Argentina squad announced as Nicolas OTAMENDI, Roberto PEREYRA make list


The Argentina list is out and Nicolas OTAMENDI returns to the squad while Roberto PEREYRA and Rodrigo DE PAUL make the team.

Lionel SCALONI’s list for next month’s friendly matches against Iraq and Brazil has been announced and there are some changes. Here’s the squad:

Argentina’s squad for matches against Iraq and Brazil.

Geronimo RULLI

Fabricio BUSTOS

Giovani LO CELSO
Rodrigo DE PAUL
Eduardo SALVIO
Franco CERVI
Marcos ACUNA

Cristian PAVON
Giovanni SIMEONE

Gabriel MERCADO misses out this time around as does Matias VARGAS of Velez. Despite being in fine form, Erik LAMELA of Tottenham doesn’t make the cut and would have to wait for the next matches in order to try and make the squad.


  1. “Argentina have a lot of talented players who play for the best clubs in the world but to do well at a major competition you need to be a real team,”

    “I hope the next time we play a tournament we will be a team and not a collection of individuals. Only then, will we be in a position we deserve.”

    -Javier Saviola.

  2. Off the Topic by the way. Messi Plays innocently like a Small kid which we all loves, He don’t dive, He gets ups when he falls and carry on play like any young child who plays football. One of my favorite players of All time. Messi as per me is the Best ever to play Football.

    But I think Messi is not innocent as he looks to be from outside. He is a demanding player. Who demands this or that player in Barca(Whether it is true or not i don’t know, When ever we r searching about Messi, Usually there is always something that “Messi demands this player to be removed etc etc”)For example, I have read Articles where he had requested Guardiola to remove Zlatan from Barca, so that he can play as False 9? I know some of the news r exaggerated. All players want to play with players who they think are comfortable with.

    “I always be-leave if there is Fog then there is some Fire too”

    What he does at his Club doesn’t matter at all, but Question is don’t you think Wont he do the same in the NT also..Is it right thing to do from his part?? is int up to the Coach to choose which players r goo or bad for his tactics? may be Maradona also obviously was like that because his Character itself was like that he was a hot head. But Messi looks and has an impression of an innocent player.

    This is a may be controversial i guess. Just saying.

      • Guardiola? The Zlatan incident?

        Argentina NT coaches r usually powerless in front of Messi. So probably most of the times they have to kneel in front of him.. AFAs main source of money is Messi. So obviously he becomes the powerful figure.

        Was just saying.we will hear the isolated incidents long after Messi is retired.

    • You will find too much bullshit fabricated news on the net about almost any subject, In messi’s case its’s just as simpler as one real madrid fan invents something, and all he has to do is share with others that are ready to accept the matter without investigating or toss it against any reasonable thinking, and here it spreads through social media like fire.
      Now comes the free thinking human, ask yourself, why Messi would do that? try to find a legit purpose away form outside interference and naked of any affection/hate towards Messi, Barcelona or Argentina. because that what messi represents, Barca and Argentina, so it’s doable and extremely possible that a brazilian fan or a christian Ronaldo fan will carry on fanning the flames to hurt what they consider, their enemies. So again ask yourself, what Messi is trying to accomplish by dictating players?
      Likewise there many news from coaches and other players that that news is completely false. Zalatan said loud and clear, he left because of guardioula, and he considered Messi the best player ever, so how come he wil lpraise a person who was the reason for him leaving a club, knowing zalatan’s character, do you think he will just keep his mouth shut about that?
      Next we will hear that he was the reason for Ronaldinho leaving Barca.
      This is exactly the type of fabricated news that caused some players to play like shit.

    • This is what ended up hurting the group in the last WC. all that bullshit news in the media and on the net, without any credible source. even messi had to face sampaoli and ask him if he ever gave him a a name of any player to play with. Fabricated fanned flames about How Messi controls the team, I wish he did, but he chickened out, he was really stupid not to do that. and left his friend aguero out of france game and di maria out of croatia game .We would have better outcome.

    • Former Barcelona boss Gerardo ‘Tata’ Martino has laughed off claims that compatriots Lionel Messi and Javier Mascherano had a say on team selection during his time at the club.Those were allegations that were levelled at Martino during his spell in charge, with some claiming that player power influenced the decisions that were made.However, Martino, who is now in Major League Soccer at Atlanta United, insisted that there is no basis to such rumours.”That’s just what people want to believe but no it isn’t true,” Martino told SuperDeportivo. “In short, journalism gives people what they want to hear. I’ve heard a lot of these situations in the past and coaches having to deny them.”People like to believe that it happens but there is a lot of invention in all of that. Absolute facts are left out of the analysis when telling the truth of the story.”We like to believe these things, that there are bad men who take charge of the situation and weaker ones who accept it and let it happen but I don’t have much more to say about it.”


    • Argentina manager Edgardo Bauza has refuted claims that FC Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi decides which players should play for his national team.

      The forward quit international football after the Albiceleste’s defeat in the final of the 2016 Copa America earlier this year, but returned to the team a few months later.

      It has often been speculated that Messi has a large influence on who he plays with in the Blaugrana’s attack, and there have also been reports he has similar control in Argentina’s dressing room too.

      However, manager Bauza has denied that the 29-year-old has any say in the selection of the national team.

      “They say that Messi puts his friends in the Argentina team, and it is all lies,” he told DeporTEA.

      “It’s an invention of the media.”

    • It is possible messi may recommend the inclusion of some players he sees fit his style but we know sabella chose enzo perez over banega a player messi would prefer.
      messi also has been under smear attack since he became world player of the year 2009.
      Replace messi in place of ronaldo in his rape case you think major media will ignore a case like that.

      • Messi has the right to be consulted on who to play with, Riquelme said. but he does not go as far as dictating all player selection, formations, and eliminating players

    • Messi’s words:

      In an interview with TyC Sports, he said: “It was said that I didn’t want Icardi coming to the national team, but I’ve never decided if a player comes or not.

      “Now it’s coming out that all that was said was a lie. I never said I didn’t want Icardi in the national team, nor did I make anyone leave other players out.

      “Telling great players that they’re only playing because they’re Messi’s friend is disrespectful — and it’s also a total lie because I don’t run the national team.”
      Source: the sun

      • If you ask someone who does something wrong in front of their face, 99% of the time that person will deny it. So those words is hardly a proof.

        Villa and Messi had altercation on the field in 2012 and Villa was gone by the next season. Off course Villa said there’s nothing wrong between them even though there’s blatant proof which everyone could see.

        • Villa was gone because He did not regain his form after breaking leg in FIFA CLUB world cup, and signed neymar in his place. come on one disagreement on the pitch will cause all that speculation? then Messi should kick everyone out of Barca because it happened often. Messi and villa played superb together, Villa said in one interview, that Messi brings out the best in players around him, if you disagree that Messi makes players shine, then sorry to say, you have not been following football lately, look at neymar, where did he end after leaving Barca, Eto, Henry, Bojan, fabregas, Pedro, thiago and the list goes on. Speculation is a disease.
          Maybe you have a point that Messi denies the truth, then how come all deny it? past and present players and coaches, now you tell me that there is no one present or past player or coach who has the balls to say it? why not say it if they have nothing to lose? A rumor is just what? a rumor until proven otherwise.

        • Yupp Exactly, I guess some people don’t have simple logic to even understand that. They be-leave Everything the Idols say in Interviews r correct.

          • “99% of the time that person will deny it”
            I am still waiting for that 1% to have the balls and prove the rumors. there should be some credible figure who is the 1% somewhere out there.
            I based my thoughts on pure logic, not a rumor or affection/hate misleading analysis or articles god knows who wrote it.

        • ⁿRattlehead September 29, 2018 at 10:59 pm
          If you ask someone who does something wrong in front of their face, 99% of the time that person will deny it. So those words is hardly a proof.”

          So what does that mean for EVERYONE else who denied these crap rumors? Everyone has denied such rumors. Do you think it’s one big conspiracy where everyone corroborated the story? The only people pushing the story are the media because it sells clicks and people still somehow believe it.

    • Mik,
      You just seem to be deluded my friend. Without looking into reality you are being fooled by media who wants more and more people like you just to create fake news for raising TRP. A person like Zlatan himself said “I have no problem with Messi” & “Messi is the best player in the world”. Zlatan is so blunt that its 100% true that he wouldn’t have spared even Messi when it comes to speaking the truth. It was wholly and solely Pep’s decision to make Messi play as false 9. If you can’t even see that, then nobody can help you mate.

      • So you are saying all the news which comes about Messi who demands this player exit or that player to be taken r fake?? just search Messi in Google every time a similar news comes?? Are all false?? I dont think so.

    • “Messi Plays innocently like a Small kid which we all loves, He don’t dive, He gets ups when he falls and carry on play like any young child who plays football. ”

      The word “innocent” doesn’t sit well with me. Messi doesn’t play innocent or like a child. He plays as a PROFESSIONAL should play. Diving and antics are for children, not adults. Many refer to Neymar as a child for that very reason. The rest of your comments were mostly already disproven…just click bait stuff, tabloids. The Arg media are so EFFIN toxic…

      • Dude, Its just a phrase i felt right to explain Messi.

        So when i am saying”Mascherano is a Warrior football player” you r expecting that i am saying Mascherano is playing the Freaking football with Shield and Sword in his hand huh like a gladiator. Huh?

        Come on.

        • Mik
          October 1, 2018 at 6:50 am
          Well lets see, May be time will prove it wrong or may be right. Dont know.

          There really is nothing left to see. Disgusting Arg media made up drama in the locker room, they got a ton of people to “click” the bullshit articles. All players and coaches have since then publicly responded and denied the bullshit rumors. The problem is that you’re trying to confirm anything that feeds your bias against the Senior players and when when proof is provided (player and coach denials), you still don’t believe it and say “don’t know, time will tell”. For now, we have to assume everything the media made up is bullshit.

          • Its not only Argentine Media who is talking about Messi other Medias too (I know most of them may be fabricated but we cant say all r fabricated). And by the way this has nothing to do with the other senior players,Was talking only about Messi. Whether we be-leave the rumors or not its up to us. I cant change Ur opinion and u cant change mine.

    • Whether people agree or not, he’s certainly has big influence on selection, even at Barca.

      He’s been outspoken on which player he’d like to bring to Barca, every season. Remember that Maradona also had similar influence which is why Pasarella and Diaz were out from starting 11 once Diego was made a captain. Pasarella has said that about Maradona, and its not a secret.

      Messi certainly loved to play alongside his youth teammate , those players that won WYC in 2005 and Olympic 2008. Including the subs , there’s 8 players from 05-07 youth generation that played in opening game against Iceland. 2018 and Argentina still playing with basically similar squad like in last 8-9 years, simply outdated.

      Remember when Messi announced his “Temporary” retirement after Copa 2016? many of the players were saying they’re also quitting the NT, but when Messi decided to return right away , so did all his teammates.

      • Ex-Argentina playmaker Juan Roman Riquelme says that the reason his country have not won an international trophy recently is that Lionel Messi “plays alone.”

        Argentina’s last big success was the 1993 Copa America, while their barren run at the World Cup goes back to 1986.

        With Messi as captain the Albiceleste have reached the final of both tournaments in recent years, but they lost the 2015 Copa America final to Chile after suffering similar disappointment when being beaten in extra time by Germany in the 2014 World Cup decider.

        Asked on FOX Sports why the Barcelona talisman had not yet lifted a trophy with his country, Riquelme said the blame lay with his teammates.

        “Because Messi plays alone,” Riquelme said. “He is the best in the world. We must look after him. He is Argentine, and I have no doubts that if he is in good form, Argentina will be very close to winning this Copa America.”

        Source: ESPN

        Now very simple question: How do you expect Messi to play and be in good form when all these rumors and accusations is flying around? you have to think about the mental aspect of the game, that was clearly seen on his behavior and mental disarray during the last WC. He was clearly along with many of the players unders exceptional mental pressure. Thanks to the Argentine media for spreading rumors, speculations and accusations while cursing the shit out of the players and even talking shit about their families INSTEAD of defending their national representatives and supporting them. I have never seen such a media so critically destroying the mentality and reputation of their NT players while they are going through crucial times.

      • Finally someone who understood what i was saying.

        This is nothing to do with Messi the Player, he is the best ever, there is no hate on him, But sometimes its better to accept some facts. Even if it is about our idol too.

        Well most wont agree thats true.

        • it’s not about Messi the player of course, it’s about the stability,reputation,mental and emotional pressure which translates to the success or failure of the group as a whole. Messi made sense when he said :
          “Telling great players that they’re only playing because they’re Messi’s friend is disrespectful”
          Even Sampaoli was disrespectful when he said this is Messi’s team, instead of relieving the pressure on the players, he put them under more pressure.

          now some will come and dispute the fact that they are/were great players.

          Please Read an article by Barney Ronay about that subject.

          • There cant be Fog without Fire , As per me. Well i respect your opinion. But whenever i search Messi i see this same news that he demands this player that player etc. Which is not from 1 website only. I don’t think all of them r fake. Well it doesn’t matter. But just saying.

          • Maybe it does not, the matter is way larger than the issue of Messi or Argentina, in this time and age, anyone can publish and fabricate such news on any website, there is no governance or an authority to authenticate such claims, a 5 years old kid can create a blog and spread it through social media, since the majority of people get their news from social media, then people will just tend to believe what they see, there are many ways to trick the mind into believing what they read is real and true. Believe me when i say that, because that is my job. I analyse data for 30 years. You can see a you tube video made in a way that will make you believe what you see, certain chosen words to connect what you hear to what you see in a way it would most likely trick you in believing that specific news. I will not believe something because hey, it’s on the internet.
            Some accuse ‘Messi and his friends’ for being the purpose behind Riquelme departure. When in fact he was hated by many for leaving the NT first time when his mother got sick because of all the things they were talking about him in the media, When he came back, he had problems with Maradona and quit again, He says that himself. You can research it. then Maradona tried to get him back in 2009, but he refused many times, the playes got pissed at him for not coming back and some said We don’t need to call anyone, We have Messi now. For god sake, tell me what Messi had to do with that?
            Now let me go through some logic
            if Messi truly dictates player selection, then he does that because he feels that with these players he plays best and can win, right?
            then let’s say he tried that in 2010, but it did not work, then in Copa 2011 and it did not work, then in WC2014 and it did not work, then in Copa 2015 and it did not work, in Copa16 it did not work, in WC2018 it did not work. don’t you think that He would have seen that after first or second time he tried to influence player selection that his “dictation and player selection does not work” and give up on that behavior? Logic says he would have given up first or second time around. I don’t think he is that stupid unless you think he is a dictator. meanwhile, there was no single soul, or player to have the balls and tell him to go f.. himself. Come on,
            If he chose his friends to play with him, Why biglia, Higuain,Aguero, Di maria sat at the bench for complete matches?
            My point is , I am not walking into a trap into believing something just because when I hit the search button on google gives me results that say so and so. search engines will gather every word written about the subject, regardless if it was real news or just a blog.
            type anything in the search engine about messi you will find thousands of examples.
            type “Messi is gay” and see how many ‘news articles you come up with’ then go ahead and believe that there is no smoke without fire.

          • Well You can be leave what you like, As like most of us we always like to hear good things about our Idols. Well time will prove whether he was a demanding player or not. Which doesn’t matter because even if he is demanding it has always brought good result to BARCELONA. Well for Argentina NT well…

  3. Just finished with West Ham MU, West Ham seems improved a lot on the passing with Pellegrino. Could be a good thing for Lanzini who doesn’t need to carry the team on his shoulder like the past 2 years. Watching Roma-Lazio now, Correa on the bench again, wonder if Perotti is injured, fortunately Pastore still on the pitch.

  4. Istique,
    Keep in mind that my comments are aimed for 2022.
    Nobody in his right mind thinks Foyth (NOW) is better than Otamendi (NOW) but in 2022.
    Copa America I see as “go as far as you can or take as much as you can”.
    I also see Copa America as an reason for some players wanting to return and some fans wanting them to return so we can win.
    I can understand that!
    But what if we lose?
    Will we say let’s use them for the qualifiers because they have experience.
    And we will end up before the World Cup saying we don’t have time to experiment.
    This excuses has been used the last years.
    I don’t want that so we must rebuild as soon as possible.
    This is my reason!
    We know what Messi, Aguero, Otamendi, Romero can do.
    Let’s see what the others can do.

    Winning a battle against Brazil is not the way to go if you end up losing the war. Losing against Brazil hurts (if we lose) but winning against them and losing when it matters hurts a thousand times more.

    Argentina has produced great players in the past, now and so will in the future.
    Not all the players come through the NT YOUTH TEAMS.
    Some grow later and some peak earlier.
    Some explode later in to the scene.
    KEEP IN MIND THAT! Not all youth team players will make it and players that are not in the youth teams will make it.
    Argentina’s problems have always been organizational, tactical, structural, and in fighting.

    How do we rate goalkeepers?
    When Your defense leaves you alone no matter how good you are they will score 10+ goals against you!

    Jose Ernesto Sosa was meant to be the star of that team wearing the 10 but just before the World cup got injured and Patricio Perez got his 10 as an stand in.
    Never said he played! Just was meant to be the star of the team.

    • Trying to hold the stick from one end or the other is getting us no where, Replacing one extreme with another extreme is just as bad, Extremism is bound to fail.We need management, media and fans to believe in complimentary or complex solutions. It’s a matter of Lunacy to think or expect old squad to represent Argentina in 2022. On the other hand it’s just as lunatic to expect some of them not to be part of the team in Copa19. Some here take it for granted that some are calling for the youngsters to take over the whole team, and some don’t want any young player to be part of the team. it is highly doubtful that We can build a team to compete effectively in next year Copa out of purely young talent, as it is highly impossible that we can go through the qualifiers with old squad members. Qualifiers period is not supposed to be tryouts, by then We should have built the core of the team. it is not smart to have players playing half way through the qualifying campaign and then let them go. so go figure the dilemma we are in. Complimentary solution is our only choice to succeed in both. So let’s wait and see. We have good group of young talent now, let’s be patient and give them the chance they deserve, We can always call for some of the more experienced players if needed.

  5. River has now 30 games in a row without lost. One more and they will reach the historical achievement of 1922/23 and 2014 teams.

    After the lost 1:5 to River now it’s hard to believe Lanus less than 11 months ago beat RIver 4:2 to make their final of Copa Libertadores. Things are changing quickly.

    • Just like Bustos after game against Spain. The old ones didn’t looked concerned a lot. Just like after lost to France. Believe me you can get used to loosing important games.

    • There is a lot of hype is growing around this kid….hope to see him in january u20 tournament. Forwards can be

      Pedro Vega……Maxi Romero……Garre

      • Sadly, Maxi Romero and Garre aren’t on the upward trajectory. Along with De la Vega, there is also CF Veron at Argentinos and also Barreal and Pellegrini who could dispose both Play ahead of Romero and Garre.

  6. @ Mamoun

    Defensa y Justicia is progressing in Copa Sudamerican. They beat Banfield 2:0 away and our favourite players contributed a lot. Barboza with goal, Lisandro Martinez with assist. The two are so much worth follow. Miranda, Togni, Fernandez, Blanco as well.

    The second goal have score debutant Ignacio Aliseda (category 2000). Beccacece good job.

    • Gonzalo I said it before and I will say it again, Barboza needs to be called up and must be given a chance with the NT. The kid’s been consistently amazing for 2 seasons with the primera and he continues to be amazing.
      Licha Martinez is showing enormous potential but he must show that he keep this up for an entire season before getting a call up, the same goes for Miranda.

  7. Pedro De La Vega of Lanus is impressing since hise debut in Superliga 2 weeks ago. He is the only one player of the team who is promise of better times (for still current runner-up of CL last edition).

    There’s rumour about emerging of the kid just like was in Barco or Almada case. As I’ve said one week ago I hope he will join our U-20 team on Sudamericano. May compete the Maroni position.

    He got award from AFA previous season for being outstanding in youth divisions.

    One of most promising ones in league. We must enjoy him quickly as in a moment Csabalala will pick him clean LOL

    • This kid is a goal hunter, F..k The mother f…ing AFA for not having a productive and effective youth development program in place. Argentina is full of Talent.

      • @ebo this first time i see you swearing
        😂 afa must piss you off that is what
        Happen when the president the stays the power for 30 years ..
        You may not agree with me
        I do think this tapia guy will do better
        If given time …especially what has
        Been happing last few years
        It can’t get any worse than this

        • @godin11
          This is weird! After I wrote this comment I said to myself : now the guys will find it strange that I said such words, I wanted to edit and delete but I think it was too late. But I am really getting upset seeing this much talent go unnoticed . not just about those couple of kids, But some of the new members of the NT. like Palacios, Martinez, etc…

          • @Ebo

            to realize the amount of talents Argentina have we may think about neighbouring Uruguay. Uruguay has a lot of promising youngsters out of 4 mln people. We may choose out of 10 times more population.

            Pity Martinez could have been called up as well 4 years ago when he shined in Huracan leading the team to Copa Argentina title. But our famous generation enchanted us too much to open the doors for fresh blood.

          • Let’s take our youth team from last U-20 WC. The squad was full of talented players: Montiel, Foyth, Lisandro Martinez, Senesi, Ascacibar, Palacios, Colombatto, Zaracho, Lautaro Martinez, Ponce, Lucas Rodriguez. Everyone who watched their games may admit they were dominating England (the winner of that tournament), Corea and the third African team (I can’t remember which). If not the tactical weakness they could go really far in the tournament. But we started preparing for the tournament a few weeks/days before tornament, when the coach was appointed. The same situation was before last Olimpic Games.

          • @gonzalo-pity-martinez
            I did ask myself that question, Uruguay with about 4 million compared to Argentina 40 million, They should have way more potent NT.
            if you look at European countries with small population, they usually fare better than south american or Asian countries with 10 times the population, the secret is youth development programs, I understand too it needs financial resources, but I am sure corruption takes it’s toll. In any case it’s just sad and unfair.

          • We are also exact opposite of methodical long term planning as for example Germans are. Loew is with Germany since 14 years (primarily as Klinsmann assistent) and will continue atleast untill 2022. Within the time we have already 9 coaches and might be more. There’s no continuity.

            If there’s no any long term manager no wonder no one want to introduce and experiment with youngsters because they think youngsters will not click within the short time every Argentina coach got to deliver while old guard is guarantee of minimum good results (as we saw that’s not true they are guarantee).

        • @godin11
          and how many other Argentine kids are playing in the streets of the cities and towns of Argentina that no one knows about or pays attention to, waiting for scouts of big European clubs to snatch them to make financial gains on the expense of their future, and the future of the NT?

          • @ebo as Argentina fan it really toughts me that there so many talants as our friend gonzalo mentioned and all Argentina managers in the past ignore them
            It can’t get through my mind
            How the they didn’t give chance early
            Players like pitty Martinez bataglia parades pezzela lanzini the list goes on.. i don’t know.. every football nations envy Argentina but arg re
            Thier own enemy i guess

  8. Pezzela is undisputed start for Argentina.
    Against Brazil i will play pezzela and otamandi… my humble opinion funes mori
    Shouldn’t in the squad.
    In Argentina media they overrate some
    Players and funes mori and maxi meza
    Are few of them they overrated.

    • I will go for that backline too. I think for now the two are the most reliable. On his day, Otamendi can be a real beast although he has his off days which could outright destroy our team. Funes Mori shouldn’t be anywhere near there. I’m excited about the return of Mammana. We do have depth all over except attack now.

      • For the brazil game, I wish otamendi dosent play. It has to be the new stars & will be a great test of their skills at the highest levels. Let’s see how kannemann, franco, Pezella defend.

  9. There is a possibility of Otamendi – Mori Centre back duo?

    I hope Pezzella won’t get dropped. He and Tagliafico should defenitly play most of the matches. Kanneman looks like a matured CB, Kanneman – Pezzella duo?

  10. Some think that Brazil will score 6 or 7 against us next month, I expect Pezzella, Battaglia, Ascacibar, Paredes, Pitty and Palacios will make a huge impact in the match against Brazil. I am looking forward to beat them,We will see.

    • Any arg fan who believes Brazil will trash
      Arg.. he must been listening espn or
      Tim vickery.. i’m firm believer..
      I honestly believe this new generation
      Of Argentina squad one thing I’m sure
      We will give Brazil hell of a game
      If scaloni get his cards right.
      We may even embarrass them.

      • As much As I want the team to win against Brazil, sometimes I don’t care if We field 10 years old players, or 50. I always want Brazil to lose. typical Argentina fan of course. But this time I will not get disappointed(much) If We lose, it’s part of the project. I just hope that the media and some fans don’t come after the game and criticize the players or the coach for losing, unless they really put a shitty display which I suspect very much.

        • “We field 10 years old players, or 50”

          lol, yeah. i don’t care either but it will be good for the experience. I don’t think we’ll lose by a lot but who knows, maybe well pull off a win. Our attack felt a bit toothless against Colombia. Hope Icardi and Dybala really step up this game, especially la joya. He’s so talented, great to see when he’s on fire. Unless they suck, I’d like to see them play ALL game this time.

  11. Some might not like what I say, I think Scaloni is looking for a player to partner with Pezzella and that’s why he called on Otamendi as there is not any player at this moment who can perform better then him in the CB, BUT I think it’s still early in the game to start filling the squad with old squad members. IF Scaloni wants to do this gradually, I think it would have made more sense in calling Mercado ahead of Otamendi because the RB position is what we lack at the moment. Overall the list as expected, except why Meza over Lamela? they really must see something we can’t see, I hope that is the case.
    I have seen some including Messi and some othe old squad players in the “proposed list ” for the coming friendlies, I say please it’s too early in the game to talk about Messi or the other stars

    • Don’t think Meza in competition with Lamela. I guess Scolani may just want to try him in midfield. To me, Lamela’s role and position is similar to Dybala, right playmaker in a 3-men attack or 9-half behind striker. His time will come if he has more playing time at club. When I look at the list of players, I guess we may also try other system than 433 or 4231.

    • Its a no brainer that otamendi is our best CB in current crop. Same with aguero as striker. The only point I have is that it would have been better to test the wannabe new players against brazil than otamendi. This is like trying Ruilli only against Guatemala. U just can’t decide based on such a weak team bcos he was never tested & only analysis was that his ball distribution was very good.
      My 2 cents
      For friendlies now & especially brazil game – I would like to see Funes Mori, kannemann , franco facing the brazilian attack.
      For copa – absolutely no doubt that otamendi shld return . Same with aguero & Messi. But they can be integrated back a bit later to ensure the new crop is sufficiently tested & only the worthy guys end up in copa 19.
      Still surprised with Vasquez & meza selection. Wld have been a good time for reinjecting lamela

    • I think we should look beyond Mercado & find someone young who can be groomed. Mercado is almost 30 & at best an average player . In an era where full backs are so critical, no point having an average guy if our expectation is to be champions. Better bet for the future. Bustos can potentially be groomed for this

      • ATM, who is better than Mercado as a RB? Following Scaloni’s logic he might want to contain Marcello, of course we should look beyond Mercado, I suspect very much comes next Copa we will be able to find a better RB than him. looking at the aftermath of Copa, I am sure things will change dramatically.

    • In this moment time we don’t have
      Better right back than Mercado
      I like otamandi he smells blood
      But my future back four will like this
      Gonzalo montiel pezzela mammana taglafiaco …

      • Mercado certainly isn’t the flashiest of guys but he has been surprisingly good. I find it hilarious that he was even able to score multiple times when our stars couldn’t find the net. i miss Zabaleta badly…that guy was such a warrior.

        i think you’re right about future defense..

  12. Watching Lanus-River, superb goal from Scocoo, good to see Zuculini back too. Otherwise De la Vega caught my attention, this guy really has something. Anyone thinks the same?

    • Yup 131 and counting and yes I am a Messi the greatest to ever do it fan and a die hard Argentina fan you will ever know. He cried just like I been doing for the past 30 years whether it’s in a final or watching the team get humiliated . But hey I can understand where you coming from I know what’s hiding behind close door, no wonder why we ungrateful Argentinian says he not one of our own, I get it .

    • This kid is good, I watched him in an interview. he handles himself well off the pitch too. he seems focused on his future. Damn it, Argentina is always full of talent, and no luck.
      AFA is a complete disgrace for not developing effective youth project. Check another wonder kid, Banjamin Garre. He is in Manchester City U23, he is only 18

  13. I don’t have a problem with Otamendi call-up but like others have noted he needs a calming presence alongside him to balance things and to complement his qualities. Garay and Otamendi combination worked quite well actually. I can see Pezzella and Otamendi combo working too, we’ll see. I’m mostly curious to see Ascacibar, Paredes and Lo Celso midfield trio play a few games together. Alternatively, Battaglia can play instead of Ascacibar.

    By the way, we beat Brazil in our last friendly despite having several new names at the time: Jose Luis Gomez, Mammana, Tagliafico, Lanzini, Acuña and Guido Rodriguez. I remember how switching to back four from the initial 3-3-3-1 and the introduction of Guido allowed us to hold on to the lead. My point is that having new names is not necessarily guaranteed failure just like having old ones is a guarantee of success. Anything can happen in a game of football.

  14. Otamendi is our best CB right now in everything.

    in combination of skills ,experience , technical ability , tested in higher level of football

    really it is not necessary to start write long why.

    there is not any single Argentinian CB today that can be compared with him because
    any name you will put beside he will not have something. something will missing.

    Otamendi is one average CB. maybe little better than that.
    He is not from the best in world OF COURSE.
    but there isn t other Argentinian better.

    if our new young CB work hard can be better and be in higher level in one year.
    i hope and i wish that.

    in my eyes the real reason that people don t want Otamendi in team is only
    because they are bored to see him.
    nothing else can stand.

    that i can respect it.
    but i don t agree.

    people want new faces even if this new faces are not better than the previous.
    just they are new.

    many examples but really i am bored to write more.

    just the most fresh i remember is now Fazio.
    i remember dozens of posts here during world cup

    “where is Fazio”.
    “why Fazio don t play ”
    “Fazio is super and stupid Sampaoli don t put him play”

    bla bla bla bla…..

    and finally the great Fazio entered and …HE WAS SHIT !!!

    i am really tired with all this.

    • Spot on!

      I’d rate Otamendi better than average though. He was among the top CBs for City / Prem last season, saved City under pellegrini countless times, and he was the best CB in La liga (I forget the year). For the NT, absolute rock for WC14 and both copas. People trash him for WC 18 performance but that’s mostly bald fraud Sampa. For the life of me, I don’t get how people don’t blame Sampa enough. Ota did look like an ass for his attitude / behavior against Croatia and France… Regardless, he is our best CB ATM.

      • Personally otamandi is underrated
        He is very good i mean very good
        That is why scolani called him
        What happened world up was sampoali’s fault I’m sure he will start
        Against Brazil..
        I don’t remember otamandi having
        Bad game while he was playing the
        Nt except the game against Germany in 2010 but than maradona putted him wrong position and he was young too playing under gaurdiola
        Is not easy oven his team leave to
        Much space at back if he was played
        Under mourinho or simeone he will
        Be same level as Ramos if he not better.. I have big respect otamandi
        Not matter what people or media say
        About him..

  15. I’m happy with this call ups
    Yeah there’s some players i won’t call
    Them personally.. but my opinion
    Doesn’t matter i’m 100% behind
    The coaching staff.

  16. The goalkeeping position worries me.
    – Rulli had a great game and a blunder (most just watched the blunder).
    Needs to grow up.
    – Andrada got injured, although A big fan of his he once fell into oblivion and was terrible for Arsenal but fought back, still needs to prove himself.
    – Armani is someone who can be solid.
    – Romero I don’t rate much, actually I got little more respect for him trying to lead the new guys in the last friendlies, but if he plays against Brazil I see Coutinho shooting from distance.
    – Axel Werner looks cool to me but he plays for a team which gets trashed daily, maybe Franco can teach him a thing or two.
    – Walter Benitez has had some really good performances, i mean really good although he had a little blunder in the last game which he corrected.

    I rate these 3 central defenders: Pezzella, Foyth and Mamanna.
    Pezzella road has been hard and injury plagued, He could not realize his full potential but he is an elegant defender who can read the game.
    If Foyth becomes stronger and injury dont plague him then we will admire his greatness.
    let’s wait on Mammanna, Balerdi and Martinez Quarta

    I don’t rate Funes mori, never have, he can be clumsy.
    Otamendi can be world class and although shorter than the average defender he makes up with his ability to jump. I don’t like him for these reasons: lack of awareness and concentration, rush frantic risky tackles – you can win all of them but if once you lose you get punished, diving when losing challenge, he is a ticking time bomb.
    Maybe if he listens to Pezzella he will become wiser.

    I rate Paredes and am the leader of his fan club, Locelso, Palacios, Ascacibar, think Battaglia is a hard worker and great team player to have.
    Lanzini (damn injuries) I followed him when he started playing for River as a 16 year old and love him since, he made some dumb career choices going to Brazil Arabia but he fought back and if he proves his fitness he has a place in the squad.
    I love Lamela (damn injuries) and what I always criticized about him was he never learned to play with his right foot, from a soft player he has become an fighter and 2 way player and like Lanzini if he proves his fitness he has a place in the squad.
    The other guy I want in the team is Ocampos.
    I rate Angel Correa, Joaquin Correa, Gonzalo Martinez, etc… so why should I hate one of them?
    I think Pavon is in the category of Jesus Navas, but still can be useful player especially from the bench, every team needs that “guy”
    I rate Matias Vargas highly, and so do I with Maxi Romero (rate him really highly) – I think he will be our future 9 (battling injuries since 15 is the disaster).
    Dybala will reinvent himself after his identity crisis and Icardi can be useful for us in many ways.

    not all the players have to be starters! No starting eleven finishes a tournament as starters.
    injuries, change of tactics, suspensions, drop of form so you need 23 starters.
    Some players on this list will not have a future with us, but why not give them a try?
    At least we gave them a chance and some of them will surprise and grab it.
    2005 Youth World CUP was Jose Ernesto Sosa’s team and it ended up being Lionel Messi’s team.
    Neymar went to PSG to become the best player and as it looks right now he is were he was at Barca 3rd fiddle.
    Give chance so you can atleast say you tried.
    Doing your best and failing is acceptable!
    Not doing your best and failing is unacceptable!

    • What a analysis mate i agree most of it except icardi and dybala
      I don’t know how we can fit them playing
      Together if they both start it may
      Weak the team right now .
      Argentina need base and foundation
      I mean balance team.. if i pick up
      The team I think will be balance
      Seravia pezzela foyth taglafiaco
      Bataglia parades
      A correa lo celso pit Martinez
      L Martinez

      • Godin11
        Yes it is true that Icardi-dybala haven’t shown anything for the nt team yet and certainly no chemistry.
        No excuses now. they have to show now if they deserve our support.
        I just like you am reserved on playing them together, but Icardi still can be used as a sub.
        Anyway, if they don’t pan out soon I will go for their head and demand to give other players a chance.

    • I hate all those bad things about Otamendi, but he is still our absolute best and in form CB with ability to distribute from the back and playing in a high line. If Pep thinks he is fit to play in his team as a CB, I don’t think we should be doubting his abilities either. Also, playing next to Bustos against any quality opponent, any RCB will struggle. Put in Maldini there and he would struggle as well.

      The only thing is he’s gonna be 34 in 2022, so we gotta scrap him after Copa. But for now Foyth and Mammana are not ready to play CB, and Funes Mori is a budget version of Otamendi – everything you hate in him minus the actual defending abilities. So for now, Pazzella+Otamendi for 1/2 years untill Foyth and Mammana gets going.

      • “I hate all those bad things about Otamendi, but he is still our absolute best and in form CB with ability to distribute from the back and playing in a high line”

        This statement is baseless as far beyond club level. He is average in NT with regular mistakes. You can’t say anything like that, we have now Pezzella in team and he did better in last games than Otamendi in friendlies.

        “Also, playing next to Bustos against any quality opponent, any RCB will struggle. Put in Maldini there and he would struggle as well”.

        You must back to that game against Spain and see behaaviour of Otamendi on every goal. He contributed to most of Spain goals, Bustos blunders are another story.

  17. Great team but not complete, at all. Will be great practice against Brazil but it’s ok if we lose.

    1) Lamela instead of SALVIO
    2) Messi instead of CERVI
    3) Aguero instead of SIMEONE – I simply don’t see what you guys see in Simeone, slow predictable, penalty box predator. One dimensional.
    4) Di Maria instead of ACUNA – hate me all you want, boludos 😉
    5) Lamela instead MEZA
    6) Banega instead of Vasquez – again, hate me all you want but I think he’d do welll in Copa, especially if keeps up his god form. I don’t think he should start ahead of lo Celso, Palacios, Paredes though.

    Lanzini a must when recovers

    CB: Conti maybe but I don’t know who hed replace
    LB: Backup for Tagliafico?
    RB: weak point

    Aguero – Messi

    Palacios – Paredes – Ascacibar – Lo Celso

    Tagliafico – Otamendi – Pezzella – Saravia


  18. Argentina National Team according to Csabalala,



    ———-? (preferred option retired)—-? (preferred option retired)

    Messi————–Banega————Di Maria


      • In case you didn’t notice, you don’t have a team, there are gaping holes in midfield, Biglia and Mascherano retired lol so as much as you may hate the idea you may have to settle for some youngsters you so despise. Or maybe you wanna put Claudio Yacob to plug in the hole?

      • Csabalala, I don’t agree with everything you say but I certainly think you are correct when it comes to certain players. I’m curious, who would pick as strarting XI?

    • You can disagree, But I am still convinced that even with Fazio, Mascherano and Biglia present in the ‘list’ We could have beaten France, if Sampaoli was replaced with say, Gallardo or even Bauza. Let alone a smart defensive/counter attacking coach like Mourinho or Simeone. Argentina is obsessed with attacking football, but there is no shame in playing smartly defensive for the bigger goal of winning. Playing high up the pitch with a bunch of oldies is a suicide, specially against a younger more energetic team like France

  19. Scaloni selection for super liga players are good thing.I want Ricky centurian in our nt. he is perfect engache for his club apart from that scaloni must select Tall players in future selection. Cervi,Salvio,vazuez and Acuna are the players our nt dont need. i hope some mexican leagues players will get selection in our future nt call ups.

      • …Tagliafico, Ascacibar, Pezzella, FM, Armani, Palacios, Lo Celso, Pity Martinez, De Paul, Paredes, Pereyra, Battaglia, Cervi, Dybala, Icardi, Pavon, Acuna, Salvio – all the current players more or less depreciated/hated by you again and again. Most probably you are joke, not the call ups.

  20. Good News!

    There is a strong rumour that Tata is gonna renew his contract with Atlanta United. If this becomes true and that fat guy stays with his club then we will have peace of mind at least until the end of Copa.

  21. This list, just like previous one under Scaloni is massively more pragmatic than anything we have seen under previous managers. Facing Brazil is a big test and never just a friendly but to perfectly honest even if we lose , we still need to move on with new players, no matter how green or inexperienced they may seem. 97% of the old guard can’t give us more any longer.

  22. And here we go with Otamendi our new Ayala who can Marshal our back line again to a Chaos.

    Instead of 1 now 2 historicals now gradually the number will rise sooner or later we gonna see Di Maria and Aguero. And if we r really lucky who knows Higuain too.

    Around Copa those will re emerge and take us to catastrophe again.

    • right now Otamendi is our best CB.

      i don t agree with you.
      all the experienced players is not for garbage.

      Otamendi , Romero and Messi are both 3 very important players for us.
      about all the other players i will agree with you.

      • I respect ur opinion. But as per me They r broken players for ARGENTINA NT. They won’t help us to win any tournament. They have got enough chances to prove themselves and should have moved aside. But they didn’t which is not doing any favoures to the Argentine NT. Forget about their performance for their clubs where they r playing for long times. They will break records at their clubs. They willl they always had been in past.

        I repeat they r not garbage players they r great players. Pound to pound some are greater than the younger options but they r not what NT needs now.

        • Yup, the most important now is keep the atmosphere of enthousiasm and mutual resposibility for the team is there. The current players feel to be there together for some special future aim.

          Now I hope Tagliafico will be still captain and not one of Romero/Otamendi. That would be not really good.

        • Mik/ gonzalo – going by that logic after maradona & may be batistuta(copa93) – all are failures..riqueleme, aimar, get on, someone, ayala etc. What did they win with NT. There is nothing called broken players. Look at Germany & even France.. They lost quite a bit before finally winning something big. In spite of copa 16 heartbreak, we were actually well poised to mount a serious challenge for wc18. We were actually one of best teams globally then . AFA screwed up with the coach transitions & wrong selections.
          Bringing otamendi, Messi, aguero, romero by copa 19 only strengthens our chance. Else we will be an experimental side at the best in copa19. Post copa – it should be only Messi further as the other 3 will not last till 2022.
          Only point I agree is that bringing otamendi now was maybe not required as it’s important to have a full & final view on the new contenders for CB position. We will know that if they play brazil & not Iraq.

          • Agree. key points, most of the old squad naturally will not last after Copa19. and logically if we go with total youngsters to Copa19 it will be highly experimental. We want to compete effectively for Copa19 and it is almost impossible to do it without some of the old squad members. Without throwing any names I expect about 6 or 7 players from the “oldies” to be in Copa19 squad. Members who think that if some call for ‘oldies’ to be present in Copa19 are out of touch and think that they call for them to continue till 2022 are simply defying logic.
            As of RIGHT NOW this moment of time. IMO none of the oldies should be part of the group.

      • “right now Otamendi is our best CB”.

        I always wonder what is the base of this statement:

        1. If club performances – maybe best. maybe one of the best

        2. If NT performances – definitely average

        The same goes for Aguero and few others

        For that reason I rate Romero higher than other oldies because his case was always exactly opposite. He have played either average on his clubs or in average clubs, mostly bench warmer, to that shaky in less important NT games but never failed in tournaments unlike the other oldies.

        • Romero may have been lucky that he didn’t was chosen to play for his clubs on regular basis. So that we all don’t have to see his errors. Less matches less errors. Hehe. If you play then only errors happen I guess. But he was good for us. But no more needed we have better options. Armani and Andrada.

          Defenders and GK will understand more and more when they play together. In fact most critical bond. Romero was a regular with Garay, Mori, Rojo, Otamendi etc etc so he naturally got comfortable bonding with them. Which Armani or Caballero (he was bad, disastrous) didn’t had nearly enough matches to from that bond.

          Let a new GK form that with our new backline. Armani already looks better than his first 2 matches.

        • 2. If NT performances – definitely average
          So according to you, Funes Mori single handedly covered the entire defense in Copa’16 and Otamendi was shit, because you always say “Funes Mori has proved himself in Copa’16.” See that’s what I’m talking about. Don’t be biased towards certain players. Just accept the reality.

          • It’s more than 2 years since that tournament and after that Otamendi was not really good. In friendlies, qualifiers, WC.

          • Agree with Fernandez. The otamendi bashing is unjustified. Yes he displayed some bad & foolish temperament in WC. But there was a background of frustration & total breakdown in camp. Undoubtedly he is our best CB . I would only rate Walter Samuels better than him in recent times. Strong tackler, good ball play, great headers in corners. He is not pacy. So what where is Pezella pacy?? Even slower than otamendi.

  23. more or less the squad is as expected.

    i don t complain.

    i hope everyone perform well and play good football in both of 2 games.


      • yes that it is true.

        if he continue play good and improve himself as he is doing this period
        yes true.
        i hope he will continue like this for the good of the national team and for himself.

  24. I’ve said that before few times and want say once again: nobody can tell me there’s no huge drop of frequence here on Mundo when Messi is not in the team. That say a lot about who is really Argentina fan. If Messi (and maybe few others most popular were there) the commments number under news of call ups would be already around 200 and not 40.

    • this is the one side of coin.
      the other is that the dead period of national teams people
      focus more on their clubs.

      i see it to myself and i believe that exist many others like me.

    • Some guys are still here in a hope that messi will retun after argentina will build a balanced team.
      Dont critisize messi, he is still supporting argentina NT by putting pressure on AFA and he also asking barcelona to sign cristian pavon.

      • I’ve didn’t said nothing about Messi , except MESSI EFFECT on popularity of Argentina NT. Nothing on should or shouldn’t comeback

    • I like Messi but I have fallen in love with Argentina NT way before than Messi. Only because of He is an Argentine player I like him. I hate the Ronaldo, Ronaldinhos etc etc I know they r great players but they r not Argentine.

      Its as Simple as that. Its a matter of preferences. Some like Messi only. They r obsessed with him. Argentina comes secondary to them.

      • Let me guess someone in here thinks he is the greatest Argentina fan in here ,but guess what you’re fool of it and we all know it .you not that knowledgeable like you think you are.everyone should have their own opinion and you should respect that , nobody would like Argentina to lose specially against Brazil and if you use to live to witness those classicals you will know what I mean.saying Aguero ,OTAMENDI ,ROMERO shouldn’t be included to the team you’re nothing but a true idiot and imbecile you fool.Otamendi is our best CB point blank all those farmers you are mentioning can’t tie his shoe to say the least
        Why should tangliafico stay captain when ROMERO is one of the leader of the team who always put his heart out representing the shirt ? I’m sick and tired of your nonsense man. Ungrateful bastard . Even thought those guys you live to hate didn’t bring us a trophy but they took us to three freaking finals. Post pass Matadona area and Before them we were nothing but quaterfinalist nothing more

    • Gonzalo,
      The problem is you act like a dual-minded person. First when new members comment you taunt them like, “I see a lot of new members like csabalala coming.” Now when you see A LITTLE LESS comments in a very latest post, you are like “why is everyone commenting so less.” People like you discourage everyone who has an opinion different than you to comment more and more because you directly comment on their mentality and what not, which, for me, is a personal attack. So please make up your mind first then comment.

      • Now when you see A LITTLE LESS comments in a very latest post, you are like “why is everyone commenting so less.”

        You completely didn’t understood motivation of my post about frequency. I do not complain about less comments here (no way), it was just like sociological statement about so called Messi Effect.

    • And yeah, I’m very happy with this team because as I want only four older players i.e Romero, Otamendi, Aguero and Messi ATM, because they simply are the best in their position and the first two are already up here. 🙂

    • Just to add one more point a person can be a “Messi Fan” and the so called “Friends Club” theory hater and still be a die-hard Argentina fan. You and some of your folks just have to open your eyes & be a little less “narrow minded”.

      • “a person can be a “Messi Fan” and the so called “Friends Club” theory hater and still be a die-hard Argentina fan”

        the statement is trivial – say nothing new what was not obvious before.
        But fact is fact: Messi out of team = dramatic drop of frequency Argentina NT followers

        • “But fact is fact: Messi out of team = dramatic drop of frequency Argentina NT followers”
          I completely agree to this point of yours but try to understand my point to that:-
          “a person can be a “Messi Fan” and the so called “Friends Club” theory hater and still be a die-hard Argentina fan”

        • So please don’t generalise each and every Messi fan as a “temporary Argentina fan” because its not like that and yeah, I’m one of them. I’m a big Messi fan and Argentina lover.

          • I’m far from such generalising. I know here are big Agentina fans and Messi fans in the same person (like Ebo). But here was also a lot of supporters who are not interested now because for them: first of all Messi, then Argentina,

        • I think most here argue about a natural thing. think about why AFA wants Messi back as soon as possible? because he is a magnet to the fans. that is natural for a lot of fans to come talk about him, watch him play, support him. Yes many might frequently talk about him, but a lot more care about the team also. I would partially support Gonzalo’s argument that some only follow Messi, but that is OK, it’s natural. I know some argentina fans who will not even watch Argentina play if Messi is not playing, not because they don’t like Argentina, but just because they expect the match to be dull. Everyone loves to watch Messi play, I don’t like Barca, but I like to watch him play. The only time I don’t support him is when he scores against Atletico Madrid. But still like to watch him play, I am sure many millions in the world like to watch him, even rivals. that goes with any other player who plays good football, not just Messi

    • Be fair @gonzalo or outlaw, their are some fans who are reading the comments but are not active. No one denies that Argentina is greater than any individual even than Messi or Maradona.

      • Finally a voice of reason. Some time I swear this guy Gonzalo thinks he’s the only true genuine Argentina fan. Hate to break it to you buddy, most of us frequent this forum because we are supporters. Obviously, some of us are more bigger fans than others.. as Fernandez eloquently stated in his previous post, we can be “Messi fans” and/or “Messi haters” and still support Argentina. Those two things are NOT mutually exclusive. You clearly love the youth movement which is great but let’s stop with all this “Old Guards” bashing nonsense. As you much as you hate the old guards, they are too Argentina .. just like Maradona, Ortega, Pity Gonzalez, lo Celso and PAVON. All I’m saying is, sometimes you come across as a know-it-all and you need to be more open minded that some fans like what they like, which doesn’t make them less of a fan than you are.

  25. Otamendi is only useful for a team plays possession football so he can use his passing skill but not reliable as defender. Meza is very average technically and not smart enough in decision making. No reason to select Acuna and Salvio if the team plays 433, both of them are not creative enough to play in attack and not enough experience in fullback position.

    I think Scaloni may try to use Acuna and Meza as CM. I mean if Matuidi can be world champion, those 2 are not less talented than the French and the thing they know better is running. So won’t be non-sense to see them in this role.

  26. Finally the second list is out to end all the guesswork. Looks like the core of the squad was kept the same as was expected. Sampaoli behaved like a hungry man at a buffet when it came to picks trying to bring in anybody and everybody, second guessing himself, only to end up with diarhea from overeating. Scaloni already showing he has a plan and sticking to it.
    The main questions for now seem to be:
    – not having a natural substitute at left back
    – who will scaloni deploy to solve the right wing problem given that most of the players that will compete there are currently being deployed either on the left or through the middle at their clubs.
    -how will he scheme to isolate the forwards (Icardi mainly) who we saw suffered when the team played quite narrowly through the middle in the friendlies.
    Only potentially 8 matches left till Copa (October break, november break, march break, june break) so even though theses are only friendlies they are still important, not in terms of results but in terms of proper training.

  27. Very disappointed. We can’t beat Brazil with this team.
    IMO those players should be out
    1.tagliafico (against Brazil you will know why)
    3.alan Franco ,Walter KANNEMANN
    4 saravia
    5.franco cervi
    7.marco acuna
    8.dybala(not suitable )
    9.icardi(not suitable)
    10. L Martinez

    I will call the following players
    1.Damian Martinez (arsenal)
    2. Montiel or L godoy
    3. Alexis Soto
    4. Martinez quarta
    5. Joaquin correa
    6. Lucas ocampos
    7. Rigoni
    8. Ignacio pussetto
    9. Nicolas Dominguez
    10. Tomas belmonte
    11.lucas alario

    IMO the best list should be

    Gk: Armani , Damian Martinez , Paulo gazzaniga

    DF: L Godoy, Montiel , Pezzella, Otamendi, Martinez Quarta, Juan foyth, Manmanna,Alexis Soto, Sanchez Mino

    MF: Ignacio pussetto , Robert pereyra , Lucas ocampos, Franco Vazquez,E palacios,L parades,lo celso,Tomas belmonte , Nicolas Dominguez.Rigoni,Pity Martinez, bebelo reynoso

    FW: Simeone , Lucas Alario ,Joaquin correa

  28. Lamela..Rigoni..Montiel..J.Correa..should be included..but i still like this selection.. we must support all argentinian player n pray for them..hopefully Scaloni will put player in right position n right tactic..

      • I hope you take responsibilities for your words and will be here still under the same name and account if one day J.Correa will do good performance in NT

          • As I said, maybe you are the one who saw him just few times but I have him under eye since his Estudiantes times and never changed my opinion about him. Many times before I was repeating he should be called up. Once again my opinion: He is NT Material, A.Correa is not.


            “lucky good goal”?!

          • “Once again my opinion: He is NT Material, A.Correa is not.” Correa is definitely NT material LOL a starter in Atletico, J. Correa a benchwarmer in Sevilla and now in Lazio, he is not even Lazio-material? imo Rulli, Armani, Tagliafico, Saravia, Bustos, Funes Mori, Ascacibar? (maybe one day) Pereyra, Salvio, Cervi, Acuna, De Paul, Pavon, Simeone, Gozalo Martinez are not Nt-material, Angel Correa is more talented and unpredictable than these combined+Ezequiel Palacios too, but hes only 19, can a lot to improve, but the others definitely not good enough and maybe never be, too much weaknesses

          • “As I said, maybe you are the one who saw him just few times”, you are unbelievable arrogant man hahaha, imo i saw him 10times more than you in Sevilla, you only follow closely the argentina Primera, at least you lie this, so how do you have time to follow every european players too? ofc not at all

          • Enough time to watch most of our European players at least once in a while. My opinions are based on WATCHING LIVE FOOTBALL not mere stats like your WHOSCORED. If you watch any other Argentina player than one of the top clubs it’s just because they play against the top club. Just like Silva Leganes against Barcelona.

            If my opinions are so queer, so why was actually De Paul and Pereyra called up (just like countless other players I was talking here before they got the call up)?

          • ” My opinions are based on WATCHING LIVE FOOTBALL not mere stats like your WHOSCORED.” Dont lie arrogant dickhead, your words are useless, because dont understand this game. And yes matches against big clubs are 10X worth more, than against smalls, very special abilities (mental, technical, talent-wise) is needed, these are the useful players, who can mean sometimes the difference against big fishes, and Lamela definitely can, Angel Correa defintely can…and the names i have mentioned NOT…Joaquin Correa is hard to rate, too predictable imo.

          • “If my opinions are so queer, so why was actually De Paul and Pereyra called up (just like countless other players I was talking here before they got the call up)?”
            Because nowadays NT call ins are a joke, 3-4 goals in enough, even if these players were injured or mediocre for years.

          • Csabalala

            you are raving, just like under the influence of alcohol.

            If you are so brave in your radical statements why you never post thins on the top of thread. I noticed that

      • In defense of j. Correa… if someone can be here then Correa should too… honestly neither are ready for la seleccion yet…. but this is a tryout period for the seleccion until we get a cemented coach come December .

    • Locelso E. Palacios Dybala Icardi are out next hero…they should start against BRAZIL

      Against Brazil

      Saravia Otamendi Pezella Tagliafico
      Locelso Paredes Ascacibar/Battaglia
      Dybala E.Palacios

      Against Iraq
      Bustos F.Mori Pezzella Tagliafico
      Pereyra Vazquez
      De Paul Locelso A.correa

  29. hat’s off for meza 1st slept with Sampaoli to start ahead of Dybala now sleeping with scaloni to select ahead of lamela

  30. I am more concerned about CM position.
    LoCelso & Palacios started both matches last month. Vazquez is the only backup. I am sure Banega will come back for Copa. We have to try Pereyra as CM. Some more box to box players we need.
    Battaglia and Ascacibar – DM Confirmed. Paredes DM/Deep lying play maker- Confirmed.

    • I don’t see Banega taking the place out from any of Paredes, Palacios, Lo Celso anymore. He is static snail in compare to Palacios/ Lo Celso and not more creative than Paredes.

      • It’s not about taking place of those. I believe he will come back in team. I didn’t say he’s going to be a starter again.
        LoCelso, Palacios are too good to replace. Pereyra can be their backup(He can be an utility player).

  31. Romero



    Dybala__________Lo celso___________Pity/de Paul


    Against Brazil. Argentina should give more chance to Dybala. His confidence level is so low now. He has better quality than most in the squad. He must get a starting against Brazil.
    I don’t like Otamendi, but with a senior like him in bench, it’s not proper to use Kanneman or Foyth. I prefer Otamendi over Funes Mori anyday, if it’s between them. In my opinion it’s not wise going with both Lo celso & Palacios against Brazil.

    A solid performance against Brazil in Saudi Arabia will bring lots of Respect n positivity to our team. That match is very important, in my opinion.

    About GK, it must be between Romero/Armani.
    I will take romero over Armani (even with his blunder last week). Rulli has no quality to lead this team from behind.

    Meza should be dropped. Should give chance to other in form boys in America. He got enough chance.

  32. Good to see contuinity in this. Vazquez, Meza, Rulli may have been dropped but still the most important core of players is there. I think Scaloni want to keep the good atmosphere and enthousiasm.

    • he has good chances, after Neymar will destroy our right backs LOL, i have very bad feelings, the next Isco vs Bustos, Mbappe vs Tagliafico is coming, Neymar vs Saravia this time?

  33. Di Placido and Vargas have been cut out as expected (Vasquez …!). Montiel didn’t get the call as speculated.
    Scaloni waited for Pity, Lautaro and Mercado’s injury update and included first two.

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