Impressive statistic for former Argentina U20, current OGC Nice goalkeeper Walter BENITEZ


Walter BENITEZ of OGC Nice has an impressive statistic to his name.

BENITEZ, who represented Argentina at the U20 level during the South American youth tournament in 2013 has yet to be given a chance with the senior team. However, with all of the changes happening, it couldn’t be a bad thing if he was given a chance with the team.

Per Opta, the 25 year old BENITEZ has saved 84.9% of the shots he has faced in Ligue 1 this season. Only Liverpool goalkeeper ALISSON, who has an 85.3% save percentage has done better in the Top 5 European leagues this season.

With Geronimo RULLI not being in top form, Sergio ROMERO not playing, Paulo GAZZANIGA just receiving his first call-up and Franco ARMANI being in and out of the team, perhaps giving BENITEZ a chance would work.


  1. Nothing Doing..No Matter how good any of the Argentine Goal keeper’s are, Romero will always start for us. Why? Because he wants to and he has performed great for us in 2014 WC and so and so, no matter he is rotting in the Bench or what, He said he is targeting 2022, Scaloni also mentioned that we have the Safety, of Romero (Really??)

    So it’s a lost cause for expecting any other Goal keeper to start for us till 2022? Hopefully Romero won’t get injured during 2022 WC, So that he may not have the hunger to serve us till 2026. Remember Goal keepers tend to get better with age. So Romero can play till 40. After all he is the best Goal Keeper we ever had…

  2. We’ve had six games to experiment. In March we should play with the team that starts at the Copa. Although Benitez is welcome, the time to test more new names is up.

  3. I would prefer an outstanding shot stopper with average foot skills over a keeper with outstanding foot skills and average shot stopping.

    Benitez > Rulli

    • statistics can be misleading . I have not seen Benitez play . so cant comment . But its important to see how he specifically played against top teams like PSG & Monaco . More than half of French league is no below world class & a goalie excelling there on shot stopping can be bcos of substandard strikers . If he is playing at same level against top 5 clubs of French league – then he should definitely be given a chance.
      My thoughts on Armani is that he is at best a stop gap keeper. Gazza is 100% the top prospect – but he needs to have regular matches to seal spot & he will not get that at Tottenham with Lloris & Vorm around. Till then Romero is the safe bet – quite an enigma in world football – an eternal club reserve for last 5 years or so – but still seems to be play quite well in NT socks.
      I still cant understand why Scaloni played Marschesin in the Mexico first match

      • It’s true I don’t know why he played marschesin.
        I believe arg will have good generation of goalkeepers
        Defenders and midfielders more importantly we will have
        Good balance squad which will win for next few

  4. A gk must be good in stopping shots ,must know the art of stopping penalties ,must be good at feet ,ball distribution should be proper , must have positional awareness and I believe gazzaniga has all these qualities but unfortunately he is not a regular starter for spurs so I would go for benitez for now till gazza earns a first place
    Bdw Romero should now be our 3rd choice gk after gazzaniga/benitez

  5. Looks like our future is great gazza is going be first choice for spurs soon ,Juan musso is doing good for udinese,benitez is excellent in stopping shots so we don’t need error prone goalkeepers like armani (hate this guy from the core of my heart because of his error positioning we conceded two goals against France ,beside this he cannot stop penalty + his ball distribution is not up to the level )

  6. Juan Musso is also impresive!
    Besides, DC United midfielder Luciano Acosta is doing fantastic! They should be considered for a call up!

  7. If Benitez and Musso continue to impress they should be able to force themselves into the team. Scaloni is the only coach in recent memory who has the huevos to call them up.

  8. Walter benitez is the Best Argentine goalkeeper no doubt about that on the basis of form. Rulli nowhere near the benitez & my special requests to rulli lover please forget about him because he even don’t get chance even in the Asian teams like Japan, Korea etc…

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