Diego MARADONA comments on Lionel MESSI and the Argentina National Team


Diego MARADONA is never short on words and he has stated that he would like to see Lionel MESSI retire from the Argentina National Team and gave his thoughts on coach Lionel SCALONI.

Speaking in an interview with Clarin, MARADONA did not hold back and said that the fault is unfairly always on Lionel MESSI. Here’s what he had to say:

“He is not at fault for not being a world champion. We had all our hopes on him but when you go to the race tracks, you hope that your horse wins and he ends up coming in eigth. In Formula 1, VETTEL has a great engine and he beat HAMILTON. Today, the National Team doesn’t excite me at all. The same way it doesn’t wake up the fans. We lost that. The passion.

“You can’t play with Nicaragua, you can’t play against Malta. No, brother. We are throwing all the prestige we have down the toilet.”

On the topic of Lionel MESSI:

“I would like to see MESSI take a hit on us all and not come back to the Argentina National Team.”

Diego MARADONA stated that he would like for MESSI “to not come back to the Argentina National Team” and that he “retires” because “he’s always at fault.”

Regarding the Argentina National Team and coach Lionel SCALONI, Diego MARADONA is against having SCALONI as coach. He also gave his thoughts on the World Cup:

“It hurt me a lot what happened at the World Cup. Because there wasn’t respect. Now they put SCALONI. SCALONI is a great guy but he can’t even direct traffic. How are they going to give the Argentina National Team to SCALONI? Are we all crazy? And SCALONI says “I’m ready.” But I never even saw you score a goal for Argentina.

“With all the respect, eh. As a guy, let’s go have a barbeque. But as a coach and of the Argentina National Team, no.”


  1. This guy has never met a drug he didn’t like or a microphone he wouldn’t get in front of. What a dope. You’d have to search high and low to find someone dumber than this moron.

    You were great on the pitch, but lets look at how you managed your life. You couldn’t even manage your life, yet you think you can manage a team. Go smoke another cigar and have another asado you fat piece of turd

  2. Some useless words of a mad, addicted & very low personalityful person! Nothing to be worried! Thats it!

    Though he won an wc for Argentina. Thanks for that!😊

  3. Maradona is the biggest enemy of messi , he never want messi win a WC because he knows that if messi win a WC then everybody says messi is best player ever .now a days maradona become joker & takes too much rubbish.

  4. Messi retiring or not retiring is a small part of Maradona’s comments. The main point in his comments to be noted is Argentina media’s and some of Argentina fans’ throwing all responsibilities of our failures on him. He rightly said : “The Under-15s lose and it is Messi’s fault, the fixture list in Argentina puts Racing against Boca and Messi is to blame. He is always to blame. Stop breaking my balls. ”
    100% correct and it tells everything.

  5. Maradona needs to stop talking about the NT. but he won’t.
    Still, Messi retiring, not retiring.
    Messi coming back for Copa, not coming back for Copa
    Messi will be there in 2022, will not be there in 2022
    IT’s Messi’s fault, not Messi’s fault.

    Messi supposed to be our Advantage. But WE (management,coaches,players,Media,fans) spoiled it big time.
    The little wizard wants to stay away and not get involved in the NT, so Let’s pretend he does not exist at all, and concentrate on the project We have on hand. At the end, it’s only Messi who will decide what to do.

  6. We all Love Maradona and we all pretended to be him when we were kids, dribbling the ball the length of the pitch and scoring, It was a fantasy of mine, possibly the greatest ever.

    Having said all that, football players say the most idiotic things in the media more than any other sport.
    I truly believe Maradona wanted Messi to win the WC and even surpass him but wanted to be directly involved with the team and been crying ever since 2010.
    I said it many times and I say it again, I want the MASTER back on the team, definitely for Copa and hopefully for the next WC.

  7. once again a rant from Maradona but these days not at all slightly amusing.
    you were actually funnier on coke mr Maradona….just saying

    was Maradona looking in the mirror when he said this?

    “I don’t like comparisons with Pele because of the stupid things he says. He keeps on saying stupid stuff when he takes the wrong pills.”

  8. AFA and Messi should do exactly the opposite of what this Legendary man says!! Messi will be 35 next world cup , With his talent and fitness he should be good enough to be our play maker or even an out and out striker. He just needs to stay out of the team until the Copa. I hope Messi doesn’t take Maradona’s comment too seriously as we know Messi is very emotional and might announce his retirement for good this time!!

    • That;s technically correct because he’s one of the main reason why every Argentina biggest star from each era (post 1994) carrying a burden of being compared to him and MUST win a WC to be considered great like him.

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