Argentina goalkeeper Geronimo RULLI relegated to Real Sociedad bench


It’s been a week of mixed emotions for Geronimo RULLI.

The former Estudiantes goalkeeper hasn’t had the best start of the season. He’s made several goalkeeping mistakes yet despite that, he has found himself in Lionel SCALONI’s Argentina squad. Following a 3-0 win against Guatemala, RULLI started for Sociedad and played rather poorly yet was included in the latest Argentina team which was announced on Friday.

Fast forward to Saturday and he found himself on the bench for Real Sociedad as they lost 1-0 at home to Valencia. There were rumors a few weeks back that RULLI would be dropped from the Argentina team in place of Boca Juniors goalkeeper Esteban ANDRADA. However, ANDRADA would later get injured and that kept the door open for RULLI.


  1. I don’t know but Argentina in general rarely produce World Class Goal Keeper is int it? Ironically Brazil always keep producing good or great goal Keepers. its a position which Argentina don’t care that much about i guess. But we learned the hard lesson in the World Stage by embarrassing mistakes from our GK. Goshhh Caballero.

    Armani can carry on for some more years i guess, He is just started his NT Career now so he will be motivated to give his all. He was already getting better against Colombia. he will get better with more matches.

    Andrada is someone who can slowly replace Armani. Rulli well He will be back have a big future for him. Hopefully

    • We have few young promises ones. Andrada, Roffo and Rossi from Boca, Ezequiel Unsain, Walter Benitez, Axel Werner, Geronimo Pourtau, Guido Herrera.

      • Which one among them will be good for us only time will tell. Gosh seems like Romero has been there forever. 8 Years huh? Before that Roberto Abbondanzieri had a really long spell with us. Optimistic about the options. Well lets see who the Next coach will prefer. Scaloni clearly prefers Romero Again..

          • Well lets see, we will get a clearer picture about Scaloni after the upcoming 2 friendlies. Frankly speaking Armani deserves it. If we r looking for inform players no one is better than him. Andrada was also on fire too (That freak injury ruined his chance, He will be back, its not a knee injury or other which can effect performance, Its a jaw injury so he should be fine when returns).

    • You are right, many talked about that, We had very few world class keepers in the last 40 years, such as Fillol,Roa and Pumpido who broke his leg in 1990 and that was it for his career with the NT.
      You all remember his blunder against Cameroon, then Goycochea took his place and helped the NT reaching the Final(while he was a second choice in River) but hey they all do it!
      So yeah, strange that Argentina does not produce World class keepers, like say Germany,Brazil or Spain. But they always produce potent attackers. I think because Argentine football is attack minded.
      One thing Argentina is best at, top 2 players in history are Argentines. and by FAAAAAR, and third is coming soooon, say within 10 years. Comes 2022 We will take that baby home.

      • “Roberto Abbondanzieri” when I hear or see this name, I fall into the memories of 2006 WC. Sometimes I say to myself if he didn’t get injured we would’ve won that match vs Germany. Leo Franco was a few minutes on the pitch when the Germans cancelled our lead.

        We have so many problems in goalkeeping area and I think the problem goes back to the lack of good goalkeeper coaches in Argentina. Italy, Germany, and Brazil produce the best goalkeepers recently.

        • Germans! cant stand them, their players are known to inflict physical damage on opponents, specially goalkeepers. Remember Schumacher in 1982 against France, and Neuer when he hit Higuain in 2014?

      • Germany, Brazil, Italy, Spain consistently keep churning out World class GK. Germany and Italy are pioneers in Goal Keeping i guess. They always produce some hell of a Goal keepers. Damn.

  2. I was never confident of Rulli, when i saw his mistake in brazil olympics and if argentina didn’t concede that goal they could have made it to next round. We need a goalkeeper who can
    1. Good ball distribution
    2. Good at Feet
    3. Good at set pieces
    4. Good at tie breaker situations
    5. Can instruct the defense, good communication with defense and take leadership as a last man of defense
    6. Agile , excellent reflexes and fearless

    I am very demanding in each and every position since its Argentina National Team, not a.b,c team.

  3. Once again Walter benitez had a good performance against PSG. He made some of the good saves , here in this forum obsessed with rulli despite rulli continuously terrible performance. Rulli no way deserved in the Argentine team & Walter benitez will definitely star goalkeeper of Argentina.

    • Yeah Benitez’s been flying under the radar but I went back this week and watched some extended highlights of his last few games and he’s not half bad. With that being said I think he should’ve done better on the Neymar goal.
      As for Rulli well for me he’s out of contention….for now! If and when we get the Rulli of 2 season ago then I’m all for his inclusion but for now Argentina has to make do with Armani, Romero and maybe one of Andrada (when he recovers), Gazziniga or Benitez.

  4. It is really evident that after a good match you are the best thing ever and after a bad match shit.
    Before and during the world cup some of us used to criticize the team because we saw that we are bad and making bad decisions.
    For example Gonzalo said he doesnt believe in this team and said he will not post here until the world cup.
    I criticized and tried to stay positive.
    When Argentina beat Nigeria.
    The gloating went out of hand and people in here went crazy and mocking us who were rightfully critical of the team.
    One match that we barely won doesnt change, we were a bad team.
    After France most of these posters disappeared and as far as I am concerned I didn’t mock anyone and looked ahead for a better future.
    So please let us rebuild because we need new blood, we can still use some older players if needed, but we need to rebuild and field a more modern team, based on team play first and balance.
    we don’t need reactionary and emotional posts.
    Young players are not consistent.
    When a young player burst into the scene he has no pressure and there is no or little footage of his game, so he plays freely.
    When he has some games under his belt excelling in them people notice and try to study them to the core: movements, how they play,…so they get found out and opponents try to use weaknesses to adventage and eliminate strengths.
    There is also the fame factor and everybody wants you somehow and many lose their mind so the don’t work as much as they should.
    Some of them faced with this hit the wall.
    Here is where dedicated and great players excel while not dedicated players fail. Great players reinvent themselves by working on new movements, new ways, work on their weaknesses.
    Failed players are not willing to learn and reinvent themselves so they end up being average.
    Those bumps in the road to greatness make great players!
    Remember this before you judge.
    Dybala is in such a bump and I am sure he will fight out of it and become better than before and so will hopefully Rulli.

    • “Failed players are not willing to learn and reinvent themselves so they end up being average.
      Those bumps in the road to greatness make great players!”

      Exactly, Road to greatness is full of bumps. don’t judge a player after one or two good/bad performance.

      • this forum becomes English media
        One player have good or score great
        Next thing you heard is top player
        He should in the national team.
        Our mates here were mentioned
        Gomez or rigoni in my opinion
        Those names re no where near
        National team material.

    • Ghostdeini,

      thanks, for remembering about PSYCHOLOGICAL CONDITIONS OF GROWING TO SUCCESS, as I call it. The fact is that most people, in here too, does not take into account such factors but they are crucial. Most people just demand immediate result from youngsters. They must deliver within 2 games if not we will go for other names, most likely old.

      For those reason I’m fighting with what I called csabalalism. Few points of the arrogant attitude are:

      1. Good players who are NT material play in big clubs
      2. If one failed or left the big club that means he is just too weak for the club (Lo Celso case)
      3. If he shines in small club -even if playing against big opponent teams- he is still nowhere near to benchwarmer of big club
      4. Being 25 years old player and still in local league means authomatically you are not NT material
      5. Playing in mediocree league authomatically means you are not NT mateiral, even if your club play in CL (cases like Zenit, Sporting, Benfica)
      6. You need first to score 20 goals or so in Europe to be called up for NT striker position (Lautaro Martinez)

      and other full of ignorance points

      • I expect new Argentina team will start taking shape after Brazil match. If WE have any friendlies in November then it will start firing. by March or April We will be ready. Scaloni is working patiently and Patience is needed. Football is a mental strength game, also. Coaches work hard on strengthening mental state of the players. All I ask is that The media and fans don’t be so critical and shameful of the players if they lose to Brazil or any other team while we are at this stage. Players have emotional feelings,too.

        • Yeah,

          This brand new team will be yet in their 4th game thrown on deepest water playing against 1st team of Brazil. I don’t care about result much, more wanting to see good football from us.

          Most importantly I believe we will be prepared for the toughest on Copa having already such opponents like Colombia, Brazil to play against .

          • “IF the kids put a good show against Brazil” then I think a ot of people in here will become proud member of farm community. LOL

    • “So please let us rebuild because we need new blood, we can still use some older players if needed, but we need to rebuild and field a more modern team, based on team play first and balance”.

      We need to go through the friendlies with the youngsters untill Copa America and estimate months ot two before wheter (and which) we need from the old guard. But still I think only Romero, Otamendi, Messi, Aguero should be in consideration. For me Romero may be there even now as I suppose being goalkeeper he will not impact the youngsters in any bad way. Otamendi and Aguero should join and start only if the current options on their positions will not deliver. Messi is tottally different case. He is best and virtually should make every team much better but his impact (positive/negative) on youngsters developement is most dramatic and for the reason he should join at the end (when youngsters will affirm their positons and feel full responsibility for NT) or never if the impact will be negative.

  5. sadly rulli he is not showing us the promise he once had and at the same time gazza at spurs had another very solid game, a new 3rd keeper perhaps? as they say “one door closes another opens”

    “Paulo Gazzaniga (8.5/10): Starting his third game in a row and was excellent in between the sticks. He denied Jonathan Hogg with a flying save in the first half before pulling off another extraordinary save to keep out Mbenza’s curling effort. He made a total of five saves, eclipsing Jonas Lossl’s total of four in the tightly fought encounter”

      • Godin11: I hope so as I have rated rulli in the past very highly, im not giving up on him but atm hes needs to work a lot hardier to be taking any n.t spot.

        as for gazz apparently he will now be the no 2 at Tottenham and is the long term successor to lloris but hes young (only 26) and it seems like hes one to watch, id have no problem if he was given a chance to see the set up.

        I just don’t like players being in the n/t to “regain” confidence or “regain” form as that is not what the n/t is here for but sadly we have had this type of scenario far to much in the past.

  6. Mrinal

    “Correa will be on the bench for whole season , he doesnt deserve to start”.

    Say what you want, but this is arrogant statement in Csabalala and KidultHood style. You don’t know the futeure. I will fight such arrogance always.

    I heard before from the guy that arrogant statement about going to bench for whole season Battaglia, Cervi, Acuna, Salvio….

    • Wait future will tell it.
      Correa has very bad vision , most of the time he does useless dribbles on the wing
      ,we dont want those type of players we already have a better version angel di maria.

      • Angel Di Maria? LOL

        So you are the one who want him back?

        Sorry but we have future, we have many options on wings. You may depreciate Correa but still we are not doomed for Di Maria.

  7. So what? Argentina is not bind to Rulli‘s balls.
    When a player doesnt perform well he goes to the bench. No sugercoating.
    He has talent but must improve decision making. This can be corrected with experience.
    Casillas was benched by del bosque for sanchez at real and came back stronger.
    De gea was benched at man utd and came back stronger.
    He can prove now that he is a great keeper or a bad keeper.
    The good ones come back stronger and the bad ones are subs wherever they go.

    • Whatever is Rulli’s form is he should be given chance to start atleast one game for Argentina…

      Players like Dybala Locelso Icardi Paredes Rulli needs confidence

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