Sergio AGUERO scores for Manchester City, Lautaro MARTINEZ for Inter


One Argentine with a bucket load of experience scored for Manchester City while the other managed his first competitive goal in a European league.

Manchester City’s all time leading goal scorer Sergio AGUERO added one more to his City tally as they managed a 2-0 win against Brighton. After Raheem STERLING opened the scoring for the league champions, AGUERO dribbled past a Brighton players in old school AGUERO fashion, played the pass and was at the end of it all to double City’s lead.

Coach Pep GUARDIOLA later admitted that AGUERO has been struggling with fitness issues lately.

“AGUERO is struggling with some problems in his feet. We spoke about him playing 55, 60 mins. That’s what happened. We were lucky he scored a goal in that moment.”

Lautaro MARTINEZ finally managed his first competitive goal for Inter in their 2-0 win against Cagliari. MARTINEZ, who started ahead of captain Mauro ICARDI, headed in the first goal of the match. It will definitely boost his confidence even more, especially after he’s been called-up to the Argentina National Team after he had to pull out of the last two friendly matches.



  1. AGUERO is the best striker in the world at present. I enjoy watching Manchester City matches because of him. His last week goal for City shows that given the present form he is more than a striker. What a football talent he is .

  2. I feel depressed whenever i see Aguero scoring goals for fun.. he was at his peak of his fitness in the last world cup. Had he started instead of “Has a potential to become…” aka Pavon.. even with the crazy high line defense we could have defeated France. Why hasn’t no one approached Fraud Baldy for explanations for his mad experiments ?? This guy should be sent to a mental hospital for a test and if it comes out negative he should be jailed for what he did !! Every-time we had a good team our managers have found a crazy way to fcuk things up!!!!Damn!!!!!

    • 😂that is hilarious….
      Sampoali I was so exciting when he
      Get appointed as arg manager
      But it’s true he f…d big time probably
      He got paid some other countries
      To f…d it arg

  3. Copa America 2019 is the easiest tournament ever Argentina played expect brazil no team has chance to win it then comes Argentina as 2nd favorite. Previous two editions of copa Argentina was 1st favorite followed by Chile as 2nd ultimately Chile won the tournament but Colombia and Uruguay was also contender where brazil had the weakest team ever. But in 2019 Colombia Uruguay Chile are not good enough even Peru is much stronger therefore copa America 2019 should be the cakewalk for Argentina, if Argentina beat Brazil with out messi Aguero then this Brazil team nothing but media favorite

    • “Copa America 2019 is the easiest tournament ever”

      “copa America 2019 should be the cakewalk for Argentina”

      what a bullshit. Romance, my friend, you badly needs girlfriend.

    • Lol what are talking about? Bro imo copa 2019 will be toughest among all three tournament, uruguay is stronger than ever, columbia and peru is also decent and dont brazil will not let go away easily on their home soil and after their WC debacle.

  4. Only messi Aguero Icardi and Dybala (though in bad form) are the remaining world class player from Argentina with palacio Foyth Pourtau and Lautaro having potential in future rest of all are average to farmers

  5. Leo Suarez just scored his second in this season for Valladolid. Pure talent. The irony is: he scored against Villarreal his previous club which didn’t wanted him. 80-90 % of our youngsters lacks rather confidece of coaches than talent.

    • If pochettino comes to argentina he will be next sampoli, i dont rate him high as a manager, gallardo will be best option for argentina as we know simeone is not going to coach argentina

  6. Aguero and Banega are playing great.

    We don’t have a world class keeper and we haven’t had one since maybe Roa or Pumpido.
    Pato was erratic just like Romero.
    It’s hard winning a titles without a keeper.

    Samuel in Roma was one of the best defenders in the World then he moved to Real where he was a disaster and then again to Inter where he was one of the best defenders in the World.
    Does this mean he failed at a “BIG CLUB”?
    First of all you must know what kind of player you have!
    Samuel was never the type of defender who plays with his brain he was simply a stopper who risks his body and plays hard to stop attacks.
    Sol Campbell, Vidic,…
    Playing him with a defender like Lucio, Nesta, Ferdinand, Maldini you can build a partner for him which brings the best out of him and so did Lucio.
    When he played at Real he had to play with Helguera, Pavon and they had Beckham as defensive midfielder so he was horrible and a disaster.
    The point is that every player can fail if you don’t put them in the position to succeed.
    Fazio is error prone but what Sampaoli did was terrible putting him in a high line defense, some nightmarish stuff.
    – Know the player.
    – Play him to his strengths.
    – if not don’t use him at all.
    Putting Messi on the field and play English high ball football even Messi will fail.
    This is what we have been doing – miscasting players for roles.
    better said writing a horrible script and then also miscasting the actors.

    • Setting up any team with a Mascherano Biglia midfield is impossible. But some of our coaches intentionally did that

      * Tata
      * Bauza
      * Sampaoli

      Masche was young(ish) and had legs during the Sabella era so it might be justifiable. But during the whole Sampaoli era, he was a dead man walking.

      • He actually was pretty damn good against Iceland but the rest were terrible. Love that man for what he has done for the NT. Such a warrior. i have so much respect. Shame it ended poorly.

    • For me, Fazio was the best Argentina defender from last season. He was simply superb considering his lack of speed and other qualities. He made mistakes but much lesser than those when compared to Otamendi who many regard as the best and world class. While Otamendi’s mistakes didnt prove that much coslty in the league where he had top quality talents to bail him out. Fazio had more than decent performances against Atletico, Chelsea and Barca. In the Liverpool game where his side was hammered he was the standout of the three defenders(1st leg). While pacey Liverpool forwards constanlty tormented Jesus and Manolas, there was only one time Fazio got beaten by Mane to sheer pace. In the 2nd leg, there was a moment when Mane had the chance to take him on but the giant kept with him and made a fine challenge to rescue his side. Otamendi’s display against that Liverpool side whenever he face them, it was shocking. Salah and Co took him to cleaners on each occasions.

      For the ones having a go at Fazio’s performance against France, tell me which other Argentina defender would do better against Mbappe on each of the occasions he was taken apart?

    • Same logic may apply to Otamendi and Aguero, City plays in such a different way. That’s why it’s important to build a team that most of the players are comfortable with, similar to their club life. Look at France 98, most of them played in Italy with 3 defensive midfielders and 1 trequartista. In 2002, Scolari’s was inspired by Roma’s 343(Emerson, Cafu, Aldair). In 2006, Italy copied paste Juve’s 442. In 2010, Spain was Barca without Messi….

      Now I look at the players, seems not more than 2 players belong to the same club. The new coach need to find a system that won’t require the players to change that much. I can see 433 or 4321 is used by most of the selected players’ clubs(River Atletico, Boca, Inter, Juve) . We need to stay with this.

  7. Watched quite a lot of games during this weekend, quite enjoyable some games like River Lanus, Liverpool Chelsea, Real Atletico and Sevilla Elbar. Very audacious football this Sevilla, 352 without any defensive midfielder, same as against Real and Navas is more a winger than fullback. I don’t remember any club recently play in this way. What is magical is we don’t feel any unbalance because it’s an aggressive football and everyone pressuring high. When I see a ex futsal player like Ben Yedder his defensive contribution, really nothing is impossible.Big up for this small team Sevilla.

  8. Finally Lautaro opening his European account. Good to see.

    And for the ones who say “the league in which a player plays is more important than a player when it comes to selection criteria or judging a player and South American League players and other farmer league players are no good as they cannot do it in biggest stages” just look at the latest example of Fabian Balbuena of West Ham. The guy played his entire career in Latin America and look at what he’s doing at West Ham. Not great but really good for a guy coming from South America and making his debut in Europe.

  9. Read one comment about the comparison between the Aguero generation and the legends generation. I think it was about the losing of finals and failure tag. I don’t want to say anothing about that but just want to say one thing:

    1. Riquelme played 1 WC and 1 Copa
    2. Aimar played 2 WC(mostly as a sub) and 1 Copa
    3. Ayala played 1 WC and 1(?)Copa
    4. Simeone actually won a Copa(or 2?)

    Guess how many tournaments did Aguero,Higuain and Co play compared to them.

    • Ayala have played 3 WCs and 2 Copas. But he deserved being historically really one of our best defenders.

      But generally I agree. Old guard had enough chances.

    • We have to respect the old guards they put argentina on the map again .
      If Var was in Brazil 2014 arg would
      Had be champion if they had lucky
      Today would been saying different things
      About them .. the only problem I had
      With them.. they over stayed but as arg
      Fan I have big respect for them
      But now it’s all about the new generation.

      • If you’re talking about the Neur charge, no way it was a penalty. All goalkeepers will do the same. It’s for their protection and not a pen for me.

        On the VAR situation, Pavon clearcut pen wasn’t even given, then how on earth do you expect VAR to give a penalty that is’nt a foul in the first place(atleast to me).

  10. It is ironic that the historical name fans say that Romero should be the undisputed no.1 coz of his past “National Team” performance but ignore the same logic when it comes to Aguero, Otamendi and Banega.

    • Not really. Most saying selection should be based on form, contribution, integration and future in mind. Messi, Aguero, Otamendi, and Romero are the best we have ATM. If another player proves they can contribute better for COPA, then they should start, but if not, these 4 should start.

      • In the case of the players you mentioned it didn’t work like that anymore. Almost each case is different here.

        Aguero? – it’s just not his turn. Now it’s turn of others in NT. If Lautaro Martinez (Icardi, Simeone) will start to score in NT we don’t need Aguero – he had enough chances and never brought the club level. If the newcomers will not scoring during few next friendlies we may back to Aguero.

        Case of Otamendi is similar. We still should try first Pezzella- Foyth/Franco duo against Iraq.

    • We have one of the best Goal Keeper in whole South America currently. So he should be started. All our other viable options r not having a good time or not even playing at all.

      Anyway Romero will start lets see what he is gonna bring again, This time as a Captain. WOW. Just WOW, Romero the Captain.

  11. Tapia is just looking for someone who would coach for free!!! Well, thats why he is turning the clock back to Tata Martino… what a bizarre decision that’s goin to be.
    tried and tested…
    Well we wanted to get rid of the baggages in the team now we face another task of another baggage inside the bandwagon, in the form of the coach.
    Best for NT is to keep going for sometime with Scaloni, Aimar, Samuel… up until Copa, as the treasury is empty.
    Tapia is a thug… the way he got rid of the assistants of Sampaoli first and then pulled down the ‘worst NT coach’ Sampaoli… when he had none to lean on. Tapia threw Sampaoli for few coins even though the contract mentioned something big… shows Tapia is another Grondona in the making.
    Come the next elections and Tapia will hold on by changing whatever laws written.

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