have coaches that are overwhelmed by abundance of superstars and in Messi’s shadow. Maybe that team of 2006 was the last thet played as team. More quiet players to implement tactics than superstars.)))

    this comment you made after the venezuela match…. if you hate messi dont speak about him…. if argentina lose any match you came with these silly cmt about messi ….. i think you are mardona fan and make cmt like maradona…. if you make some useless cmt about messi i will make cmt about you …. thats for sure

  11. (((Back to roots is good devise. I’m longing for Argentina playing unpredictable, unconventional football again. Besides Nacho, Battaglia or Ascacibar I’m not also for calling up new players.

    Argentina must get out of Messi’s shadow. I don’t know if this is possible at all untill Messi is retired but Sampaoli should try radical changes and impement shock therapy as whole generation is stigmated as Messi’s lackeys and attendants..)))

    this is your cmt after the venezulea match…. sep 6 at 2-21 pm… if bennetteto makes mistakes you will blame messi if benetteto scored that simple pass these things wont happen… if you love someone if he makes a mistakes you take it lightly… then he needs time….

    you know what is club football and national football…. club football they can understand their movement week in weekout messi never played same team in 2007 and 2010 and 2014 and 2015 and now with icardi… they just need time… but some of them here easily critisise dybal icardi eaisly…. i have also critisised dimaria when he plays on left wing and higuain as a striker( he feared in crucial moment) but never auguro he is good at box… dimaria is good on rw… but here no one understand this… auguro and higuain cant win areai ball i said many times…. but so they are not a worst players it is a coach decision to get a best team.. sampolli doing great job… but no one understand this… they simply want to critisise every one…. every players has a weekness… previous goaches never understand that….. but he is best coach i think he will do good job… just support… here no one support messi or any one… national level they dont have a time to give a chance if you are best you have to step up with those 20 mineutes… and

  12. Pablo Perez was superstar of Boca yesterday game against Godoy Cruz. He scored 2 and had assist. Pavon and Benedetto also outstanding. Gago rather not.

    Perez still might be called up. you said this on sep 18 at 7.42 am go and check…. MR GONZALO

    • And what? What that means???? That’s report: Perez was superstar, Gago so so,, Pavon… and so on. Perez still might be called up – that is fact. What that means?

      • you said his name perez first not sampoli… if he is good enough he will get a chance…. why you make name like piatti….. pavon…. it continues… why…. this is not club football…. to give a chance to everyone… training session is enough to consider that player will suit this system or not…. sampoli will know better than you… about peblo perez and local leagye players…. you should stop those kind of stupid cmt…. every time you came with 2 or three players…. sampoli knows what system he is going to play….. he is using 3-4-2-1 system… dont come up with name like rb and lb and wingers like piatti pavon ……. thats is useless…. understand what coach things… and came up with his system who the players are suitable to that system….. last world cup banega pastore are not seleted beacuse sebelista knows his system 4-4-2.. 4-3-3 understand this…. and dont make useless cmt about messi…. everyone in the world knows… his decsion making… and passing and driblling… dont teach to messi… untill you are a maradona(because he still have one advantage to speak about messi he won wc)… but not you…

  13. @ gonzalo & Arjunanmessi

    Come on guys let’s calm down alittle bit, this msg board is for entertainment and discussion.
    If you don’t agree with another poster then just ignore said poster and visa versa, lets us all have fun.

    • one or two times ok bro….. he came with stupid cmts many times…. he must know football is entertainment every time he takes seriously….. one team can win the world cup others will have to fail… he must understand this life is also same … sucess come only one time failure can happen many time…. he makes some good cmt but if he make a bad cmt… still he things he is makes a good cmt…

  14. I feel Gonzalo is knowledgeable and his comments are very valuable and he puts his comments sensibly. Especially about the local league he is best informed. You please continue with your comments as usual sir

    • Yes i completely agree. His vast knowledge about the local league and players is surely commendable. He spots many of our upcoming players( especially the local ones ) even before they develop into becoming stars. Dont stop writing and ignore your haters.

      • Thanks Vis, thanks Vimaldass. And sorry I couldn’t help myself for one more comment to Arjunamessi. The last one.

        • Gonzalo: I agree with the others and I also enjoy you very knowledgeable words and posts especially on the local lges and please keep writing as of turn as you can as I have learned a lot from them and thank you sir for you time and valuable information.

          • Thanks Pablo. You are one of those who are representing always kind of rational and health existence in here. You may disagree with someone but that never comes to disrespectful dispute (for example your gentlemanly disputes with Mamoun). I appreciate and envy sometimes because I try to do the same though somehow often isn’t working and I’m first of all angry at yourself for let someone gets provoced me to use any word like “stupid” or “idiot”. Everytime I take it as my personal failure.

            I know you are a big Messi fan too and maybe even disagree with me on some my “ideas” about Messi role in NT but still I can’t realize to fight with you and few other people because of their:

            1. rational argumentation and attitude or

            2. general politness, good manners and mild character or

            3. just to save our mutual long time good, respectfull relations

            or just for all the factors together

  15. Hahahaha. I don’t know who is Pablo Perez? Now I know at least you know nothing about me… I was just wondering why you mentioned him, because he is Sampaoli’s idea not mine. I never mentioned him before Sampaoli. And I’m still supporting (invariably) first of all Nacho Fernandez, then rather Enzo Perez than Pablo Perez. Constantly I’m for Nacho, Benedetto, J.L. Gomez, Papu Gomez, J.Correa and so on. Nothing is changes so stop talking lies.

    • (((Sampaoli may call up RB Victor Salazar from San Lorenzo. I like him. He is very very fast and combative. I mentioned him few times as one of the 5 of very talented generation of rightbacks: Gomez, Peruzzi, Di Placido, Bustos, Salazar. But at the moment I can’t understand Sampaoli. He is exact opposite of Bauza on selection. Bauza was completely closed but Sampaoli search through like spoiled child. First Jose Luis Gomez. Just one game and out. Ok, he is injured but now I doubt Sampaoli would call him up again when I see what he is doing. He just called up Bustos, as far he didn’t get single minute. Now we hear about Salazar. There were also rumours about Di Placido before and Buffarini. IMO all they are interesting players that may reinfore our right flank, but thats needs time.

      Whilst he is not giving them chance. One match is not a chance. Nacho, Papu Gomez, Jose Luis Gomez, Tagliafico. He must start work with players not only calling them.))))

      this your idoit one of the cmt… mr gonzalo…. you said you cant understand sampolli thats why i said you never going to understand football , messi , sampoli… first match against brazil he used 4-2-3-1 gomez as a right back and marcado as a left back… there are many counter attacks… gomez passing only to cb…. you said he was our best right back… he cant attack with one on one… so argentina dont have the quality rb.. so sampoli decided 3-4-2-1 thats why he dropped gomez and taglifico… went with wing backs… because sampoli want to attack so he wont put useless players on the pitch like rojo taglifico and gomez… thats totally wast.. second match he played salvio as a wing back he attacks well with one on one…. and dimaria is not good as alejendro gomez( i said many times he is our best left winger) and j correa… but they wont defend and dont have a pace like dimaria thats very important for wingback… thats why he not called correa this time and gomez (injured) last time… every system will take time… first match against uruguay we struggled but defensively we are solid with 3 cb… and next match i seen lot of improvement but goals are not went into the net…. but you came up with messi critisism… and icardi too.. wait i will search your cmt i will put here one last time to tell the people in mundo who you really are….

    • this another one your cmt ((((Maybe Sampaoli should switch on 4:4:2 and play with Bustos as RB. He is always making much of confusion in opponent’s defence. So he did in this week Copa Sudamerican game against Atletico Tucuman.)))) and come up name with pavon…. and many…. he can only call few players you never satisfied with call up…. come up with new cmt… to change everything this not the right moment as fas i considered sampoli done some unimaginable things… you never apreciated any player here… i know thats why i hate you… and i not blaming you only… others to… dilwan bilwas…came with 1000000 line up…. wht the ****** is thinking…. he came with 10 line up with one post here….

  16. I wonder myself writing to you because your comments sounds just like 5 years old blind Messi die hard fanboy. But:

    1. Where I said “messi and mache hates icardi”? (bring my comments here to prove or be liar)

    2. Where I said “messi slecting the team”? (bring my comments to prove or be liar)

    3. “i think and icardi played two matches they now want bennedito” Read my comments better idiot: No one was more convinced after 2 last NT games that Icardi and Dybala needs more time in NT. And I was repeating that still.

    4. Icardi deserved more for NT but yes – I prefer Bendetto. Do you capture the difference. One does not preclude the other.

    The more people with attitude like you near NT the more Argentina will suffer for Messi dependecy. it comes to nothing.

    “but messi deserves something with national team” – or really? Poor Messi. As for me Argentina over Messi. Argentina is not only to fulfill Messi’s dreams.

    “played great game they critize others like dimaria higuain” so sorry for criticizing Higuain and Maria. I forgot they do always best.

    • who is idoit you are idoit…. i am hate to cmt here because of like you…. read first what i said below …. i said some of them…. not perticularly…. you are example for many dump comments… here… last time team played better… but goal not went in you are critizing messi… his captancy is poor… what the fuck… you are thinking… i saw many times…. if something went wrong… why he dribbles… in the middle…. you mentioned why he tried make simply pass… if he makes simply pass… others also makes side way passes…. you want to speak about this player go and play and get into argentina national team…. and critizise these plyers you are dump ass…. u said before taglifico and gomez….didnt get enoug chances…. sampolli knows very well… argentina dont have proper full back… they didnt get enough chances… this not clun football give 20 matches to get form…. benetteto….. his control… was poor than… higuain…. alario better than your benetteto….. if he is top class…. why no one willing in europe… sampoli changed whole team….still you are not satisfied.. come up with stupid names….. try to make cmt every time… where i support dimaria and higuian… i also critisised higuain and dimaria…. but not all the time… first match against urguay he was poor ….. acuna poor… but second match team is improved lot… but ball not went into the goal… dimaria is getting better…. and injured… team developed acna get his prefered lw side he is also… better… sampoli first choice wing back is dimaria and salvio…. i know what he is thingking… unfortunately salvio injured last two outings… he went with aucna on rw it didnt worked well… acosta comes in he is stuggled… second match better….. then you come up with correa and gomez over dimaria…… if you dont understand these simple things dont make cmt here….. dimaria can track well with his speed… he can tackle well he can do job wingback… correa not have a speed he is more skilful then dimaria and better decision maker…. but he wont track back… that will cause a team easily… and A.gomez he is to small he is not a wing back……… he is our best lw…. but we are going to play wing back …. and last time he was injured.. thats why sampoli he wasnt selected… and he can replace dybala… in the starting eleven as a second striker…

      salvio loves to take one on one… and he has the speed to recover the ball…. but he unfortunatley injured. last time.. thats why we struglled…. 3-4-3 system wing backs are important… last time we are poor in that area… things will get better only… mr gonzalo i know you said messi and his freinds will always in this team…. then how aguro not called up last time before and higuain… now…

      difference between barca and argentina… if messi failed to win champions league and faild to score against final…. they stil support messi… but argentina… he played well…. no one cares… if he dont play well… everybody wants to critizise… messi… yes mr gonzalo im die hard messi fan… not five years old… untill my death…. i am bored he won many champions league and ballon dr…. but as a messi fan i want he will win everything… especially for argentina… because if he wont do his carrear then it will be difficult for another 20 more years….

      • Sorry, but your comments are just mere babble. I know my english is poor but still can read and understand comments here but not your. Sentences as series of shots from machine gun without underlying idea and logic. I can’t read this. Just 2 picked:

        “benetteto….. his control” – you are estimating player after ONE slip of ball. Enough said. THe more you should give up on Icardi while he has 2 games without goal.

        “mr gonzalo i know you said messi and his freinds will always in this team” – I never said Messi has his “friends” in NT. Bring here my comments about or you are liar. Sorry minimum of logic and argumentation culture is needed.

        Complete chaos in your statements and chaos in your head. If you want to find fault at all costs in somebody you fall into absurdity. Your statements are like guns blazing. Please a bit order in your thoughts because wall is all over riddled with bullets but not me.

        • im not a poet… one control…. football is about control… if you dont control that simple pass… he never going to suceed.. that one touch is enough he not even ready for qualifiers game… then how he will cope in world cup presure games… local league players may be great as you thing… but here only few games or left.. they cant able to cope with these pressure… i have seen from your gomez and taglifico and benetteto…. alario played few minutes but he is argentina future along with icardi im sure… and my point is… sampoli makes whole change still you want new name thats why im irratated… i said lies… go and check your comment ….

      • Stop making a fool out of yourself. And you know what. If you stop commneting it would only be a relief to other members here. SO yah no one cares about you. I visibly see that gonzalo has a better knowledge in football than yours. You make assumptions with no precision at your points whatsoever. Even i disagree on some of gonzalos comment, but you know what everyone has their own opinions. He has good knowledge on local leagues. You are crying like a weenie and lamenting on something that other do. CONCLUSION- stop acting like a bitch

  17. well said xavi….. here some idiot fans dont know about football…. they only know to crtisize….. they never appreciated anyone…. here….. even messi… played great game they critize others like dimaria higuain…. some arg fans dont deserve the trophy untill they support their players… some of them said here many times…. messi and mache hates icardi… but mache put the pass to icardi.. and some of them said messi slecting the team…. they have no sense… i think and icardi played two matches they now want bennedito… list goes on…. pablo perez… expecially mr gonzalo….. first i thought you are honest…. now i realize…. many of them why hates you… if you had any free time… you will make senseless comment here…. but messi deserves something with national team …. and he will

      • uou dont know who… i dont know too… because he is from your local league dump ass…. box to box midfielder you said… along with naco fernandez….. you are never satisfied with team selection… and still come up with new name here no one knows who he is….

        • arjun just ignore him, this guy is free and let him type what ever he wants, no point of arguing or proving your point when someone is not willing to listen and just wants to prove there own points always. I have been following Mundo since day 1, before mundo it use to be world cup blog in 2006 and there use to be person i believe by the name of maxi lopez and man that idiot use to smoke some crazy shit and then he used to go on some crazy rants. Some of the older and die hard fans will remember him for sure, that guys rants were worse then maradona. my point being no one wants to conversate with an idiot or a person that just keeps ranting 24/7/365. so brother ignore it and chill.

          • ya bro…. i wont make cmt here anymore… because… they dont know about football…. its total time waste…. i will enjoy watching messi and argentina…. i know argentina will qualify… and will have a great tournment….

          • Could not agree more. I was very active in Worldcupblog too.I had to leave because of this person with the name of Maxi Lopez. His personal attack went ugly. He would say horrible things about your family if you said anything negative about Coloccini or Pastore.

            Anyway, the team is fine now. We just hope we get 4 points from 2 games and qualify.

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