Juan FOYTH scores debut goal for Tottenham Hotspur vs. Crystal Palace


After giving away two penalties last week, Juan FOYTH played hero in Tottenham’s 1-0 victory against Crystal Palace.

Selected by Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI for this month’s friendly matches against Mexico, Tottenham manager Mauricio POCHETTINO kept faith in the young defender and started him on Saturday. POCHETTINO’s faith paid dividends as the former Estudiantes defender scored the only goal of the match.

A header from close range was enough to give Tottenham the three points under the rain in London. Erik LAMELA was substituted off with a head injury as the number 11 was cut and bleeding from the head.


  1. Teams like France, Germany, and Spain were all failing nations before they won the world cup; Spain couldn’t handle Korea, Germany were corrupted, and France couldn’t make it past the group stage. They were just like Argentina, except they figured out their problem, which was the fact that their “player factories” were running dry, no more talented and promising youth coming through, not because they were not there, but because they were not selected. Argentina kept relying on Messi and Masche, and it almost worked in 2014, but it seems like Germany had done their homework, and we were just trying to cheat our way through the class(Messi was the cheat code), and we got caught. 3 more years of peril was to come. NOW, when we finally have a coach who seems to be doing the right thing, what do we do? We try and replace him with a big shot coach like Sampaoli and now Pochettino/ Simeone expecting immediate results. Sampaoli got just 2 matches to decide the players and tactics. We can’t expect results. Just like starting something new, you can’t expect to be a natural, but you practice, you train and soon you are a master. The same concept applies to players. You HAVE TO BE PATIENT! #VAMOSARGENTINA!!!

    • Great words, and reason for those who .. reason. I am all for time and patience with the current project, with keeping the focus and not lose direction or over do the process of selection.

      Sometimes soon, The coach has to make his decision on his main 23 players, and keep the doors open for any new players.

  2. The most efficient Argentinean striker who plays in Europe is Sala. Very impressive his number: scoring every 75 minutes, 10 goals in only 18 kicks. He spent most of his time on working for the team in order to free space.

    • I also believe he should get a chance …..
      And in today’s inter loss against Atlanta ,the commentators were saying that icardi only score goals nothing else he can’t come in a game without good services and that is not good enough these days for a no.9.

      • Honestly it’s really tough to play in this Inter. Spalletti used to play great football with As Roma… He just doesn’t want to take any risk. There are players of quality in this team that should play much better

    • We need someone who can continue for long periods of time. We need youth players, Sala is already 28, he the older generation. Icardi meanwhile is capable of continuing his form. Also, Icardi has good ball control, has fairly good dribbling, and can pass well. He is also very intelligent. Sala is a great backup or co-striker but Lautaro has better chemistry. I have nothing against Sala, it is just I fear it may be a one time thing like Mohammed Salah. And we don’t know if it will work out for La Albiceleste either.

  3. I think Tactically Scaloni has been better than Bauza and Sampaoli. He has time on his side. He is already experimenting. Player selections r excellent. Tactically he obviously will improve with each game. We may need to be patient with him, Germany were patient with Löw for long time and they yielded the result by winning a World Cup. We cant expect immediate results. Will see first of all will Scaloni be carrying or not. And the Era of playing Beautiful possession based football may not work nowadays, You got to be flexible in Ur player selection and formations, Then only we can move along with the Europeans. if not over take them.
    Against some opponents we cant rely on the possession based football (look at Spain for eg)

  4. The current setup of juventus is perfect for Dybala, he is used as false 9 with Cr7 who cut inside and Costa or Cuadrado on his right. I also remember his last year with Palermo was impressive when he played as striker with Vazquez behind him. I see him as an alternative to Icardi. Either we go with a real 9 or false 9. Supported by a playmaker(either Vazquez or Pity) and an inverted winger(either De Paul, Pereyra or Joaquin Correa).

  5. Dybla is not a winger or playmaker.His most suitable position would be center forward no9.Here he can excel Aguero.Scolini should try him as Center Forward.

  6. some players can play many positions on the field.
    Most of them cant!
    Does this make them bad players?
    Of course not.
    Players should play in their natural position first and foremost, if they are flexible it is a plus.
    We are kings of playing players out of position so that they play because of their name.
    That way the formations lost shape. Dybala is a forward and not a playmaker.
    Does that make him a bad player?
    Of course not.
    Put him in competition with other forwards and see.
    If he doesnt play well then bench him and play other forwards.
    The team is not and should not be dependet on Dybala or any other player.

    Thankfully there are great coaches like Pochettino who trust players although going to difficult times and bad matches.
    Foyth was doomed like a week ago. We need to trust young players through difficult time because they grow and do not kill them and expect domination immediately.

  7. All of us are the fan of Argentina. Dear ebo I don’t hate meza. I would welcome every single player who has the ability to turn out to be a great asset for us. There should not be any comparison between meza and dybala. Dybala hasn’t clicked so far for Argentina but you also know such a great player he is. Dybala’s case is similar to Messi. Just remember before sabella era Messi was not so successful for Argentina. But he was irreplacable, only sabella brought the best out of Messi. I am not saying before sabella era Messi was an avarage player. He was great at that time too. But sabella system specially in the qualifies did suit Messi the most. In world cup meza was part of every game for Argentina and he did not leave any positive impact, but all of us know how many real chance dybala has got so far. I am happy with scaloni’s team selection. But I think gonzalo montiel, Santiago caseres, Christian romeo should have been given chance.

    • please don’t blame scaloni, he is a interim coach for Argentina and November friendly is the last for him so that scaloni can’t miss opportunity to share bedroom with meza last time. Meza excels on coach bedroom which matter most no matter how bad he played for Argentina

  8. As of now there r 4 Goal Keepers for the upcoming friendlies?? Eager to see Mammana or Foyth playing for us, As of now Pezzella – Otamendi looks to carry on till Copa. Romero-Armani gonna fight it out for the Goal Keeping spot.

    • Mammana, he has speed but his strength and defensive stats are very bad, and foyth just scoring a header doesnt make him a good centre back , he is still doing lots of mistake , he needs to improve a lot , still only confidence on pezella and otamendi.

      • Everyone makes mistakes even the greatest Center Backs too. No Player is Perfect, Lets see what the Young guys bring to table at least in 1 friendly.

    • My friends football has changed
      No more old fashion center bk
      If we all want to see Arg playing
      Attractive attacking and hight energy
      Football we must call those players
      Whom very comfortable keeping
      The ball regardless which position
      Examples foyth and mammana
      Have all that they both comfortable
      Gazzaniga is good with his feet
      Plus a lot of spurs fans want him
      In the team instead of Loris
      That how much they rate him
      Is not we try but we must start
      Our foundation those young players
      Who re good. not matter what team
      Or what league they play ..

    • messi was not interfere in team selection otherwise Aguero was always main striker and higuain never selected who was responsible for messi tears in copa 2016, Mascherano selected Argentina squad reason icardi left out and lo celso unused for enzo/biglia

    • > then messi (no disrespect to our GOAT) will realize his mistake by keeping him out of the squad in NT.

      lol oh boy… another one emerges.

      It’s disrespectful when the claim is nothing but a bullshit lie.

  9. The area of our centre back is no longer a problem for us. We have Juan foyth, Christian romeo,mammana, Lisandro Martinez, Alan Franco, balerdi. All of them are really talented, and the best part they are of almost same age category, all of them may have great career in Europe if they’re used properly by their respective clubs. I don’t know whether scaloni will ever turn out to be a great tactician or not for us. But I really want him to stay as the permanent coach of the national team, because he has given chance to so many young players, and all of them are doing really well whenever they get chance. Meza, vajquez are exceptional.my concern is that If another coach is selected before copa then that coach may not follow all the good work so far done by scaloni.

    • Why everyone is hitting on Meza?
      Ask yourself this question: How effective Dybala was for the NT? He was horrible, all agree on that.
      Why not say that Dybala is a failure?
      How effective was Icardi for the NT? He did not score any goals, nor played will or created any kind of danger in all his matches. Some say he did not get any chance, Well go back to all the matches You would see at least one chance each game that he could have converted.
      Why not say Icardi is a failure?
      How good was Bustos?
      Many players did not perform for the NT, not just Meza.
      Meza has the pace that very few of the players have. You guys seem that you want every player to be a Messi or a Maradona or a Riquelme over night.
      The truth is, guys, come on, let us give the players more time and fair chances to represent the country. Or just go on destroying the moral of the players. Patience is needed for couple of more months, then the outline of the NT will start appearing gradually. At the end it will be only those 23 players who will get the nod. The rest can be on stand by

      • @ebo …. Bro this
        where we need to be balance
        Certain players re not good
        Enough to play the nt.
        Even though I like the way
        You defend our players
        for that I do understand
        where you coming From
        And probably agree with you
        however we must admit.
        There re players in the squad
        Whom aren’t good enough
        Not only recently squads but
        Past squads too for me is good To defend players at sametime
        we must Pass fair
        assessments this is not
        A football club who has
        Limited Sources here .
        we ‘re talking Argentina NT.
        Wealth of talants re available
        nothing against meza
        or all other Player
        To be honest with you
        Dybala case is different from
        The other players cose
        The guy is very talant
        First our coachs never gave
        Enough time plus they never
        Put him.his best position also
        Last game against Brazil
        We did not have enough
        Possession therefore
        Still jury out for dybala .

        • @godin11
          My friend, So far I have seen Dybala and Icardi talent in their clubs, not for the NT. Do we need that? and if WE will just call up the players who have talent and NT material, Why not call Aguero, Higuain,Di Maria, Banega …..etc they too have talent, and showing that in their clubs week in and week out, Right?
          All I am saying, give fair chance to everyone.
          IF Meza did not show any talent, do you have a convincing reason Why Meza is always called up?
          Some say it’s politics within inside the AFA, but if it was politics and Scaloni keeps calling him then Scaloni is a failure, right ?
          I am just trying to connect the dots. If Meza and many others get the call up when they don’t have the talent and are not NT material, Why this is happening? Can you shed some light on that?

          • Yeah my friend I get it
            But di Maria or higuain
            Been there almost 10 years
            Aguero and banage different
            Case cose they didn’t had much
            In terms starting games..

          • “But di Maria or higuain
            Been there almost 10 years”

            I am just throwing an example of talent.
            Benedetto has a lot of talent, why he is not called up?
            and can you explain to me why Meza keeps getting a call up? Why Scaloni keeps faith in him? you did not try to give me a logical explanation.

        • @godin11
          If you want my opinion my friend, the Only NT material I have seen out of the ‘New generation’ are ;
          L. Martinez
          Those are the stand outs, Maybe I missed few ( injured or not in great form), but we are talking about the existence of talent.
          WE don’t want to twist and bend the tactics or formation of the NT to suit one or 2 players like Dybala or Icradi, Did we learn or not from twisting and bending tactics to suit Messi who is on much greater caliber and who is far more talented than any one else?
          If Dybala is so much talented, Why he only can produce such talent playing a 9 and a half and nothing else?
          A talented player is a player who can adapt to different positions as long as it is close to his area of operations.
          For example, Caseres can be a CB or a DM,
          Acuna can be a left back or a left winger
          Paredes can be a holding MF or a deep lying play maker
          Meza can be a box to box MF who can play anywhere as a CM or AM
          I don’t have to be stuck with a player who can only play one position under single formation or following the same tactics.

          • You read my mind, my fiend, I forgot, I meant to say Mammana instead of Caseres, I found out late and could not edit. Not saying that Caseres is no good, I think he got great talent, and will get his chance. The doors of the NT should not be closed to anyone who can give extra strength. WE have to concentrate on the players we called so far, because time is passing day by day and we still trying and introducing new players, I don’t want us to lose direction. I think WE have plenty of options to start choosing after Mexico matches.

      • Of course i can understand
        Why scaloni keep calling
        meza ..
        If been honest with you
        My friend meza is versatile
        Player but that a lone not
        Good enough he is too much
        Lightweight I saw him enough
        By the way I’m not fan of dybala
        Or icardi I don’t see them
        Crucial party in our future
        Set up .. if was up to me
        I won’t take them to copa
        Either of them or meza
        I don’t like giving list of players
        But to clarify ..



        Lo celso
        Lanzini if he come bk full ft

        L Martinez
        J correa
        A correa

        This is the list I would take copa
        America for me…

        • What would you take and what will happen might be a big difference.
          I will give you the players I ‘expect’ to be there in Copa at the end of Nov, early December, by then We will have better Idea on who is good and who is not so good for the NT at that time.
          But If you want me to pick my list of players to take to Copa right now with total consideration of the current form of NT players, You will be shocked, as Gonzalo and many others on this site. So I will just keep it to myself, for now.

      • yeah, meza should be included. i’m all for competition, no one should have a guaranteed spot. if he can prove himself, then his talent is welcomed. I’ve heard several opinions here.

        Meza is either:
        1) impressing due to contribution in training
        2) being included for visibility as Independiente are trying to sell him to Europe.

        Either way, no one knows so the best we can do is go believe that he’s impressing during training and thus, we should support the guy.

        Also, to your point, folks are harsh on Meza but the truth is Pavon didn’t have great games either but somehow he’s getting more a free pass. i’m guilty of it too as i wont blink an eye to include Pavon. Dybala and Icardi performance are much simpler to overlook because a) our attack is pretty bad so i cant expect them to shine b) not enough minutes c) they are proven players in league and we all see what they are capable of.

        • I am all for Competition,too. That is my main point in not excluding ANYONE until WE settle on the main 23 players And then it should be an ongoing thing on every gathering.

    • Meza is impressing on trainings and called up still because our coaches still belive he will finally show the training level in NT game.

    • @Arindam

      Add to the young central defenders: Alexander Barboza, Marcos Senesi, Lucas Martinez Quarta, Juan Cruz Komar, Tomas Cardona, German Conti.

      Anyway, plenty to choose from.

    • We still need some real midfielders. Palacios, Lo Celso are the two players Scaloni used mainly. So we need competition in that position. Almendra may be reaching there soon. Until we find some competitors there, you can see Meza, Vazquez etc are getting calls again.

  10. Scaloni bring back to us the pleasure of good selection. With him you can dream again because the players you see really impressing are called up. Instead replicated still pattern of same players (no matter of their form or real NT contribution) he reacts to what he see. So is call up for Gimenez when he was going to call up Dominguez.

    A little of Gimenez for those who have not idea about type midfielder he is:




    • Agree completely. Best thing to happen to the nation team in a very long time.

      Gimenez could be a very good partner to Parades. Similar strengths.

    • Gimenez is solid but I think Dominguez (and Defensa’s Miranda) are much better, still he’s not a bad choice and it means that scaloni is looking at Velez and not just independiante, river and Boca.

      • Yes, I’m glad to see Velez regains his old position. Vargas called up, Gimenez called up, Dominguez close. Next names from the team to be there in future are not really illusive with Robertone or teenagers like Almada, Barreal in the team.

        Defensa with their Miranda, Barboza, Martinez, Unsain also close to their call up.

    • ill start dreaming when our players can string together passes and im not referring to backward passes, when our midfield is able to control the game with high possession again, when our strikers get service again, ill dream when our attack has some kind of purpose. calling players means nothing because we had great players along,. nothing new today. weve had managerial issues all along, so right now, i need to see tactical advances before dreaming because simply calling players aint enough. ..

      • You didn’t understood me. Good selection is still first step to succeed. All you’ve said is mostly true but our selection in last years was not good. It was not enough open and critical when it comes to real form of players. Yes, we stuck to some threadbare players too long, just because they were most famous ones.

        Honest selection is still first step.

    • We need a creative midfielder who can find space like riquelme which unfortunately we are missing (to some extent banega tried but unfortunately he was never given proper chance ) ,I hope that palacious can give us atleast 50% of riquelme and Gonzalo it will be appreciable if you can share your research of creative midfielders and fast decisive wingers which we are lacking

      • Creative midfielders: Juan Brunetta, Alexis MacAllister, Gaston Gimenez, Pol Fernandez, Tomas Pochettino, Thiago Almada, maybe Agstin Almendra

        fast decisive wingers: Pity, Pavon, J.Correa

  11. Good game for a 20 year old…..he was nervous in first half and did some mistakes but he improves as game goes on….certainly a player for a future …..he showed some character man…..
    Watching Genoa vs Napoli….one more good defender is coming christen Romero…he is playing good so far
    I hope they both develop in world class defenders

  12. Argentina lacks world class player on every department except forwards, Palacio and Foyth are looking to break this trend

  13. As i said earlier Foyth will be the next superstar and future Fifa fippro XI defender, at 20 playing spurs first team I’m seeing him Real Madrid at 24

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