Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI tries out eleven, Erik LAMELA, DYBALA in line-up


Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI had the entire team at his disposal and tried out two teams in training.

An attack spear headed by Lautaro MARTINEZ of Inter, SCALONI put out the first following eleven:


The second eleven was this:


It remains to be seen if SCALONI will stick with that line-up or if he will make changes in the coming days.


  1. 1) The like loCelso playing as a box to box holding mid; he is not an enganche mid! Bravo ..

    2) the front 3 of Lamela dybala pereyra but with Icardi up top

    3) and with this group I would want foyth starting with pezzella in the middle of defense with Saravia and tagliafico on their sides respectfully

    4) might as well try the Tottenham goalkeeper out; we haven’t found a #1 yet, so why not?!

    Saravia pezella foyth tagliafico;
    Parcedes loCelso;
    Lamela dybala pereyra;

  2. Lamela deserved this callup. He is in tremendus foam of his carrer.ok we can watch how he transfms his foam in Nt .
    If icardi playing in 9 he needs a good crosser like dmaria or acuna. Bcz icardi knows whr the cross comes to end. He can reach easliy bcz of his natural talent of no.9. Higun and aguro not 100% sure wher a cross ends. Icardi is purely a no.9
    He needs more balls in inside of pen area.
    D maria put too many crosses into box our old strikrs cant judge whr it ends.

    • We don’t have an option other than being patient…Its a new group new leader new team. It will take time. Otherwise we can call back historicals.. Irony is they also won’t be able to cut the cake now.. We have learned that lesson already i guess. If we still haven’t we’ll nothing to say…Scaloni happened at the perfect time for us.i just hope he remains the same even when or if he is permanently made our Coach. Don’t change because of outside pressure. To call this player or that player. Choose the player which he thinks fit the bill either Argentine league or any other league doesn’t matter.

      Football is a game where Coach is the brain. It’s his canvas were he decides to put which color he wants..

  3. I noticed main problm of our team is lack of strong mentality in crucial moments.
    We all know how we lost couple of finals . Our players mentally weak in all those finals. No one judged tht. Misses of great opportunities in finals .most of our players approaching finals on the memory of lack of trophies .thy cant hold thr presr.
    A coach must understand
    A way to overcame this .othrways no way we cant win. Our coach need a plan to release prsr from his plyrs.

  4. He has tried multiple formations and tactics. He knows that had we attacked Brazil we would have been thrashed. Adapt according to opposition.. Interesting guy.. Great times ahead..

  5. Playing against differnt opponentns we need different approaches and differnt tactics. Tactics must apply in 90 minuts, befor the game pedicn and tactics not good enough. In 90 mints a coach must use his brain by using diffnt tactics.

    • Great line-up. Except that romero shld not play. He is our undisputed No1 goalie & nothing to prove. Let scaloni try Ruilli & Gazza. Important these guys get tested against decent opposition like Mexico. Ruilli was not even tested against Guatemala. This friendlies shld help decide who is the 3rd goalie who joins romero & Armani.

  6. Good! It looks like they will finally try a 4-2-3-1

    Dybala needs to play in the middle as a #10. He is good in close quarters, not with space to run on the wing. His chaotic style is suited for it. Happy to see Scaloni maybe is starting to understand this.

    Happy with this lineup/formation. Would prefer Foyth start over Mori, but that will come soon.

    Never have been a fan of the 3-4-3. But with a weakness being our wing-backs and the new crop of very talented center backs, maybe its not such a bad idea. We’ll see.

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