Leaked Argentina shirt for 2018 World Cup


Apparently, the Argentina shirt for the 2018 World Cup has been leaked.

With Argentina playing their final World Cup Qualifying match on Tuesday, the leaked shirt for the National Team has made its way onto the internet. Whether or not Argentina will be at the 2018 World Cup to wear it is another question but the shirt is now circulating online, as well as most Adidas sponsored kits (Germany and Colombia) who will be at the World Cup. Here it is:

Argentina shirt

Argentina shirt 2018 World Cup
Argentina shirt 2018 World Cup, photo via Marca de Gol

Will the team be wearing it at the 2018 World Cup or only in friendly matches? Let’s hope they wear it at the 2018 World Cup.


  1. A friend of mine who is an Argentina die hard fan has a different feeling than we have here. He is thinking of the teams that can be with Argentina in the gruop😀. For him Argentina will qualify for sure. When I see him I alwaya remember some of Mundo members who are in the opposite side. Just north ploe and South pole! Loool

  2. Beautiful sky-blue and white is always right no matter what.
    GOD WILLING, we’ll advance tomorrow and I’ll make it #7, adding to my collection.

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