Boca Juniors vs. River Plate – Superclasico Copa Libertadores dates set


Arguably the biggest matches in Copa Libertadores history final have dates announced as Boca Juniors will play River Plate in the final of South America’s biggest club competition.

The two Superclasico finals (or as they have been called, the Super Finals) will be played on Saturday’s instead of the usual weekdays which are given to the other match days of the competition. The first match will be at Boca’s Bombonera stadium on Saturday, 10th of November. The second will come two weeks later on November 24 at River Plate’s Monumental.

Both matches are expected to be without away fans, although that news has been changing every day.


  1. Can we see anything like this anywhere else other than in South America. No Away Fansss?? LOL..there is one picture showing the Stadium of Boca and River in Ariel View, Fantastic..

    The Perfect final.. The Super Classicos, Only Matches which can perhaps challenge the magnitude of this match is Real vs Barca in CL Final, And of course the Eternal Rivalry of Argentina vs Brazil on a WC final. Imagine that, 2014 was a chance. Well 7-1…Sighsss

    Add to that there r 2 Matches between these 2 Titans…Argentine football will never be the same after these finals. This is gonna rewrite history books..

  2. I am in NY and have Verizon Fios and have TYC Sports. It shows Argentine games but I NEVER see any River or Boca games. What’s up with that?

    Also, will the Copa games be viewable on Verizon Fios ?

  3. “Both matches are expected to be without away fans, although that news has been changing every day”


    So true. In Argentina football everything is changing every day.

    • it is very dangerous thing for one fan to go away stadium. we are not like Europe unfortunately.
      i believe it is best to not exist away fans. for the safety of people.

      we are really lucky that till now we didn t have big number of death fans in those games.

      it is really like you prepare yourself to go to war.
      when i was young i was so exited to do that but now that i get bigger i saw that it is really
      useless to risk your life for one away game.

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